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Great Hair

Supports healthy hair growth.

- Contains saw palmetto and a wide variety vitamins and minerals.

- Great for men concerned about receding hair lines
Product: Great Hair
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 30 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $15.95
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7 Customer Reviews

It works
by Charis

I tried it and it works.

Great for hair texture
by B.E.S.

Just turning 50+ has been a shock. My hair texture has become coarse and wiry the last few years. I use the best organic Moroccan oil shampoo/cond. so I know that isn't the problem. I took this product for months and went thru 3-4 bottles. My hair became like silk. Hairdresser amazed. Now I have run out am reminded I need more because after a month or two without, my hair is getting coarse and frizzy again. Takes a few weeks to work but its worth it.

Good over time
by Gina Y.

I lost a lot of hair during a recent pregnancy, and over the few months I took this product, it really thickened again. I am grateful for this product.

30 Tablets by Vitabase
  • Give nutritional foundation for healthy hair
  • Biotin is popular for hair growth/fullness
  • Saw Palmetto may help thinning hair
  • L-cystein improves the quality, texture and growth of hair
Where is my hair
by Silvio Chiba

My Grandpa takes this and had been doing so for a few months. He has very little hair on his old head and this product has not added any to it. He wishes and hopes it to do its magic, but this product comes up short.

healthy regrowth
by Cheryl

A few months after giving birth I freaked out when my hair started falling out. Although the doctor said this happens to a lot of new moms, I was not happy to see the full shiny hair I had during my pregnancy in the sink. I looked for a supplement that promotes help with hair regrowth, and I did notice a lot of hair sprouting from my newly receded hairline after about 3 months. Being the cautious mom I am, I made sure to start these after weaning as suggested by makers. I'm just my hairline is almost back to normal now.

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