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Hair Loss Support Liquid

Hair loss is a serious issue for both men and women. For most people, thinning hair is treatable by addressing the underlying causes. Vitabase Hair Loss Support is a liquid nutritional supplement designed to provide you with the best natural support for reducing hair loss. Hair Loss Support includes important vitamins often deficient in those experiencing hair loss; it also includes a proprietary blend of herbs and supplements.

Product: Hair Loss Support Liquid
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 32 oz bottle
Dosage: 1 oz daily
Retail: $27.20
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8 Customer Reviews

by TD

I am in my early thirties, but have been forced to try different hair thickening products of late. I tried this after one of my friends suggested it. I gotta say that there hasn't been any appreciable hair growth, but it sure seems to have re-vitalized my scalp. Hair loss has become negligible and that is a big thing, like anyone with this problem would vouch for. I will probably write something more after a few more months if I see more good things happening.

Didn't work
by David

My dad, who has been slowly balding over the years, decided to try hair treatments. One of the products he used was Hair Loss Support. The product didn't help regrow hair, let alone stop or slowdown his hairloss. After trying numerous hair loss products, including other much more expensive treatments, none have worked.
Can't keep your hair forever.

Thicker Hair
by Joseph Thomas

What the product did for my father was it thickened his existing hairs to make it appear that he had a full head of hair. If you have a strange hair cut it looks wacky! I'm happy that it worked but it didn't do what we expected it to do. So we'll probably try another product.

Hair Loss Support
by Sandra

I have had some hair loss issues. Each time I shower, I see more hair than normal in the tub. I used to have really thick hair, but it obviously is thinning some. I decided to give this product a try and was sadly disappointed. I saw no change at all with the use of it and I tried it for almost a full month. It is expensive too. I would not buy it again as I do not believe it lived up to its advertised claims.

Not very effective and expensive
by TJ

My wife used this Hair Loss Support product for a month last year after she had our 2nd child when she started to see hair loss problems. She did not get any noticeable help in strengthening nor adding any extra density to her hair after using this. Only a little improvement seen on her head skin being so dry and itchy either. Worst of all, it cost $30 a 32 oz. bottle that only took a month to consume. My wife and I have long been an avid user & supporter of Vitabase products, but not for this one!

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