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by Heather

My husband swears by this. Says it is a absolutely great product.

Product Consumer
by Ellen Thielmann

I know that overall hair growth was happening, as I had to color more often. After the required 4 months, I couldn't really tell any new growth in the concentrated area. You HAVE to go another month, and then. they say you should continue on or the hair loss will return. You would think that once new growth had been detected, that it would stay there and keep growing...


My patients and hair stylist report increased hair re-growth after stressful life situations using Rogaine. You must be consistent and patient for successful results.

Not worth it!
by Dorothy

I have several female family members who have suffered from hair loss at the temples and thinning throughout they have all tried numerous other products. My grandmother used Rogaine for two months, the product is simple to use but she got no results what so ever. I would recommend Doo gro or Nubian Organics products instead as well as anything made with tea tree oil to simulate the scalp.

A must have
by Jeremy

My hair is growing! I have been using this product for a while and it works good. I had bald spots near the back of my head and this product gave me my hair back. I would say this is the best womens hair regrowth formula ever. I love that it is unscented. Overall the product met and surpassed past my standards!

hair came back
by Stephen

My girlfriend has been using this product for a while and it works well. I must say her hair looks great. I guess with age your hair just starts to thin out and Rogaine works wonders. Not only can you see the difference but you can feel it too. It is worth every penny she spent on this product. But remember it takes time.

by BA

I was skeptical to try Rogaine because it was something that I had typically associated with bald men. However, as my hair started thinning, I wanted to try to do something early to prevent future thinning. I tried Rogaine for Women as an impulse purchase. I cannot believe it, but it works. It actually rejuvenates my hair follicles and starts growth. It really is unscented and the application process is very simple. I did not notice instant hair growth, nor was it substantial hair growth when hair did come, but slowly but surely hair did indeed grow. I used this product two times a day, every day, for almost a year and the results are undeniable. I took a before and after picture and you can clearly see the difference. It is fantastic. I understand that many people are skeptical. Before using this product, I was one of those people. However, if you use this product for a prolonged period of time, I think you will notice a difference. The results aren't staggering and are very gradual, but they are results that you can actually see.

so so
by Lori Baranski

Well this product has been overly advertised in my area, and although I have no need for it- my mother in her early 50's does. She used it regularly for about two months, and didn't really see any results- except for the fact that her hair wasn't falling out so often, which I guess is a good thing. So besides preventing more hair loss- there wasn't any hair gain.

Women's Rogaine
by Carol Covello

As I neared 'midlife', I noticed my hairline was thinning. My doctor and hair stylist both said there seemed to be nothing wrong, but the thinning really irked me, so I tried this. I've been using it for several years. It halted the thinning, and encouraged some re-growth near the temples. You couldn't pay me to stop using it!

ape woman
by eileen saavedra

Okay okay , so I have not personally used it, but my mother has. All I have to say is that she did get hair, everywhere but on her head. This is definitely not recommended for anything other than I don't know what. My mother started growing hair on her cheeks. That was gross ....steer clear.

Pretty good
by An

This is actually a pretty good product. I've been losing my hair slowly the last two years due to the extra stress I'm getting in college and decided to try this. The product helps a little but not wonders. There are other brands that are made with the same exact ingredients and costs less than Rogaine. Also, the product states that you might start losing hair again if you stop using it so it might be even worst than before.

No noticeable difference
by CN

My mom used this faithfully for awhile. Although it may have decreased the amount of hair loss (which can be difficult to measure), there was no noticeable difference. Considering the price of the product, and having to apply it twice a day, it wasn't worth it for her.

Good Product
by Christine Martens

My girlfriend is using this product and I must say her hair looks great. I guess with age your hair just starts to thin out and Rogaine works wonders. Not only can you see the difference but you can feel it too. It is worth every penny she spent on this product. But remember it takes time.

I would Pass On It
by brooke

I was told by my physician to try this product because I was having problems with my hormones. I was losing a lot of my hair. He told me to try it, that it was worth a try. Well, unfortunately it didn't do the job. I would not recommend it to anyone. Also, it is too expensive.

