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by kim2728

My husband was not impressed and said it was not a very good product. Takes about 6 months to a year to see anything if any.

no hope,I guess
by TJ

I truly beleive that I am destined to become bald. I followed directions Exactly as they are printed and I noticed no results. I'll just go bald gracefully!

Smoke and Mirrors
by Tanya

My husband started using this product. He used it exactly by the directions. We bought it at CVS, and evrytime he bought it, a coupon printed that said, "The only way to get results is to keep buying more." That should have been a clue, but he kept buying more. It made his hair fluffier like a volumizing shampoo would, but there was absolutely no new hair growth. After months of use, he finally gave up on it.

Works Great!
by Jeremy

This product has really helped my husband. He has been growing a bald spot for some time now and was really self-conscious about it. Rogain helped him regain some of his hair and his self confidence. I think that this product is fantastic and worth every penny.

Good for some
by Becky

My husband saw an advertisement for this about 2 years ago. He decided to try it since he has going bald already. He used it for the 3 months and we saw little results. If you start this process when you first notice hair loss, I believe it would be a good investment, but if you have already lost a lot of hair, it's probably not a wise purchase. Too much work for something that won't help. I wouldn't buy again. It leaves a greasy look to your hair, and you have to apply 2x daily.

Hard to tell after using it
by Devin

This product must be applied to the area where it needs the most. Although I am satisfied with the product overall, applying twice a day and expensive to use it deterred me from buying any more. Used the product close to 1 year and this has the most percent of the solution 5% I think, that was the reason to buy this product.

Didn't help me!
by Dustin

This product has been around for a long time and my brother-in-law swears by it. It did nothing for me though. I have typical male pattern baldness and I tried Rogaine for over 3 months and continued to lose hair at slow pace. I eventually just decided to shave my head short. All I can say is try it out for yourself, because there aren’t many alternatives to male hair loss. That is, unless you want to wear a rug on your head.

Works as advertised
by Steve

My hair started thinning and coming out after a hot shower. Now it's more frequent and I gave this a shot to try to reverse the family curse. I must say I'm satisfied because no more hair is coming out, that's enough for me. Retaining the hair I have really eased my mind about my future need for sunblock on my head.

Hard to tell if it's working
by CN

My husband has faithfully used this for years. Actually, I think he is afraid what will happen if he stops. It's hard to tell if it has helped at all. If anything, it might have slowed the hair loss. It does leave the hair oily where it is applied.

Wouldnt recomend
by pazz

My dad is bald. So, becoming bald was no surprise to me. I have typical male pattern baldness and have been on the look out for effective product for baldness. My friend recommended Rogaine to me about a year ago. I used it regularly for 6 months with average results. I stopped using it after 6 months and again started losing hair and was back to square one. I think it's a waste of money and time.

Works, but not for everyone
by Anna

My husband began to bald about a year ago and he decided to use Rogaine to regain his hair since he heard about it from a friend whose hair successfully grew back. For my husband, the Rogaine only made his hair darker and it appeared more full, but in reality, it was just getting thicker, but no hair was actually growing. I think this product varies from person to person so if you're lucky, maybe this will work for you.

It's ok.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

For some reason this did not work too well with me... Perhaps it only works effectively in older men, but I did not receive very good results... I suffer from premature hair loss and this did not really seem to do anything.

This will make you dependent
by Nazim

If you think this product will cure hair loss then you are wrong. Personally after my friend used this product he realized that it works in thickening hair but not filling up all your bold spot. Rogaine is a great product and it has been in market for years but this is not the product to get your hair back. From what I know, it all depends from person to person if this will help you or not, but do not expect a miracle of growing your hair back. The only bad part of using this product is that you have to become dependent on it in order to keep growing your hair.

no results
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I've used many hair treatments, and this one has been the worst yet. It left my hair oily and very greasy, and I've yet to grow any hair back. I know some solutions go through the falling out stage in which new hair grows, but I have yet to see any results in the crown portion of my scalp , which is where Rogaine targets.

great idea
by Kristina Richardson

My husband started thinning back in his very early twenties. We married and just dealt with it but when my brother in law tried this and started seeing some results within 2 months we decided to try it. He however didn't see the same results with it that my brother in law did but did see some results. The results definitely vary but they both did see some hair growth. It was a good purchase for our family. My husband feels a bit better about his appearance and my brother in law has his confidence back!

Good Product
by toddm

This product works as well as any of the Rogaine options out there. I have had noticeable regrowth of hair. The only drawback is you have to keep using the product for your new hair to stay and grow.

Husband Likes It
by Trudi Konzem

My Husband has been using this for a month. He is very worried about his receding hairline. He is very happy with this product and will keep using it and watch eagerly for the improvements to be noticed. He has noticed a thickening of his hair but no new hair growth yet. Happy husband equals a happy wife.
My only complaint is why is the men's version $7 more expensive than the lady's version?

Great Product!
by Angel

My brother in law thinks this is the best product out there for hair loss for men.
He was losing his hair at a young age and started using this Rogaine. Now his hair is thickening up and it looks very good.
He says it is well worth the price and everything!

not worth it
by Cady

My husband tried this for 6 months and so no change whatsoever. The formula was a little difficult to use with the dropper being so big, and the formula seemed to irritate my husband's scalp. Not recommend to those with sensitive skin.

