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by Barbara

my curls shines and my hair smells so good

by Kayla Thomes

I loooove this product. It slowly started changing the moisture that my hair can hold at once, and it made my hair shine like crazy. The smell of this shampoo is so relaxing as well.

Not a fan
by Starla

Seemed to dry out my scalp MORE, not less. Dandruff out of control!

Arbonne shampoo
by missynall

My friend sells Arbonne and is really good about being honest if a product is worth the extra money or not. I have thick, wavy hair and needed something that almost "strips" away the oil but does NOT leave my hair frizzy. This is GREAT. I really notice a difference if I don't use it... it helps on days I use the flat iron.

Love it
by sammy

I just love the Arbonne Products, I'm Vegan so it makes my life easier....all the products are chemical free and safe for me and my family..the shamoo is great I love the way it makes my scalp tingle Plus I have no more Flakes...if you are intrested then I would email my arbonne consultant at she can ship it right to your house

Healthy Scalp
by Donna

My husband has had dandruff for years. I purchased him a bottle of Self-Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil a couple of months ago and his dandruff is almost gone. It is affordable and makes his hair smell great. He can now wear his black shirt without embarrassing flakes. This is a great product and is now my husbands primary shampoo.

very good product
by sumathi

I must say that this product is really the good one among all the shampoos that I have used and it really keeps my scalp non-dry so that I can prevent dandruff. Which also results in no loss of hair and good growth or hair as well. I can give good rank to this product and I really love it.

Quite Nice
by Carol C.

I had used the Intelligence Self-Adjusting Shampoo & Conditioner in the past, so when I got a sample of the Tea Tree version I gave it to my husband, who periodically uses TGel shampoo for his slightly dry scalp. He said he thought this Intelligence Shampoo with Tea Tree worked well, and the scent was MUCH more pleasant. He plans to use it in lieu of his regular scalp shampoo, but is hanging onto the bottle of the other brand as a 'just in case' measure.

love the tingle
by regina

I love this product because I like the smell, and the tea tree oil makes my scalp feel great. I have noticed a difference in my dry scalp as well since I have started using this a year ago. It takes just a small amount of product to cleanse your hair, and the bottle lasts a long time.

This product helps control dry scalp
by Tonya

Intelligence Daily,Self-Adjusting shampoo with Tea Tree Oil is really a great product to use if you have dry scalp like me. I do not have to use the product daily. I only use it once a week and it works wonders for me. My scalp is no longer itchy and flaky and my hair even feels more lively.

Great Smell, Nice Results
by Laura

I have used the Daily, Self-Adjusting Shampoo for about three weeks now. My hair gets very oily and very stringy when I use bad products, but this product makes it really soft and not oily looking. I would say that the only problem is that it works best if you buy the matching conditioner. When I used a different brand conditioner, I couldn't see the same results. It has a wonderful smell that my husband says is better than any perfume I have. Overall, a definite buy for problem hair!

Pretty god stuff
by Jon Kneifl

This product worked pretty good. It made my hair smell nice and fresh. Also, I could feel the nutrients and ingredients working within my hair, which I really liked. The only drawback of this product was the price tag of $25, which I found to be a little steep. I gave it a shot and liked it though. I would use this a lot if the price was a little lower, but other similar products can be found for much greater value given the price.

Faboulous Hair
by Amy

This is my all time favorite shampoo that I have been using for a few months now. The reason I like this product so much is because of its main ingredient Tea Tree Oil. The shampoo leaves your hair smelling wonderful and leaves a smooth, soft finish that will have your hair glowing throughout the day. Although it is expensive, it is worth it to keep a bottle around for those days where you want to pamper your hair with the 'good stuff' and this is definitely one of those products.

Didn't really work for me....
by Joy

I used it a few weeks about 6 months ago. I was pregnant at the time, so maybe that's why it didn't work. I found it on sale in some store that was going out of business, and I'm always looking for something to sooth my hair. It didn't do anything. It didn't make it worse (as some in the past have) but it didn't help either. I might try this product again, if it was on sale, because it could have been the pregnancy making my hair weird.

