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Helps me go longer between washes
by hair-washer

This shampoo is AMAZING! I've used one bottle for over 2 years and it's getting time for me to buy my 2nd bottle. Therefore, the cost isn't an issue. I have long, fine blond hair which used to get oily quickly. With this, I've been able to extend the time between washes. It keeps my hair cleaner longer - 3-5 days (in the winter!) That saves me time getting ready and money on conditioner too (haven't tried Arbonne conditioner yet). I don't play with my hair (to avoid oil/dirt from hands) and don't brush it excessively.

Not too impressed...
by Linda

My sister gave me some of this shampoo, First of all, I disliked the smell of it immensely. And it did seem to help my hair a little bit, but I would never continue using this if I had to buy it. It cost too much.

Not too impressed...
by Linda

My sister gave me some of this shampoo, First of all, I disliked the smell of it immensely. And it did seem to help my hair a little bit, but I would never continue using this if I had to buy it. It cost too much.

Arbonne Shampoo
by MsJillie

I got hooked on the Arbonne Self-Adjusting Shampoo about 4 years ago. My hair became thick and so healthy. I loved it. Then money got tight and I went without the expensive shampoo for nearly 9 months. The result was that my hair started shedding. It felt lifeless and limp. I've learned my lesson and will use the Arbonne shampoo for as long as it's available. I liked getting compliments on how healthy my hair looked.

Good Shampoo
by Carol C.

Overall, the Intelligence Daily Self-Adjusting Shampoo is a nice product. It got my hair nicely clean right down to the roots. I used it with the matching conditioner most times, so cannot comment on whether or not it is drying. Not sure, for either, what the 'self-adjusting' in the name means, to me it either works or doesn't ;-)
The shampoo cleans well, but didn't seem all that different from the salon brands I generally used. I did not buy more, though if it were on sale I'd consider it.

good shampoo
by ndats

I have hair which is frizzy and always looking out for products to tame my hair. Was recommended this by my hairdresser and I just love this product. It makes my hair feel smooth, clean and manageable all day. The only negative point is the price which makes it a bit too expensive. Overall a very good product.

SI: Shampoo Intelligence
by Henry L.

I don't see how this shampoo is supposed to differentiate itself from other shampoos. All it is, is expensive. "Self-Adjusting Shampoo" is such a nonsense phrase, it doesn't do anything different from a regular shampoo, and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. There's cheaper shampoos out there, that do exactly the same thing.

Ordinary Shampoo
by Donna

A friend of mine passed this along to me. She tried it, but didn't like it, and knew I was a hair products junky and would be willing to give it a try.

This is just ordinary shampoo. Nothing wonderful, nothing horrible. It doesn't "self-adjust" (how?) like the manufacturer claims. Even though it comes in a fairly large bottle, it is hardly worth the $23.50 it costs. You can just pick yourself up a cheapo bottle of Suave or the like and have it perform the same.

My Winter Shampoo
by Michael L.

With a dry cold winter my hair has all kinds of problems. My hair is dry and brittle and has lots of static in this cold weather. I started using the product off and on this winter at the recommendation of my sister. Now, I use it every day. Shine has increased, and cuts the static electricity down a ton. Makes my hair very full as well.

This product is so not worth the money
by pianogoosie

I am big on trying all the newest beauty products [as you can see] and I am not a big fan of this one. I am not saying it doesn't work (because it does), all I am saying is that it doesn't work better than a $3.99 shampoo at my local drugstore. To me it's not worth the money but it might work better on your hair than mine.

Sister Loves It
by TK

My sister uses this along with the conditioner and I'm told to rank it at least a 5 star. It's her favorite, she won't use anything else but this product and no one else is allowed to touch it. She says it helps tame her frizzy hair. It must be doing something for her considering the amount of time she hogs the bathroom.

by nick

My usually oily hair was suddenly dry and brittle after a move to Philly, and using the very hard water. I had a sample of avocado butter from a trial kit, and decided to try it. My hair was soon back to its normal texture, and shine. I cannot say enough about this product, but I don't think I would need it if not for the water situation, so keep that it in mind when deciding.

