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It works!
by Violet

I have long, thick hair and to weigh it down with typical sprays, gels, and chemically laden hair care products really stresses and damages my hair. To The Rescue Hair Protectant is a wonderful alternative-- it is natural, non heavy and leaves my hair conditioned. I spray this in my hair after a shower and allow my hair to naturally dry. My hair is left soft, totally non frizzy, and styled in my natural soft waves. The soft sheen left by the conditioning agents reflect the subtle highlights of my dark hair too. On days where I want a pretty, soft and very natural look, I reach for this. It's great for spring and summer when looser hair styles are more appropriate, too. I have been a fan of this product for some time and use it not only at home but on vacation as a protectant and easy styling tool. A great hair product for those who want to maintain the health of their hair.

impressive one
by sumathi

I think that I am really in love with this product as I have dry hair and I normally had the complaint of damaged hair and split ends, but now since I am using this wonderful product I feel as if I don’t have any problems related to my hair now because using this product periodically I do use this spray to keep my hair healthy and shiny. After using it, it is easy to comb my hair also. Thanks to this product.

My favorite arbonne product
by regina

I use this product because I am at the gym daily and I swim often as well. I love to use this product straight out of the shower as a detangler. My hair is curly, and it combs through much easier with this in my damp hair. I have noticed less damaged ends between hair cuts since I started using this a year ago.

A must
by Tonya

I love To The Rescue, hair protectant. I use it once a week after I go swimming at the gym. It helps my hair to stay healthy and helps keep it from being damaged by the harsh chemicals in the water.

End result -Healthy hair
by pazz

My wife has been using this product by Arbonne International for the past 8 months. Her hair was frizzy and looked very unhealthy with all the split ends. After she began using this product her hair is so much better, looks healthy and full of life and luster. She loves her hair now and so do I.

Arbonne delivers a great product
by Josh

My friend's mom is an Arbonne International brand representative and hosted a "spa" night. I really like the Arbonne products because they are high quality (albeit quite expensive) and do NOT test on animals (PETA approved!). If you're looking for some great hair products, I recommend this. It leaves hair feeling pretty manageable and soft, and is worth the $30 or so dollars. Also, since its high quality, you don't need to use as much as with "regular" hair enhancers.

Another Great Product
by TK

My sister uses this along with the shampoo and conditioner. This is the only brand she will use. Apparently it makes her hair feel really soft and helps protect it from going frizzy when she goes outside in the damp or rainy weather. She does have beautiful long hair, so I guess she must be right.

It really did rescue my hair
by vmvdmd

I really enjoy using Arbonne To The Rescue Hair Protectant on my colored hair. I find it to do a superb job to condition and strengthen my tired hair. I also have found less split ends and less hair loss since I started using the product. I use a generous amount and really enjoy the pleasant scent. Arbonne is a great brand and I will continue to use the product.

Great product!
by Corri

I'm addicted to ALL Arbonne products, and this one is no exception! I used it on my recent trip to Florida and it worked wonders! I used it to protect my hair from any sun damage. Not only did it protect, but it conditioned and made my hair so easy to comb through, even after swiming in the ocean. I would recommend this product to anyone you wants to protect their hair from the sun, or who is just looking for a spray conditioner.

Dry hair relief
by stacy

My poor hair takes a lot of abuse, between my straightening iron, the pool, working on the farm, and this product has worked very well for me. My knotty hair really appreciates the detangling abilities, and my hair feels much smoother and doesn't appear as frizzy and fuzzy when it dries.

Treats rough hair
by SP

My hair is very rough and dry. I saw this hair protectant in a pharmacy and started using it. I am very much impressed with the results. My hair became soft and smooth after using this. One good thing I observed is after using this my dandruff intensity came down.

detangler that protects hair from sun, salt and chlorinated water damage
by Jenny

I love that this product protects the hair from damage from the sun and salt water contaminants, and pool water chlorination, and environmental polutants, but that it works as a superb detangler for the hair and conditions it while still leaving it soft and shiny. 'To The Rescue' works nicely on my very long, thick, and coarse hair and did a great job getting out tangles from the wind and swimming. Works well to remove even the knots common to the beck of the neck with long hair. A little pricey, but Arbonne are quality up market products and as always provide some added benefits, such as revitalizing even drier damaged hair, protecting it from even further damage, while still leaving it silky soft.

