f Revivogen Anti-DHT Formula for Hair Loss Reviews and Information

Anti-DHT Formula for Hair Loss

Revivogen is a revolutionary, all-natural hair loss product that specifically fights against hair loss and thinning hair using natural DHT blockers. It can be used topically by both men and women and unlike many other hair loss products, Revivogen has no known systemic side effects.
Product: Anti-DHT Formula for Hair Loss
Brand: Revivogen (More Products)
Size: 3 month supply
Dosage: Use Daily
Retail: $165.00
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4 Customer Reviews

costly but effective

The price for this is a lot but it worked. I wasn't having hair loss but I noticed my hair was getting extremely thin and I needed a product to thickened my hair. This product did exactly that. In a months time I noticed a major difference.

Hard to use with minimal results
by Ross

As a male who is beginning to suffer the signs of pattern baldness, I've desperately been searching for a product to halt my hair loss. Unfortunately, after over a month of use, this product hasn't seemed to have any effect. I am still losing hair on a weekly basis. Not only that, but the multi-step application is time consuming and somewhat difficult without making a mess. Plus, there are much cheaper alternatives out there that actually seem to work, namely Rogain.

stops receding hair line
by Phil Young

This product stopped my receding hair line, but didn't grow new hair on my head, so I stopped the use of this product. It was way too expensive.

Decent cover up
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I heard of this product through a friend who, like myself, was suffering from hair loss mostly in the upper/crown regions of the scalp. Just like any hair loss solution, it does nothing for receding hairlines. I've been using it for the past 2 months, and I have mixed emotions when it comes to this product. It for one, has dried my scalp quite a bit (shampoo mostly), and also when applying the solution, it makes my bald spots even more noticeable. One good thing that I've noticed is the strengthening of my hair, and it appears slightly thicker and fuller. I have not necessarily noticed much hair growth and I've been told that the "shedding" is to follow. Overall, this product becomes a hassle to use since it MUST be used daily for best results.