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by Helen Trainham

The greatest natural product ever

Love This!
by Krista

This works super well and has a nice scent. I love Burt's products. The only thing I don't like about the brand is that it's pricey, but other than that, it is a wonderful product especially for those who are sensitive to the more harsh products out in the market.

Very refreshing
by Tina G

I don't have flakes, but I do use this shampoo every so often as a "pick me up". It is incredibly refreshing and my hair seems healthier and more manageable for awhile after using this. It's not drying or so medicinal that it damages your hair or leaves behind a bad smell. The smell is actually quite nice.

by britt

best natural product for flaky hair nice fresh scent.

Love Burt's Bess Hair Care
by Natasha

Burt's Bees never seems to fail me. Another great product.

by Yvonne

I love Burts Bees products. I've never seen this product at the stores. Although I don't have dandruff or dry scalp, I love the idea of a herbal moiturizing shampoo. I have naturally curly hair that tends to get dry. I still feel that Burt's Bees can be pricey. This is so different though, I wouldn't mind paying a little more!

wife and mom
by patricia vetstein

I absolutely love this shampoo. The smell is just wonderful and it really solved my embarassing problem of flakes. Would highly recommend this to all.

burts bees
by heidi

I love all burts bees products! I have very dry skin and a very dry scalp and this product releived all these symptoms and i no longer have dandruff. I recomend for people with dry scalp and also for children its very gentle.

by Tina
by Dr. Burt's shampoo

I love the smell and that its natural. Made my hair feel great. There really aren't any burts bees products that I don't like!

by carrie zobitne

Leaves my hair soft and has a nice scent as well. I recommend this to anyone who wants soft hair.

by ss


by Lakesha

I really liked this product. I sometimes have a problem with dryness and itching. This shampoo tackled those problems. It's very soothing. I only buy this now, instead of wasting money on other shampoos.

Very nice
by Maggie Y

I love the smell of this shampoo! And it's healthy, too. Love Love Love it!

Didn't seem to last
by Annie

So I have been losing a lot of hair in the shower over the past few months and I thought maybe it was due to the chemicals of my usual shampoo and conditioner so I opted for an herbal formula hoping the hair loss would stop. Two months ago I began to use Dr. Burt's shampoo hoping that the herbs in the shampoo wouldn't be as harsh on my hair as the chemical in regular shampoo. After the first week of using it I noticed that although I was losing hair still I didn't lose as much hair as I did with the other shampoo so I continued to use it. After four months of use I see that now I'm losing the same amount of hair as I did 4 months ago on the regular shampoo. So the effects of the herbal shampoo didn't seem to last that long and I was a bit relieved because the herbal shampoo seemed to dry out my hair. My hair wasn't shiny and it kind of just laid flat on my head if I didn't apply any product to it. My hair had gone flat and it looked pretty dead too, but the good thing about the herbal shampoo was that it really moisturized my scalp because I from time to time see dandruff flakes in my hair but over the four months of using Dr. Burt's I saw no flakes at all!

Relives the Itching!
by Dorothy

I don't have dandruff but I do have mild irritating itch almost daily to my scalp, and a dry scalp that doesn't really hold moisture. My hair gets too dry and brittle if I wash it more than once a week so I started using this product and it has relived the itching. It's so gentle I can use it every other day.

Great occasional shampoo
by Sharonrose

This is a great choice of shampoo to use for that every once in a while reassurance of dandruff. It is in no way harsh on the scalp, but a great moisturizer. It has a nice soothing 'medicated' feel to it, without any of the medicated smells. A great buy, and a great fix to a inconvenient problem!

Very tingly and works to reduce flaking
by Ivy S.

This is a really effective, yet very mild treatment shampoo for anyone who has itchy or flaky scalp. My Dad loves this shampoo from Burt's Bees and got me to try it, as well. We both love the clean, light herbal scent and the fact that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals to stop the flaking that are usually found in medicated shampoos designed for this problem. It does lather up well into a rich lather, however, even though it doesn't contain strong surfactants or foaming agents, but isn't at all "soapy" in texture when applied, and rinses out cleanly without a lot of extra time spent on repeated rinsing. The glycerin used in this more natural product to replace the usual cleansing agents is a better choice for those with tender skin or delicate, sensitive scalp, and it seems to leave no product residue behind, nor "medicated" type odor, whatever, once the hair is dried.

