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mom, grandmother, wife
by debbie cooper

great product. I would recommend to friend or family. use as directed and you'll see the improvement in your hair, skin, and nails!

Biotin 5000
by ashli

biotin works!!!!! i have been using on and off for about 7 months. i stopped using because for me it grows hair every where hair can grow on the body!!!! meaning, i've never really had hair on my legs and now as soon as i shave the hair seems to grow right back in 2 days. i don't like that. my hair on my head is longer and thicker. even the hair on my eyebrows are thick and growing. BIOTIN WORKS!!!!

I've noticed a difference
by Kim Morris

I have been taking this Biotin product for 2 plus months. My hair - on my head - and my nails have been growing pretty quickly. My hair is pretty healthy now too (my nails have always been decent) before it would break easily.

60 Capsules by Vitabase
  • Often used to support healthy hair
  • Can reduce cracking and splitting of nails
  • Essential to several enzyme processes
  • May result in lower blood glucose levels
Rumor or not?
by Sonya

I heard that if you take biotin, hair all over your body will start to grow faster also. Is that true? Because I really want to use it. The hair on my head takes forever to grow and it's very very thin.

I take this vitamin every mornin
by eneida

I have been taking biotin off and on. WhenI don't take a vitamin, I feel like my hair and skin is not the same. I started taking biotin again and I see a difference. You don't get fast results but you do see a difference after a while.

by cheri

Biotin is one of the best vitamins to use for hairloss!! I had lost a lot of hair due to weight loss, having surgeries, vitamin deficiency and stress. I started using 5000 mcg biotin and my hair has grown back and then some. In fact my hair dresser asked me to stop using it because I have TOO much hair. Love this product!

Quick grow
by Ruby young

I have used biotin for only three months and my hair is growing back very thick.

by Pat Smith

I have been taking this for my hair loss due to my thyroid and it has helped my hair growth or at least it's slowed down the thinning of my hair.

Excellent value
by Sara Gunter

I have taken many Biotin products over the past years but am sticking with Vitabase from now on. This product works extremely well.

by Pete Genn

I chose this particular brand because I have heard good things about the company. It did not disappoint.

by Michael Turner

A little expensive, but great product. My skin feels great and my hair is healthy again.

by Christopher Redman

Great product and Vitabase is great to work with. Highly recommend this brand.

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by Gala Hughart

This product has helped me from being so embarrassed about my hair loss. As a woman it really as been a struggle to face this but a friend told about this wonderful Biotin and my hairloss has slowed down measurably. Do yourself a favor and try it you have nothing but great thing in store for your appearance.