Hair today gone tomorrow
by PT

My mother suffers from thin hair and extra hair loss. She used this product for awhile but did not see much improvement. She has since then tried a product, Nu Hair, and claims it works better than this. Based on price/performance ratio I would think there are other alternatives that would be better. I would not recommend the product.

Helps thinning Hair
by jcarr

I have been losing hair for a year. After seeing a doctor, have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This product was recommended to help my thinning hair. I have to say this product has helped, and made my hair feel thicker and added more shine. I also think this, along with the medication, is helping my hair to regrow and strengthen.

I Like This Product
by Trudi Konzem

I am so glad I finally had the courage to purchase this.
I have been using this for about six weeks now.
I don't really notice any new regrowth but I do notice my hair looks healthier. My hair looks thicker and stronger and I see an improvement in all the split ends I used to have. My frizzy hair seems to have been tamed and I like it.

by theepa

After my first pregnancy and hormone imbalance, I had a severe hair loss. I turned to this product after one of my friends suggested it to me. I had to apply it on the scalp without the hair touching which was not possible.

Not worth it
by cindy

I bought this when my hair got to the point of being too thin. I always had thick hair, then I had surgery and started losing it at an alarming rate ( well to me anyway). I started using this and used it for 4 months and can safely say it didn't live up to the hype. I haven't noticed my hair coming in but it has slowed down in the loss department. All in all for the money you spend, I don't really think it's worth it.

I have my hair back
by Jennifer

I do not know why, but after I had my baby 5 months ago, I lost a lot of hair. Before it got worse, I got more of this and it not only stopped my hair from falling out, but my hair is now growing back!!

Too expensive
by Cydney

My mom stated using this product because it was recommended to her by her hair dresser. After about two months of faithfully applying it twice daily neither I nor her noticed any change. With her fixed income she decided to stop using the product.

Works Gradualy
by ambreen

This product is not as strong as the men's version of this product, but it does eventually start working. When my mom started loosing hair she used this product (as recommended by my dad!). But her results took much longer. I think only after five months did she start to see some gradual effect. But it does work! So if you are loosing hair, have faith in this product and keep using it!

Not so great.
by Jessika Abramson

I used this Rogaine product for approximately six months, after an extensive period of hair loss (the cause is unknown to me). This product felt sticky and greasy in my hair. Although the directions are clear that the product should be applied directly to the scalp, avoiding contact with my hair was nearly impossible! Thus, my hair looked and felt disgusting whenever I used this product.

This personally did not work for me, although a close friend who used it had great results.

No Regrowth Was Noted!
by Lana

My aunt has been using this product for the entire year now and I passionately wanted Womens Hair Regrowth Treatment by Rogaine to work for her. She is in her 50s and has been suffering from hair loss since her late 20s. Her bald spots occupy the top section of her head, so with such a difficult location she was often trying new products and services with hopes of something that will actually have a positive effect, not only on her hair but her self-esteem.

I am sad to report that, even with such prolonged use of the product she has experienced NO new growth in her areas of concern. For months, she had no adverse side effects either, so she continued to use the product. The past few weeks her scalp has been getting extremely itchy and red and she actually seems to be losing more hair than before. The only positive component of this particular brand is that the treatment is unscented and my aunt is very sensitive to a variety of smells.

As a result of her experience, she no longer has plans of continuing to use Rogaine as her hope for any hair recovery with this product has been diminished. I know the claim that Rogaine Hair Treatment contains the only FDA approved ingredient on the market sounds very appealing to many women suffering from this condition. However, based on my aunt's experience, I would advise the consumer to read the reviews carefully, do the necessary research and only then honestly evaluate the effects Rogaine has on their condition.

Takes time, but results are evident
by Randi

I first tried using rogaine for hair thinning. Being in my 20s, I didn't have real noticeable thinning but I wanted something that would thicken my hair. You must know it takes quite a while to see the first signs. I believe it was about 3 months before I noticed more hair growing in areas that were thin. The problem with this product is that you must use it every day, twice a day. You can't apply it to wet hair, and you are not supposed to sleep with it in your hair (can get on the pillow and affect hair in other areas). And if you stop using it, it can cause a reversal of progress.