A little expensive...
by cecilia

This shampoo is a little bit expensive, but it works quite well for my dry, damaged, brittle hair. I color my hair every few months. So my hair is well on the dryer side. This shampoo cleanses my hair deeply. It does not dry out my scalp. I hate shampoos that are so drying that it gives you flaky dandruff. This shampoo keeps my hair manageable, and tangle free. Even my frizzy split ends have seemed to calm down a bit. I recommend it. I gave it three and a half stars only because of the high price. Other than that, its perfect.

Works beautifully
by Kathy

Even though this costs more than what I would normally pay for shampoo, my hairdresser recommended it for my dry hair. I gave it a shot, and it was the best thing I could have ever done for my hair! My hair has more body and bounce. It gave it life again. Worth the extra money.

Great Product
by toddm

While a little price this product has done wonders for my frizzy hair like no other. My hair stays manageable and frizz free. If you can afford it, I highly suggest you try this product.

I Love Tea Tree Oil
by Trudi Konzem

I purchase anything with tea tree oil in it.
Don't let the price scare you, it is so worth buying. I have been using this for the last month and my hair looks and smells great.
I use this on my children once a week as tea tree oil will protect them from getting head lice and if they should it will kill all the lice and their eggs.

by Janet

I don't mind paying more for any beauty products just as long as they are effective. I attend a lot of social functions/gatherings, so I have to always take care of my looks. For my hair, I leave it to Intelligence Daily Shampoo to do it's magic. It works like a charm. My hair feels light, silky soft, shiny and manageable. I love it!!

This is gr8!!!
by smitha

I was losing a lot of hair when I got pregnant with my first daughter. That is when I tried this and it worked on the very first trial. It got better each time I used it and it left my thick curly hair soft and smooth.

Expensive Nothings
by TP

I didn’t notice a difference but that might be because I have short straight hair so there is not that much of improvement. It is also a little pricey so I think I'll stay with the cheaper stuff that does the same.

Expensive, but worth it!
by Kyle

I have problems with my frizzy curly hair, but this shampoo has really helped. Especially when used with the conditioner. It is safe enough that I can use it every day. While it is more expensive than shampoos and conditioners at the grocery store, it is well worth it.

Definitely Worth It For Me
by Erik

Taming my out of control hair is usually a daunting task. I have tried different shampoos and they all tended to work at a very superficial level. I was reluctant to purchase this due to its seemingly expensive cost. However, I took the risk and for whatever reason, this stuff actually works. I do not mind having to spend a few extra bucks to get these kinds of results.

Works well
by ljmc

This works well. Tea tree oil is so invigorating on your scalp. Being a hairdresser, I learned that this was my favorite type of shampoo to use. I also like that Arbonne is a natural company. If you want your hair to be soft and shiny and have an energized scalp, this is the product for you.

A Tea Tree Tingle.
by Melissa

I was excited to find a shampoo containing tea tree oil because I had been using tea tree oil on my face and I love it's healing, soothing qualities. You will notice a slight tingle with this shampoo and your hair will feel fresh and squeaky clean. I purchase this product rather than a "dandruff" shampoo and I'm quite pleased!

Pricey but works well
by Stacy

This is a bit pricey for the amount that you get, but I will have to say that it works really, really well on my hair. I have frizzy, out of control hair, and this calms it right down. I try to use this in between with my other shampoo just to make it last longer.

Love it!!
by Tami

I just love this product. My hair is so dried out and frizzy. Works good on my hair. It has a good smell, clean feeling, and is tingly. This shampoo is very expensive, but I will buy this product again.

Bye bye wax buildup
by Kim E.

I am constantly in search of a shampoo that will give some lift to my thin, limp hair. What I have of late if almost a wax buildup on my hair. I saw this product on the shelf and decided to give Intelligence Daily, Self-Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil a try. I have been washing my hair daily now for 10 days and the wax feel is gone. My hair is not weighted down any more and it has some lift. It is soft and manageable and look and feels healthy. I feel this product has done wonders to my hair.

Intelligence Self-Adjusting Shampoo
by Emily K.

I tried this shampoo as an alternative to a similar product from a pricier brand. I was very pleased with this shampoo. It was great for my dry, frizzy hair. I also liked the lather and fragrance.

Too pricey for the results
by cheryl

It has a good smell and it helped tame the frizzies some. The price will probably keep me from buying it again.

Great Shampoo
by Lori R

My hair is really frizzy. With Intelligence Daily Self-Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil, my frizzy hair is gone. It leaves my hair feeling silky soft and more manageable, with a great scent. I've tried a few others that claim to help with frizzy hair, and did not have the results that this gave me. I highly recommend this.