Great Hair
by Lr

My hair is dry, and by using To The Rescue, Hair Protectant, for only a few days, the results were incredible. Soft, not dry. It cost a little more then I like to pay, but it WORKS...

Not Bad
by Ali

I bought this for my daughter and I since we swim a lot, and I dye my hair a lot. I would say it worked better for my daughter. I think it is because I dye my hair, on top of the swimming. It left her hair really soft after swimming. Her hair is thick, and she could actually comb through it quite easily.

To the Rescue
by Emily K.

I really appreciate this product in the summer. My hair needs major rescue from heat and chlorine. Also, I like the detangling aspect. It keeps my long locks in great shape all summer long.

A life saver
by Kim Edison

My 10 year old bi-racial daughter is constantly fighting with her hair. Her hair is composed of extremely tight spring curls that are very hard to control. By midmorning we found that it was just flyaway and getting bigger by the moment. She would come home in tears at the size of her hair. Once we started using To The Rescue, Hair Protectant, we found that it was getting easier and easier to brush. After 2 weeks, I see that her hair is tamer and the curls are still wound tight but they are softer and they do not frizz up as easily. I feel with continued use, her hair will become something she is proud of and not something she hides under.

Keeps my Hair Healthy
by Eli

I love using this product, as I naturally have dry hair. It keeps my strong and shiny. This product is for everyone. I can now brush my hair without the brush getting tangled in my hair.

Semi-Protective Hair Protectant
by Az

I used this hair protectant on our last beach vacation and found it to be a bit lacking. It did make my hair a bit softer and shinier (especially after a long day in the water) but I found the results didn't last. I prefer using a deep conditioner when showering and then a leave-in conditioner before I go in the water to this Hair Protectant.

Better than the rest
by Stephanie

I just started using this product and it has really helped my hair. I am addicted to dying my hair so you can just guess the shape. It not only helped my hair bounce back but also helps keep it from getting further damaged from outside pollution.

To The Rescue Hair Protectant
by Christy R.

I often swim and go out in the sun and my hair tends to get very dry. It's also long, so it tends to get tangled easily. This product solved both problems. I put a little bit in after I had washed my hair and my brush went through very simply and easily with hardly a tangle at all. It was probably the easiest time I ever had brushing my hair. My hair also looked healthier and less sun damaged and dry. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who ever has difficult hair or who spends a lot of time in the outdoors.

No Rescue For Me
by Lana

First, it is important you know that I have long, curly, extremely thick and coarse hair. As a result, I have tried many hair products hoping to tame down the animal growing on top of my head. I decided to try "To The Rescue, Hair Protectant" before our trip to the beautiful beaches of Croatia. I wanted a product that will protect my hair from the sun without further drying it while giving me an added shine. The only benefit from using this product was that my hair seemed shinier. I still had an extremely difficult time detangling my locks and sadly, the sun damage was not prevented. I would advise consumers to skip this one, save their money and move onto the next "best" thing!

Great stuff
by Rosa

I have fine light hair that needs a lot of protection from the elements to avoid split ends and dry fly away hair. To The Rescue worked great getting out tangles, as a leave-in conditioner, and leaves my hair shiny and smelling nice! Especially in the wintertime when the air is so dry. Plus, I swim a couple times a week, and the chlorine is so BAD! Having another protector in my arsenal is great!

Help is on the way
by acmccollom

Wow! I have tried many hair products that make the same claim and this one lives up to it! Not only does it save my hair from salt-water and sun damage, the added bonus is that my hair color (I have color-treated hair) doesn't fade as quickly as it used to.

Small but worth it
by christiana

This is good for traveling. We traveled on a vacation and I had this stuff with me, and because of the weather my hair lost all the good looks it had. When I used the hair protectant, just as the name says, it protected my hair from the harsh weather and gave it a new shine. If you are willing to try it, I encourage that because it works.

Great for beach lovers!
by S

I used To the Rescue on a recent trip to the west coast, since I spent about a week at the beach. My hair usually gets really dry and even starts to fall out when it gets too much sun; swimming in the ocean doesn't help either because the salt wears it out pretty quickly.

The hair protectant helped add moisture and shine to my hair throughout the day, and my hair stayed soft and lustrous even after shampooing! You can use it as a detangler too, for those difficult mornings of 'bad hair days'.

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