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i love it
by sumathi

Yes I can say that this product is good one because after use of this product for one month itself I found my skin a bit firmed then before and smooth feeling on my skin. The quality of my skin is also great while using it. I also recommended this to my friend and even she gave me the same kind of response. I love it.

Don't Expect Flawless Skin!!!
by Beth

I bought this body scrub after I was desperate to reduce/minimize the "painful" look of my not so pretty cellulite on my upper thighs. The scrub is excellent as an exfoliator. It does indeed remove unwanted dead skin cells and improved the softness of dry skin. As far as targeting cellulite areas and improving the overall look, NO HELP!!! Exercise and water are key!!!

Definitly helped me
by Angel C.

I bought this to help diminish the appearance of dimpled skin I have on my legs due to weight loss. I do have to say after 3-4 weeks of use I see a big difference and so do a lot of other people. It's easy to use and you really do see a difference. I highly recommend this product.

by carolyn

This is an awesome product for a reasonable amount of cash. After using this body scrub, my skin is so soft and all the dead skin cells are gone.

Supple skin !!
by Arvinder

A great product for a very reasonable price. My skin feels so soft that I can't take my hands off from my body. No more dead skin, but a great baby-soft and supple skin.

SOMETHING is working
by Robin Wiese

I've been trying harder to take care of myself and my body, so I can't swear this scrub is the sole reason behind my 'improved self', but I wouldn't be writing this if it hadn't made a pretty big impression on me - the others certainly didn't.

Smooth Skin the Natural Way
by Michele Fair

I love this product! It leaves my skin feeling new and cleansed, and it is much less expensive than some other synthetic brands that don't work half as well. This leaves me feeling good, smooth, and smelling great! I love this item.

Throw away your expensive scrubs
by Lori Strehle

I was paying a lot of money each month for exfoliating scrubs that didn't work half as well as this product does. Not only does it slough off your dead skin it also helps to firm your problem areas. Add to that the fact that it smells divine and you are talking about an amazing product!

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