The perfect shampoo!
by Angel C.

I have dry, course, frizzy hair and this product helped it tremendously. It leaves it full of volume, shiny, manageable, and didn't leave a sticky residue on my scalp like most shampoos I've used. It also leaves your hair smelling sooooooo good. Highly recommended.

Intelligence Daily Rocks!
by v

This product comes through on it's healthier, more moisturized hair promise. My hair once looked dull and fried from use of hair tools over time, but this shampoo helped my hair look so much more healthy. The smell is decent, but not my preferred scent. A friend of mine tells me the Tea Tree Oil is good for keeping away lice (if you have a problem with those little buggers). All and all, I enjoy this shampoo a lot, but the price is really hard on my wallet for the amount in the bottle..

Intelligence Daily Self Adjusting Shampoo
by Christy R.

I tried this shampoo after having a really good experience with the Intelligence hand cream. It smelled lovely and my scalp felt really hydrated as I was applying it. Unfortunately, it made my hair kind of limp and not as full as I like it to be, which was disappointing. I'm not sure what caused it, but I was not pleased with the results at all. However, one thing I did like was that it cut down on the frizz I usually get. If only there was some way to keep its frizz-reducing factor but not have it make my hair more limp then usual, then I would highly recommend.

by Kristina

I think that this product is new and creative. I really like the appeal to organic things by the use of tea tree oil. However, I think that it might a litte to pricey for a person to by a $25 bottle of shampoo that only has 18 oz and use it daily. But I do think that the shampoo sounds like it has many benefits such as shiny hair. I think that it leaves a clean feeling that not all shampoos can accomplish. Overall, it is a little pricey but I do not know a shampoo that can cram so many benefits into one product.

Great Shampoo
by Jeff

This stuff is great! It leaves my hair feeling clean and not dry. It has really helped my dry scalp. I love the smell and it is reasonably priced compared to other products that do the same thing.

Intelligence daily
by Joanne Bille

I recommended this product to a friend of mine after he tried countless products to help with dandruff. He immediatley loved the shampoo. He has since used it for about a month and has not looked back. His words were, "refreshing change" and "more confident". I since noticed that he has been recommending this product to his parents who also deal with dry hair and scalp.

Mint Tingle
by mamma_nee

I just fell in love with this shampoo from the first day I tried it. Loved the smell and the tingly sensation I get. It also makes my frizzy hair nice and manageable. The wonderful shine it leaves is a definite plus.

Very nice tingle with extra shine and clean hair feel
by Jenny

My daughter-in- law is a big fan of products containing tea-tree oil and she managed to get me several small samples of this shampoo from a company rep. After trying it I then purchased a full size as I found the shamopo to cleanse very well and leave my hair with a superb shine while not drying out my scalp. The scent is very different, but not at all lingering nor offensive. Rather a natural scent with a fresh aroma. Also did not leave a stickiness, but rinsed very clear and my hair felt extremely soft and with a nice bounce. If you prefer products with a natural edge and quality ingredients, then this shampoo would be perfect for most hair types, great for traveling, regular use at home for the family, or for an occasional healthy treatment shampoo to remove environmental residue or to relieve scalp dryness with a nice revitalizing tingling feel.

by Jean

This shampoo worked wonders on my hair. Because of this shampoo, my hair is now shiny and less frizzy. The tea tree oil helps keep my hair in a healthy state, making me feel rejuvenated. I highly recommend this along with the conditioner!

This is great
by Henley

I liked this product. Arbonne makes great products. Tea trea oil is one ingredient I like. For some, the scent is too intense, but I like it! It cleanses very well and my hair doesn't get too dry like other shampoos. I recommend this product to anyone.

Shampoo with a Kick
by Stacy

This shampoo has a minty smell and has helped to heal my scalp. This shampoo really does leave your hair clean without damaging it. I highly recommend this one.

Light and hydrating...sort of
by Ruth

Not the best shampoo I've ever tried, but does leave hair less dry than many products. With hair that frizzes easily, my shampoo test is always whether the shampoo leaves my hair dry or moisturized. This shampoo smells great and works great WITH the conditioner following it...but alone it leaves my hair a little too frizzy.

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