Looks real
by Phil Young

This is a cheap hair product that grows hair back quickly and looks totally natural. My dad's hair started coming back in less than a month, and now a year later, he has a full head of hair.

by devla

This product has really helped my husband. He has been growing a bald spot for some time now and was really self-conscious about it. Rogain helped him regain some of his hair and his self confidence. I think that this product is fantastic and worth every penny.

It's Like Having Your Own Chia Pet
by Monica Frazier

I bought Rogaine with the thought that my husband would grow back his hair. He's bald on top with hair on the sides. So, I watered him down with the Rogaine and after a week or so he began growing some hair. I was so excited. Unfortunately, my husband is still bald and the hair only stayed around for a few weeks but it was fun while it lasted.

Works Great!
by ambreen

My dad swears by this stuff. His hair started thinning at an early age and he used this, by a recommendation of a friend. And it sure did work! He uses it on a daily basis and it's easy to use. I have never seen his hair sticky or smelled any bad smells from it. It works great and it's well worth the effort of applying every day.
I know some people consider it expensive, but for a three month supply, it is priced almost the same as a good, salon brand shampoo.

Help Husband Some
by Jen W.

My husband has slowly thinning hair. He uses this product to stop his hair loss. He has used it for about a year and we both think that not only has he not lost more hair but he seems to be getting some back. At first we thought maybe we were imagining it, but others have commented on it, as well. I think that this product is worth a try if you are dealing with hair loss.

Simply Amazing!
by Bharat Parameswaran

This product is just superb. I have had hair loss problems and this product works absolutely fine. I would recommend this product to anyone who has had hair loss problems for sometime and hasn't found a solution yet. Give this a shot and see the difference for yourself.

Much more effective than the woman's version
by Jessika Abramson

I tried the women's version and hated it, so I tried the men's version (just be VERY careful how you apply it if you are a female! You don't want to grow a beard!) and was pleased with the results. My hair regrowth was much faster with this product, and it didn't feel quite as greasy on my scalp.

its good product
by nivi

My husband was having severe hair loss problem for the past six months. Then he started using Rogaine daily. Within a few weeks the hair started growing. Now we can see a big difference in his hair growth. But this product raised his blood pressure. I don't know why this happened. But anyway this is good for hair loss

by sherry

My father in law is an actual barber and everyone always asks him about his wonderful head of hair, never mind it is somewhat fine, and very soft, this man has LOTS of hair so you never notice that. His hair is gorgeous. He tells everyone that it is naturally that way (hmmm, at 70, with 2 sons that are balding at 40) well, I happen go into his bathroom one day and I noticed in HIS shower, that he uses this treatment. All right, draw your own conclusion but do not tell him I snitched. My mother in law uses the women's version of this and it works very well for her too. OH, and yes, she also thinks this product is responsible for my father in laws full head of hair, even though HE Won't admit to it.

Did not work for my dad
by Kelli

Rogaine didn't seem to work at all for my dad, although it worked a little bit for my grandpa (who recommended it to him!) I am not sure what the difference is between the two, but I guess it's worth at least one shot to see if it works for you!

This stuff works
by Milf

My brother developed premature balding in his mid 20's and decided it was time for Rogaine. He's been using the product for over a year now and his hair loss has stopped and seems to have reversed a bit. I can see a huge difference in his hair.

Okay product
by Troy

I noticed a bald spot forming on the back of my scalp a few years ago. I did what any other guy would do which is freak out and run to the store to see what he could buy to fix it. I tried Rogaine once (for the three months) and didn't notice any difference. I know they say it might take longer but I didn't really feel like it did much for me.

Works for some but not for others

Rogaine is the best OTC name for hair regrowth. The only ingredient that really matters is minoxodil. Look for any product that has a high percentage of it. This product worked for me for about 6 months. My hair was darker and grew in a little more. It didn't make a significant difference after 3 months, but I did notice a change. This did not work for my father. If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, this is a good product for you.

Good but there is better
by Eli

When I started losing my hair, I decided to do something about it. I purchased Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment to grow my hair back. The results were that my hair grew back, but it wouldn't last. I started losing my hair again.

good product
by steve

I started using this about 2 years ago, and I think that my hair loss has definitely stopped, if not reversed a little bit. The main downside to it though is that it makes your hair very oily. In addition, if you stop taking it, the benefits quickly go away.

Theses are the Best
by DAv92683

Men's Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment-Unscented is no doubt the best. I recently discovered a bald spot on my head so like any other man, I looked for a way to fix it. I went with Rogain. They are no doubt the best brand. I had the bald spot filled with hair after just 3 months of usage. I am very happy and would recommend Men's Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment-Unscented to everyone.

Different results for different people ?
by Stephanie

I gave this product a 2.5 because I have not seen very good results from it. However, I have not personally used it so I won't give it too low of a score. Both of my brother in laws have been using this for a few months and neither of them have had any results that you can really see. Although I can't say that it hasn't made their hair stop falling out, it certainly hasn't regrown any. My hair stylist told me to get Nioxin for my husband instead of Rogaine and we have seen dramatic results with it. His hair is much thicker now. My brother in laws are starting to use Nioxin now too. However, I have heard of people who swear by Rogaine, so it may have different results for different people. My advice is try it if you want, but if you don't get results, try Nioxin.

Hair loss
by Arvinder


Pretty Good Product
by Geoff

I have been using this product for a year, and my hair loss has definitely come to a standstill, if not reversed itself. The liquid itself has a fresh smell to it, but the only problem I have is that if I use the normal dosage, it tends to run down the back of my neck and is a bit slimy. But if one can get past the inconveniences of applying it, this is a proven product that works.

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