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For the modern woman who likes to keep it simple and direct, this harmonious blend respects both femininity and strength.

Citrus blend, with a heartnote of jasmine, water lily and peony.

Subtle yet distinct.
Product: Woman
Brand: Herbalife (More Products)
Size: 50ml
Dosage: NA
Retail: $25.00
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5 Customer Reviews

Great Scent!
by Lauralee

Smells great and is very light. It doesn't give me a headache.

by M B

My mother in law wears this fragrance. It does smell wonderful. Most fragrances give me a massive headache and can lead to a migraine, but this one does not’t. It is citrus like, almost fruity. It is not what I think of as a normal perfume because it does not’t have that alcohol undertone that so many have. I personally haven’t used it, but I do know that it smells wonderful on her.

Beautiful Aroma
by cecilia

This perfume smells wonderful. It has a sharp and crisp aroma to it. Whenever I wear it, many people comment on how great I smell. This perfume is affordable and unique. I only need a little bit of it to last me through out the whole day. The scent is very feminine and light, it is not too strong like many other department store perfumes. I recommend this to every lady out there who wants to smell good at peace.

Lovely scent!
by momof2

I bought this perfume, as a gift, for my mother's birthday. She was searching for a new scent. She has been wearing the same perfume for 15 years and wanted a change. This perfume was perfect! The scent on her is soft, modern, and springy. It is really a pretty scent.

Great Scent
by Shannon

My mom uses this perfume on a regular basis, and I love the scent. Jasmine is one of my favorites, and it is definitely the prominent smell. It comes across very light, so it is not overpowering like a lot of women’s perfume. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the scent only lasts for a little while. It is definitely not an all day perfume, unless you carry the bottle in your purse or car to refresh. Other then that, this is a great product from Herbalife.