I often experience a slight crawling or annoying itch at the edges of my hairline and top of my head, especially in winter, which is probably from a combination of very dry scalp and nervous tension, whereas my Dad had a constant mild flaking which prompted him to dig at his scalp, only making the itch more intense. He often had tiny flakes on his darker suit jackets and seemed embarrassed by the problem. He was constantly buying and trying new shampoos and treatments, but felt that none worked consistently well, and many were too harsh for regular use.

Since using Dr. Burt's Herbal Treatment Shampoo, Dad's hair is much softer and silkier and he no longer constantly rubs at his scalp. His flaking has decreased markedly and with regular use over time, I think eventually it will stop altogether. We both agreed that the shampoo product does not sting nor burn, feels invigorating and tingly on the scalp, very refreshing and cooling, and is safe for regular use since it also moisturizes the hair itself, and does not just treat the scalp.

Burt's Bee
by Dustin

I have a very dry scalp and have tried a few different types of shampoos. I don't think I'm switching again. The price is a little high for shampoo but I never have flakes anymore and my hair really looks great. Excellent product.

Shiny Hair and no flakes!
by Amie

My spouse has an itchy scalp and sometimes suffers from flakes on his scalp. He has tried about everything on the market, but they all smell terrible! I saw this and thought why not? The price is good, and it didn't smell awful. It has helped with his itchy scalp, although that hasn't completely cleared up yet (only using it about 2 1/2 weeks.) He has noticeably less flakes and his hair is shiny. Best of all, I like the smell! I will definitely purchase it again!

love Burt's Bees Products
by Lynne

This product is very gentle on a dry scalp and lived up to my expectations which I must say is very rare. Burt's Bees products generally do. They make good quality products. It doesn't smell bad like many other dandruff shampoos that I have tried in the past and leaves my hair soft and manageable. It is really great to use in the winter.

Pretty good!
by Stephanie

My husband has battled dry scalp and dandruff for a while. I love Burt's Bees products and picked him up a bottle of this shampoo to try. He didn't want to try it at first as he is really attached to his Head and Shoulders. After a lot of convincing he tried it for one week. He said he liked it and didn't notice much difference than other shampoos for dandruff. I tried it out as well. I like the smell, but it left my hair feeling like it needed some conditioning. I am not sure if I would use it, but my husband enjoys it. It is affordable and easy to find. Overall a good product if you suffer from dry scalp. If you don't I would not recommend using it.

This works wonderfully
by maryam

I have a really dry scalp and always have to deal with flaking. And I hate most dandruff shampoos on the market. Not only do they leave my hair dry and limp, they have a strong medicinal smell.
BUT Burt's Bees is perfect. Ever since I have found this shampoo, I have been so happy with my hair. While it takes care of my dry scalp, it also moisturizes my hair and leaves it soft and shiny. There's not a strong smell. In fact, it actually has a really sweet fragrance to it.
I find this product to be a bit more expensive than Head and Shoulders and the likes, but it really is much, much better and well worth the extra money paid!

Better than the alternatives
by J

I have thick hair and get a VERY dry scalp every winter. Dr. Burt's gets rid of the itching and flakiness without all of the harsh chemicals of the more popular brands. The odor is strong, but much more pleasant than the T-Gel I was using before I found this product.
This shampoo is slightly drying, so I find that I have best results if I alternate between this and my regular regime of shampoo and conditioner.

Good product
by Lorri

I don't have dandruff but my husband does and I picked this up for him to try. He started using it about 4 weeks ago and we almost immediately noticed how much his dry scalp itched less and less after each use. Now his hair looks shiny and there isn't any dry flakes showing on his shirts. He and I love the way it smells so fresh and clean. This is well worth the price and Burt's Bee's Herbal Treatment Shampoo is what we recommend to friends who have dandruff and dry scalp problems. I even use it once a week to keep my hair from getting dry in the winter.

Good with caveats
by Mandy

I bought this shampoo because my scalp gets really dry and flaky during the winter months. This shampoo cleared up the flakes and really moisturized my hair. Unfortunately I have very fine hair and while it moisturized my hair it weighed it down. Just using this shampoo once a week was enough to keep the flakes away without overly weighing down my hair. I would recommend it to others, it has a nice natural smell and works well.

