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L.A. Hold
by Angela Barsekian

I've been looking for LA HOLD Hair Spritz and no one has it here in Las Vegas ?.....Can hardly believe it as
it is absolutely the best natural hold product for me !!
Please let me know how to find this fabulous product
I'm allergic to many things but not LA Hold !!

by Sherry McClure

I really like the L.A. Hold Hair Spritz. I have fine hair and don' want it to feel sticky and like glue and have a hard time finding anything that is NOT like this but at the same time will keep my hair in place. I used to get it at ULTA but the last time I went in and purchased 3 for $3.99 ea. they were on a special discounted shelf so I wonder if it they are going to discontinue it. I really hope not.

by kathy hinton

I've never tryed the organic hair care LA hold hair spritz but if it is like the LA looks hair gel than it has to be good cuz I love that stuff. LA looks is the only hair gel I like .

Really great
by Sarah

I normaly never use hair spray becuase it makes my hair feel really stiff but this product held my hair in place all day and didn't have that stiff hairspray feel. Also, I really enjoyed the smell.

Great Hold!
by Violet

I have thick, heavy hair and to get it to hold in a style all day is nearly impossible. However, this product has great hold for me! When I occasionally need to wear a set up do or perfectly coiffed 'do, I reach for this product. I can apply it to my hair knowing that it will get the job done without wrecking my hair's natural oils and structure. It leaves me with an effective hold, but no stickiness, no hardness, and no overtly stiff looks. It just allows me to style as I want and then lock the look right into place. I can then wear my style with confidence all event long.

good product
by sumathi

My best friend (I don’t want to reveal her name) uses this spray and she is really impressed with it. She often told me to buy the same as it is the best hair spray. Whenever I see her, she comes in different hairstyles. She has recommended this spray to me and I have even decided to buy it myself.

Not for me
by Wendy

I have looking for a really good hair spray for a long time. I tried this product after looking at several hairsprays on the shelf. I liked the look of the bottle, I loved the fact that it was “organic” and it smelled pretty good. I bought it and tried it the next day. I sprayed it on and instantly it held like glue and I could feel the stiffness and stickiness of it. When I looked at my hair, I could see it was holding in the place I wanted it to, but I didn’t like the stiff look. I like when hair is held in place without looking like hairspray is on it. If you like hairspray to hold your hair and you don’t mind if it looks stiff, then you will like this. But for those who want a natural look of the hair being held in place, it’s not for you.

Organic but very stiff
by Amie

I tried this because my friend SWORE by it. She said she doesn't use anything else. Intrigued by the idea of an organic hair spray that wouldn't harm the environment, I ordered a bottle. At the time I was living in an area where this was not available locally, so I ordered it online. Starting form the first application I was not impressed. The scent in the hair spray seemed very heavy to me. I didn't care for it. It does hold the hair just as it proclaims, but it is a rock hard hold. There is no give and it is like you froze the hair in place. For some people I am sure this is a good thing, but I wanted a little bounce left in my curls. This looked very unnatural on me. If someone had thin hair, or wanted a hair style frozen in place, this is great.
I didn't have any problems washing it out.

Best For Women
by Joseph

The "L.A. Hold Hair Spritz" is wonderful because it makes my wife's hair look beautiful. Aside from the price, it is a recognizable brand name from Giovanni. I would recommend this brand to men for their wives or girlfriends.

Not What I Wanted.
by An

The product really does what it's supposed to but it does not suit me. It was expensive and holds your hair tightly. I like sprays that leave my hair a little bouncy and natural looking. This product is too strong and when it saids "hard" it means really hard.

I love it
by Bethany

I just tried out this product after reading the reviews here. I have to say, that it really works. It holds my hair all day without it going flat and limp. A little high price, but then again you don't need other styling products like gel to hold your hair.

Hair stays put
by Cydney

No complaints here. Product lives up to what it promises. You can use it in the morning, work all day, go out and party and your hair looks like you just left the salon. There is no heavy scent which I really like. The price is high but like they say, "You get what you pay for".

Not a Fan
by Az

I am not a fan of this spray simply because it is too strong- after only a few squirts (maybe 2 on each side), I felt like my hair was frozen in place. There was absolutely no moving, no bounce to the hair any longer. When I showered, it took a few minutes to wash the spray out, it felt like it was matted on. I also don't care for the scent because I think it is too strong. I would not recommend this product.

Love it!
by Laura

I have been trying different hair sprays for so many years now. I have thin, limp hair, and I curl the bangs. With most other hair sprays, my bangs are flat and hanging in my eyes by the end of the day. This is the first hair spray I've used where the curl has stayed in place! With some other hair sprays, I had a buildup that would flake and look like dandruff (YUK)! I haven't experienced that with this hair spray yet, and I'm hoping it continues to stay that way!

