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I'm a real person and really use the product
by Benjamin King

I have only used this product for a little more than 4 months.
Within weeks I could tell there was something going on. My hair seemed coarser and seem to be growing. I actually had to get a haircut.
Withing the first two months my hair was noticeably thicker, growing and there was new growth through out my scalp.
By month three my hair actually had body, thicker and my bald spot was noticeably diminished.
Four months into it I can style my hair and feel great about the progress I have made.
Why did I write this?
Because I was reordering the product and looking for coupon codes on the internet. Never hurts to save a little money.
My barber told me about the product because she had a client who used it and it worked. I would never have done it otherwise.
I just want everyone to know it works. My email address is if you want to see dated pictures of my scalp. I'm just hoping to help some men get their confidence back.

Ignore negative reviews
by Daniel Knepshield

I have been losing my hair for several years and it has been getting noticeably thinner. I decided to try Follicare since it is one of the least expensive hair loss products out there...only about $30.00 dollars a month if you buy the one year package. I was also impressed with the ingredients. It seemed to offer more ingredients for the price than any other product.

I have been using it for about 7 months and I am very impressed with the results so far.

I have seen a lot of very negative reviews for this product on this site. Please ignore them! They all have one thing in common...non-compliance. Notice how all of the negative reviews seem to say things like "I used it for two months and nothing happened." Gee, I wonder if that was two "whole" months (sarcasm there.)

Look people, whenever you start on a hair loss regimen with any product, you HAVE to give it time to see results. No product, prescription or natural, can give you results within 2 months. You need to give it at least 8-12 months. This holds true with every single hair loss product out there. I feel bad for the people giving up so quickly. I guess they expected a miracle. Ironically, most of them might have gotten a good portion of their hair back if they would have actually followed the directions and gave it time to work. They have no right to bad mouth a decent product when they can't even comply with the directions and advice of the entire hair regrowth industry to give these products time to work.

Last thing, contrary to what a couple of reviewers stated...the product is NOT difficult to apply. You wash your hair with Follicare shampoo, take two pills a day and squirt some stuff on your head. What's so difficult to do about that?

what a waste of money and effort
by K Tabassum

My husband was very disappointed when there was no result from this product. He put so much money and heart into it to figure out its complicated way of use for 2 months with zero results. I give thumbs down to this product and would not recommend to anyone.

by oscar

I was very skeptical at first because I've tried hundreds of different hair products over the last ten years. Now, I'm a 32 year old male whose been losing hair since high school. I've lost about 2/3 of the hair in the front and the vertex. I have started using follicare about 5 months ago. At first, I didn't even use the pills that they provided because I was so sure it was a total b/s. After about 10-12 weeks, I started to see fuzzy new hair, just like a new born baby hair, coming out in my bald spots in the front. I was surprised and started to taking the pills too. Now, all those light hairs became thicker in the last two months. If it goes like this, I'll have a full head of hair, and that is very crazy. If anyone else had a similar experience with follicare, could you post and explain if all these new hairs will actually become as thick as the regular hair in over 6 months or so? It's amazing... just cant wait.

Don't Buy!
by Shaw

DON'T BUY THIS STUFF! I started using this three months ago. Since then I haven't seen a single change. You also have to use many different bottles of the product. Its to complicated to use and its way overpriced. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Waste of money
by Patti

Ok, my husband is getting a little upset about his growing bald spot even though I told him I love him just the same. I saw this on the net so I decided to surprise him with it as a gift. He agreed to try it and had high hopes. After all, it contains Minoxidil like the prescription products so it should work, right? Wrong! He kept checking in the mirror to see if he could see any new growth there after the first month. Then, as the end of the second month came along there was still no new hair growth. We both decided that it was just not worth the price to try it for 2 more months. We didn't even see any peach fuzz sprouting. Save your money on this one.

Expensive and almost worthless
by Michael L.

I used this product for 8 weeks with very little positive results. My wife says that my hair looks fuller, but there is no new growth. I think I could do better for over $100.00.

Rip off
by toddm

I am embarrassed to say I shelled out 120 dollars for a product that did nothing for me. I followed directions and no positive results. Buyer beware.

by Trudi Konzem

My husband has tried this product. He was not very impressed with it. Neither of us could see any improvements. It is rather expensive to purchase.
I will not be able to recommend this product at this time. If it should become more affordable my husband said he would be willing to try it again for a longer period of time but not at this current price.

Do not Recommend
by S. Grevious

My uncle has tried this product and the results are no improvement. He has been shedding hair for about a couple of months now and he wanted to try and prevent it. This product was supposed to supply nutrients as it would help moisturize his scalp, but it didn't. He continues to lose hair and his scalp is still dry. If he can just find a product to help with his dry scalp first, then it would help/prevent his hair loss. He didn't see any improvement, so this product is not recommended. This price is too too expensive. It really was a waste of money.

Not good
by Bethany

My boyfriend is 43 years old. He has been loosing his hair for about 5 years. He tried this product. He used it for 8 months, and we never saw a change. It was not worth the money we spent on it.

Big no no
by Mike Huang

My dad has tried using this product and it does not work at all. It actually made his self-esteem lower because it made changes in his daily mood. I would not recommend this to anyone with hair loss problems.

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