So effective!
by BA

Prior to purchasing this product, I had used another popular dandruff shampoo weekly to minimize dry scalp. While that dandruff shampoo did work, it was so harsh on my hair and left my hair frizzy when dry. I have found that this product works just as well as the other dandruff shampoo in minimizing dry scalp, but smells so much better. Also, the Burt's Bees shampoo is so much more gentle on my hair. The frizzy effect is gone and my hair also has a lovely shine. This shampoo seems to actually moisturize my scalp, which is very nice. Also, when I work the shampoo into my hair, I have noticed that it can build up a nice lather. I, personally, tend to like this quality in my hair care products, so it is a plus for me. Best of all, the ingredients here are natural, as with all Burt's Bees products. I no longer purchase the other dandruff shampoo as this shampoo works just as well with so many more benefits.

by Ashley

I absolutely adore all of Burt's Bees products. Not only are they almost 100% natural, they are affordable, smell great, and always live up to their description. This shampoo is no exception. My fiance had terrible dandruff and I recommended this shampoo even though I had never tried it. Well, after about two weeks, all of his dandruff was gone. It worked like a charm. Now he uses it just to prevent dandruff. It makes his scalp so silky smooth and soft, you would never think by looking at his scalp now that he ever had dandruff. Because this shampoo is almost 100% all natural, it doesn't lather up as well as other shampoos. It does what it advertises and that's all that matters. I love this shampoo! You will too!!!

Incredibly Soothing
by Amy

This shampoo was just what I was looking for. I suffer from an incredibly dry scalp and I'm constantly flaking. Dandruff shampoos didn't help much and they left my hair feeling very limp and unmanageable. This shampoo is very gentle on the hair and it has helped clear up the flaking considerably within the last month. I'll most certainly be buying it again once I run out.

Great treatment shampoo
by Christie

I have dry hair that gets a little flaky in the winter. Even though the page recommends to use it at least 3 times a week, I only use it once. However, the shampoo is a little drying, so I use it with a really thick conditioning treatment.

Great for Men
by Ron

I use this product because I have a flaky scalp, and my hair seemed to be dry with no shine. I used Dr. Burt's Herbal Treatment, after buying in a local grocery store. It smells great, & gives back shine I needed for it to look healthy again, and no more flaky scalp.
I use it 3 times a week to keep my hair from not looking dull and lifeless. Great buy for me. It is not too high in price, and lasts a long time. I have been using it for about 2 months, and will buy it again when I run out.

Natural and wonderful
by cecilia

I am a huge fan of Burt's Bees products. This is another one of the amazing ones that I adore. It is made of natural ingredients and stops all the dandruff from appearing on your clothes. You will find your hair to be absolutely smoother and free of flakes and dryness. My brittle, dry, dandruffed hair during the winter season is now gone. I can even use this shampoo every day because it is so moisturizing. Even though it fights the flakes, it keeps your hair balanced and moisturized. Totally recommended for the wonderful price and ingredients.

Curly Q
by Pam

This shampoo would be great for someone with straight hair. I, unfortunately have curly hair that needs at least 3 different products to even get a comb through it. The reason I still give this product 4.5 stars is that it does give my hair a lot of moisture and the scent is amazing. I can smell it at the end of the day above the other products in my hair.

Love it!
by Alexis

I love this stuff! It smells great! This herbal treatment shampoo does wonders for a flaky scalp. It is comparable in effectiveness to Selsun Blue or Head and Shoulders, but it smells better and seems to be more moisturizing.

My head doesn't itch anymore
by Silvio Chiba

I hate it when I have dandruff. My head itches like no other. Flakes fall everywhere. People point out that you got flakes on your head. You feel like your in the dumps. I have tried Head and Shoulders, T-Gel, and Selson Blue. The only product that works and continues to work over a period of time is Dr. Burt's shampoo. It also smells great and doesn't contain any strong unnatural chemicals. If you need to get rid of dandruff don't pass on this product. It also smells absolutely great and sometimes people tell me that my hair smells awesome. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a good shampoo. It also makes your hair feel clean and non-greasy. Definitely a must buy item for everyone that has hair.

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burts herbal treatment
by heather

I love this as well!I have found that pretty much any burts product I use is great.This stuff smells wonderful and between the other hair repair products by burts,my hairs in excellent condition even with coloring!