Great Organic Product!
by Corri

I can't say enough about this wonderful product! I absolutely love the fact that this product is not only organic, but it also works wonders!!! It definitely held my hair in place all day and it smells wonderful. It made my hair nice and shinny. I didn't need any other product to obtain my desired style. Highly recommended!

held my curls!
by Annie

This stuff held my curls like my life depended on it. The only downside was that it left my curls hard and brittle but at least it kept the curls...ALL NIGHT. Other than that this product really worked.

Excellent Hair Care
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I am usually very picky when it comes to using hair products, since I have suffered hair loss and know how important it is to maintain not only healthy hair, but also a healthy scalp. Organic Hair Care L.A. Hold Hair Spritz has become the perfect solution for my everyday styling needs. It not only leaves a healthy shine in your hair, but it is actually good for your hair, due to its conditioning and nutritious contents. I no longer have to worry about the dry scalp that hair gel leaves, or helmet hard hair that results from hair spray. This product not only provides maximum hold, but is also just as easy to wash out.

Stays Put!!!
by Annalisa

I absolutely love this hairspray. Not only does it have hold that lasts all through the day, it smells great. I would recommend this product to anyone who's got thin or fine hair like me that needs something strong to make it stay put!

Works Wonders
by Louis

I have been using LA hairstyle products for quite awhile and I have always been pleased with them. This product is no different. It works great and actually holds my hair in place all day. It is true that it adds shine and retains the style of my hair for most of the day. Being a spray, it is even easier to apply to your hair. My whole family uses it and they love it. I love it and I definitely recommend it!

by Jennifer Stewart

This product is fabulous. I love L.A. Hold. It does exactly what it says, "holds your hair in place". Botanicals are awesome for your hair, and this product does wash out great and conditions as well. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Now the price can be a little steep, but you use way less than the average hairspray, so you are actually saving money.

Great for Mohawks
by Phil Young

I use this hair spritz to hold my hair for spiking it and for holding my Mohawk so that I look cool all of the time. Also, this product doesn't flake or look greasy.

Love it!!
by Tami

I have tried every hair spray and some of them don't hold and stick. When I used L.A Hold Hair Spritz, this product maintains the lasting hold, no stickiness and smells very good. Very expensive but it's worth it. I Will keep buying L.A. Hold Hair Spritz.

Beautician recommended
by Jill S.

My daughter is a beautician and gave this to me to try. WOW, it kept my style all day long. It has strong hold, so you only need to use a little. This even worked for me when it is was hot and humid out. My normal hair spritz would never work under harsh weather conditions. I also love to use it because it is organic and doesn't have all the harsh chemicals that most products have.

by Katelin

I have pin-straight hair and have never been able to get it to hold a curl.. that is until I found this product. I hardly even have to use very much at all, just a few sprays over my entire head. This spritz doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff or crunchy, though that could be because I use it sparingly. Either way, I am so pleased with this product and have yet to find anything like it!

Environment Friendly Hair Spray
by Emily K.

This is great! It's nice knowing I can use a hairspray that doesn't have all the chemicals of the major national brands. It is not stick and maintains a lasting hold.

Holding Power deluxe
by Kathy

They should call this stuff concrete. It holds and holds and doesn't let go. In windy weather, your hairstyle is safe. It washes out easily and completely which was a surprise as I thought it might be difficult to wash out. Also makes your hair feel soft after washing it out -- kind of like having extra conditioning

Hair spritz that actually holds!
by Albert

I have been pretty pleased with the L.A. hairstyle products as I have used them since I was a little kid. This spritz is great because you can just spray what you want to hold and it stays in place! No need to fix your hair or make a mess. Good quality product at a great price. Highly recommend.

by allismom

Depending on the style you want...this works great! Remember the 80's when you wanted your hair to REALLY hold? This will do it, but without being so terrible on your hair. If you are planning on running fingers through your hair, skip this one. If you need to keep a wedding hairdo in place...use this!!

Couldn't live without it!
by J

I have to admit that I am one of those people who can't live without my hair spray. Once I found this product, I refused to use any other. Not only do the natural ingredients make you NOT feel guilty about using it, but it smells great too (not like chemicals). It holds VERY well, without being sticky or flaky. There may be cheaper hair sprays, but this is worth every penny.

The only downside to this product is that I can't buy it locally; I order it online. Again, it is definitely worth the minor inconvenience.

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