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It really helps
by Brooke

I started to use this product when my head started to get itchy from my other conditioners from a dry scalp. Fortunately this product added moisture to my scalp and the itch went away.

by lindy

I love burts bees products - all of them are great - this is a really good refreshing shampoo! You should try it!

by burts bees conditioner

Smells great, works great, another fantastic burts bees product!

Bert's bees
by Laury

A family member of mine who had dry hair has this product and really loves it. I'll have to give it a try myself.

by maggie

I like it, well, I love almost everything from Burt's Bees, but this one is great because it gives my hair its "life" back.

by ruth

This works great leves hair feeling nourished and doesnt leave hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

Great follow-up for the shampoo
by Melissa

It gives your hair more of what it needs and helps clean the impurities from your hair while moisturizing it.

I love this conditioner!
by D.M.

Before indulging on this specific product, I just need to say how much I absolutely love Burt's Bees product- they have yet to fail me.

My hair always gets dry in this summer due to swimming in chlorinated water and sun damage. Even with getting trims and avoiding the blowdryer/ hair straightener, my hair lacks moisture due to the summer activities.

However, using this product immediately made my hair not just feel, but also look better. The only downside- it's a little expensive :(

But- if you're looking for a quick fix to treating your hair, go for this product! It's cheaper than salon alternatives, and will definitely get the job done, efficiently.

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burts bees pomegranate soy conditioner
by heather

I would reccomd this to anyone.It has an awesome scent,and your hair looks and feels great w/o all those extra chemicals!