Great shampoo
by momof2

This shampoo is great! Keeps my hair clean, soft, and healthy looking. Smells great too! The only negative is, I wish they had this shampoo for color treated hair. I color my hair and didn't notice the color fading, yet, but the bottle does not state that it helps preserve color.

Better than Average
by Kelly McDonald

I purchased this shampoo from a friend of mine who sold Arbonne and claimed that this was the best shampoo around. She wasn't far off! This shampoo does strip your hair of build up and brings new life to your hair. The one thing I didn't like about this shampoo is that it doesn't lather well if you only shampoo once while in the shower. If you shampoo twice (once for cleanliness, twice for beauty so they say), the second time it lathers like a dream. Overall, a very good product!

Works well and nice smell
by N.K.H.

This is a real good shampoo for using in the shower, especially if you wash your hair every day like I do. I like it because using it frequently doesn't seem to dry out your hair and I don't have to use a conditioner afterwards to get my hair to lay down. Lathers up a lot and cleans your scalp well, too and the smell is really light and natural. Good stuff for us men, as well as as the ladies. I take it camping as it works just as good in cold water and still gets your hair clean and leaves it smooth and with a lot of shine.

Effective Shampoo
by Nams

This shampoo worked out great for me. I have light hair and my scalp is sensitive and tends to get extremely oily. To keep it shiny and healthy looking, I need to shampoo often. Intelligence Daily is what I use. This may not have helped my hair roots or scalp, but does everyday give my hair a shiny, heavy, optical illusion. Makes me feel great and less self-conscious of my hair. Wort a try..

Quality deep cleanse for frequent shampoos
by Jenny

Intelligence daily is a super high quality shampoo ideal for the whole family, even younger children who have tender scalps and finer delicate hair or even for the elderly. Particularly useful for almost anyone who shampoos daily, particpates in intensive sports activities, or works and/or exercises out of doors, as it provides a really deep cleanse to remove environmental polution and contaminants from the hair, but yet doesn't strip the hair of natural oils. I use it frequently, especially when I'm camping out or at the beach or pool. Leaves my naturally dark , thick and coarse, very long hair with a superb sheen, excellent body and a soft texture. Excellent product, for both males and females of most any age, and ideal for almost any hair type.

Isn't Up to Standards
by Shannon

While I love Arbonne International Products, I was not impressed with this one. I used it along with the conditioner, and I couldn’t tell much of a difference from a cheap shampoo you buy in a grocery store. I bought it with the hope that the product would help repair the damage caused to my hair by bad products and swimming, but it did no such thing. I was not able to tell any difference in the feel or appearance of my hair, which was disappointing. This is one of very few Arbonne products that I would not purchase again.

Very Nice Shampoo
by BusyMommy

This is a really great shampoo. I normally have a very hard time finding a shampoo that works well on my hair for a long period of time and this shampoo does a wonderful job of making my hair look and smell great.

Love it!!
by zingerhil

This shampoo strips all the buildup from my hair and leaves it feeling incredibly soft and smooth. It lathers and rinses out nicely and the smell is very pleasant. My hair is now manageable and looks great throughout the day. I give it a big YES!

Great shampoo
by Albert

This shampoo does wonders. Whether it's for people on the go or people who just want a nice shine and great looking hair. My girlfriend and I use this product and we have never been happier. Just one less thing to worry about when buying this product. Highly recommend.

Too much money for too much promise
by Cara

I bought this product thinking it would help repair damage from dyed hair but it didn't. I didn't even see or feel a difference in this shampoo from any other shampoo. While the smell was nice it just didn't cut it for me.

Another Great Arbonne International Product
by Lori Ann Hull

If you are very active and need to wash your hair more often than you would prefer, this is a great product for you. We use the indoor pool at the YMCA during the winter and the chlorine is very drying. This mild shampoo strips away the chlorine build up and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable afterward. Thumbs up from this Family!

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