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follicle therapy spray
by barbara

A very expensive mistake. This product didn't help my thinning hair at all. After using the product for 2 weeks all I noticed was dandruff like flakes thru my hair and an itchy scalp. I am really disappointed in this product.

Not so great
by Pattie

My mom has thinning hair and found that most products were for men. She was told about this by a friend and gave it a try. She was so disappointed for spending such a large amount of money and having the product do absolutely nothing except add shine to her hair.

follicle therapy-not
by Kennedee

I have thinning hair and researched different products before trying Follicle Therapy Spray. When I applied it to dry hair it started leaving flakes in my hair. I used the product for two weeks and I noticed no difference in my hair. My hair continued to thin out in several places. I have discontinued use of this product and would not recommend it to anyone.

doesn't stop hair loss
by Phil Young

My dad was looking for a good hair loss product, so he tried follicle therapy spray. It didn't help his hair to grow back. It is expensive and ineffective.

Too Expensive for No Improvements
by S. Grevious

This product is too expensive for the results that you get, which is none. My cousin has tried this product for a couple of months and hasn't experienced any proven results. She doesn't have any hair loss.....its just that her hair is thin. She has always had thin hair, but after using this product, her results are the same. Her hair was already dry, but this product seemed to make her hair even more dry. This product is not recommended, especially because of the price.

Waste of Money
by Shannon

What a waste of money. My husband tried this product with hopes that it would thicken up some of the lighter spots on his head. It didn’t help at all. We saw absolutely no difference in the problem areas. Also, the product states it can be applied to dry hair, but if you do that, it produces white flakes on your head. After using it for an extended period of time, he finally gave up, and tried a different product. It is definitely NOT worth the money.

Not good
by ndy

This product claims to reduce hair loss and give you fuller hair. I tried it for 3 full months and yet no positive result. It is so expensive that I will not recommend it. When I was using it, I still had hair loss and thinner hair.

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Very expensive.
by Joel

I don't think that this product does what it's supposed to do. For me, it's very expensive.