Waste of money
by Terasa

I think this is a waste of money. I used to take care of people that used this and it was just worthless. It didn't grow their hair or do anything. It seems to me there has to be something else out there that would work better than this. I wouldn't suggest anyone waste their money on this product.

My hair came back!
by Linda

I have been using this product for a while and it works good. I had bald spots near the back of my head and this product game me my hair back. I would say this is the best womens hair regrowth formula ever. I love that it is unscented. Overall the product meets past my standards!

by may

My aunt has been applying Rogaine for over three months now. Let me tell you, she was going bald. She was losing a lot of hair, specially from the middle area of her hair. She went on Rogaine and she has seen a lot of hair return. I have seen it, everybody has. It is really nice. The only down side that she has seen is that she is growing hair in other parts as well like her sideburns and chin, which is not all that good, but she can go to the salon and get waxed. I like the product over all

by sherry

My mother-in-law uses this product and she says it works great. Since I am 35 and my hair is very thin and thinning, I decided to try it (I used her bottle though) and it made my scalp itchy and just did not work as well for me. Perhaps I should have used it longer than a month but I just hated the itchy discomfort. Plus it's not exactly cheap. For my mother-in-law, there was no itchy scratchy discomfort and it did provide her with positive results. so in all fairness, I gave it a 2.5 score. It might work and then it might not.

didnt grow new hair but kept me from losing anymore
by Donia

This product after being used for about 4 months like the insert said... didn't regrow any new hair whatsoever; but did stop me from losing anymore hair, which is good too. However, it does not regrow hair in everyone and I am one that it didn't.
It is a gamble and it is definitely not a miracle in a bottle.

by fmodi

My hair is growing! It's the original color too! It's the 4th week since I started using this, and I see growth and thickness too... I would encourage everyone to try it out.

Made a Difference
by NTReviewer

I was not expecting much based on some of the previous reviews I had read, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this product. I noticed hair growth within the first month of using Rogaine diligently on my problem areas. It was not a huge amount of growth, but it was definitely noticeable. There truly is no smell that I could detect and application was pretty simple. It was slightly watery, but I didn't really mind. I would recommend it.

A Must Have
by mamma_nee

I never would have even tried it myself because I never believed in it, but my sister-in-law was going bald ... you could actually see her scalp thru her hair and she gave the Rogaine a try... I was in shock at the results after she used it for a year. You can no longer see her scalp and she is like a whole new person inside and out. If you are losing hair, I would truly recommend the Rogaine. If you think of all the money you spend on frugoless stuff ... the money you will spend on Rogaine will be well spent!

Slow but Sure
by Loretta

Yes, this product did work. It seemed like ages before I started to see new growth but it was actually a matter of weeks. What was most important though was that it stopped the continual loss of hair. It can be somewhat messy at first but you do learn to apply it with ease.

Did Not Work
by Jaime

This is a complete waste of money. It is very expensive. It made my scalp itchy and dry. After that, I had to stop using this stuff. It is not worth it. To it's credit, on the box is says it will not work for everyone. But I have not found one person that it has worked for, including me.

Hair woes and help!
by Kami Griffin

For the price, one would expect Rogaine for Women to cook dinner and balance your checkbook as well as re-grow hair! It's mighty expensive, and it does not work well for everyone. However, it is well worth the expense for me personally. After applying the serum twice a day for nearly two months, I have noticed an increase in new hair growth and a reduction in hair loss. It has dried out my scalp a bit, but other than that, there have been no bad side effects. I recommend Rogaine for Women for anyone who has minimal, non-medical related hair loss. Do not expect huge hair miracles, but a little regrowth is better than none!

No Hair For Me
by nikki counts

I used Rogaine for women for 3 months. It's watery and runs all over my head and down my face. Also, it makes my hair feel greasy and look flat. I already have thin fine hair, I don't need it to look any worse. But, I kept up with the treatment, because I want more hair. I didn't see any new hair growth and I was still losing hair in my brush everyday. At least for me, it didn't work. They do say results vary.

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