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Smells nice
by Lorri

I use Lavender Noni Lotion as a rub for my sore muscles when I try exercising. It seems to help me relax more and the stiffness goes away after a few hours. Lavender scent is a great relaxation scent so when I use it at bedtime it seems to make me feel calmer and fall asleep faster so that is a plus in this product. I use it on any cuts I might get also and I swear they heal much faster then any other ointment I ever used. I make sure to keep this on hand and when my grandchildren come over to play I use it if they get any cuts or scrapes while playing outside. It doesn't burn them like some other first aid products. While it may seem a bit costly it does last a long time so it's worth it.

Got good results
by trisha

After getting scratched by my cat there was a rough patch of skin that just would not heal right on my hand. It felt rough like sandpaper. I had tried all kinds of creams, even Vaseline Jelly and it still was raised and rough. A lady at work told me about Noni lotion so I figured what do I have to lose. I applied it with a moistened cotton ball about 4 times a day and since I love the smell of lavender (I find the scent very relaxing) that was a bonus. It took about 2 months of use to see a difference. Now the patch has gotten smaller and is almost skin level. I am even feeling the difference as it's much smoother then before.

Helped with minor muscle aches
by Annie

This product was said to do wonders for your skin and its elasticity but for me it seemed to have no effect. I did however wake up with less aches and pains in my muscles with the use of this product. As for the skin I did not see much result in that compartment.

by Jolene

We first used this product in Hawaii. My daughter got sunburned while taking surf lessons, and our hotel recommended Noni. It took the sting out of the burn. It definitely saved our vacation from becoming a disaster.

Skin rescue
by acmccollom

Everyone in my home has used this. My daughter used to fake a minor "injury" when she was younger just so that she could apply this to her "wound". The smell does calm crying little ones and adults alike. Lavendar Noni Lotion is fantastic for soothing a sunburn, too.

Noni lotion -Helpful for relief of fungus or minor skin eruptions
by Jenny

I tried this product for two reasons; the first being the good reports of Noni being such an excellent product for skin problems. The second reason was that it also contained Lavender, which is wonderful for aromatherapy and is a calming agent to the skin. Since I am often troubled by small patches of psoriasis, I found that it left a stinging and burning sensation on the lesions and so I discontinued it's use. My second bottle of this went to a good cause as, after an outbreak of parasites at our local mission, I donated the second bottle of lavender Noni lotion to the residents, as my dermatologist swears by Noni's excellent record as being helpful for both parasites and skin fungus. I kept my own partially used bottle for guests, and my younger son says it helps with his constant itching on his feet and between his toes from wearing sneakers. A nice overall effective skin product for most people; however, not really for use if you have even small open lesions from psoriasis.

Super Soothing
by R. Molitor

Lavender is known for healing qualities, and the other ingredients in this lotion must be, too. Not sure how it works on "under the skin" ailments, but it is a must-use for scratches and other owies on the skin. Very soothing and healing!

Miracle lotion
by Lori Strehle

This lotion is a fantastic solution for sunburn! It helps sooth sunburned skin and helps it heal faster. If you have kids this is a summer must!

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