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Car sales
by Joe

Ok, not sure if product or new diet.

Hair Loss
by Denise

Love this product. I've been using it for 3 months. I see more hair growing and it's much thicker like it was when I was a youth.

Thank You

Just another hairloss product in the market
by Sam

Been suing this product for 5 months....nothing whatsoever....will stop this supposed treatment....given up on all these mambo jumbo products...better to get hair transplant and stop worrying about hairloss

Wonderful product
by Theo, Paris France

I tried wearing a toupee, but wasn’t fooling anybody. I tried a comb-over, but looked even worse than before. I was considering hair plugs but decided to try this first, and I’m glad I did. I would recommend ReGrowth to anyone.

Thanks to Regrowth plus
by Jennifer, Litchfield CT

I have fine brittle hair that breaks easily. My hair dresser had me try this product. My scalp is healthier and my hair has thickened since I started with Herbal 7 Plus. No more itchy scalp. Thank you!!!

Really does Work
by John, Vancouver BC

This product really does work! It does what it claims to, which is to stop hair loss and thicken your existing hair. I have been using this product for a year and have gone from being almost completely bald, to having a full head of hair. I am very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it.

by David, CA

In all these years I never realized that such a simple solution was so readily available. It’s only been a few months since I started using ReGrowth and I’m almost back to normal. Thanks for everything.

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