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Smells amazing!!!
by Brittani

This is an amazing product that smells soooo good! The only main problem I have with it is that it is very expensive than what I usually buy.

too pricey for me!
by Yvonne

I love the smell and the way my hair feels after using it. I just wish it wasn't so pricey!

by Natasha

This smells so good. I have been getting into the routine of incorporating all natural products into my daily routines. This is one I have added.

by April Arthur

I bought this product mainly because I know the brand. I was delighted with the results!! This shampoo left my curly hair frizz free and silky soft!! It was awesome and the wholesomeness of the product made me feel really good too!

Smells so good!
by Jennifer Harris

I adore Burt's Bees products and I also like soy based products, so I thought I would give the shampoo a try. Frist of all it smells fabulous! This is one of those shampoos yopu open in the store so you can that a whiff! Overall I liked how this shampoo cleaned my hair. My hair was extremely clean and shiny. The only drawback would be that it left my hair feeling a little dry. I needed to use extra conditioner ( more than usual) after shampooing.

by Dave

The first time I used Bert's Bees shampoo was when I needed to barrow some from another individual while camping. I was so impressed that I bought some upon returning from my trip, and have used it since that time. Very rich lather that leaves hair clean, manageable, and seemingly more resitant to those influences that make hair grow dirty throughout the day. A definite permanent addition to my shopping list!


I love how my hair feels and smells after using this product.

Great stuff!
by Melissa

It leaves your hair clean, soft, and smelling excellent!

Good Stuff
by Shweta

I trust Burt's Bees range and this one is a great addition to it. It made my hair soft and it smells good.

Made my hair feel weird
by Valerie

I tried this shampoo and it never seemed to rinse out, like my hair was coated in a film. I had to shampoo with another brand to get the first shampoo out. I have a bottle of the Pomegranate & Soy conditioner but I haven't tried it.

by Leanarda Snider

This shampoo provides volume and leaves hair soft and shiny. It has a wonderful smell.

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by Lucy

I've never tried this product but I would definitely like to!

like it a lot!
by Linda

The smell was so refreshing and it left my hair looking shiny and it felt so clean. I recommend.