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by Christa
by Just okay

I had a sample of this, it was a small vial of Heart. Yes it does smell good, but it only smells good on certain people's body chemistry. It doesn't mix well with other scents, IE lotion, hairspray, shampoo etc. Not worth the price, unless you have a coupon or could get a discount.

Great product!
by Corri

This is the only perfume I've been wearing for the last 3 months! It smells absolutely wonderful! I love the combination of water lily and the gardenia. I get compliments from everyone, no matter where I go! I actually got asked by a man at the grocery store what perfume I was wearing, because he wanted to buy it for his wife for Valentine's Day. At first I was embarrased because I thought the smell was too strong, but he assured me it was just right. I would highly recommend this perfume for any women that loves smelling truly feminine.

In Love with Heart
by Donna Zittel

This is truly a unique smelling product and I love it.

I received so many "what is that?, it's great" compliments when I wore it, that it became my every day perfume quickly. I am now one of many of my friends who uses it because they too fell in love with it.

The scent is airy and feminine with a light floral undertone to it. Makes you feel like a women!

My favorite fragrance right now
by Diane

I am quite fickle when it comes to fragrances. Not only do I hate it when people use an annoying fragrance (who wants to smell something harsh on the train or in an elevator?) but I also have allergies that are exacerbated by certain fragrances. Not a problem with Heart. The scent is fantastic but in a subtle way. I always receive compliments and never fear that I am offending someone with an overpowering smell. Also, my allergies are fine with this product and I credit that to the natural ingredients used. I also like that I do not have to use too much of the fragrance to get a nice scent. While the cost is something I am willing to pay, I am always happy if I can extend my use. In the past I've been in the habit of switching fragrances often but am sticking with Heart for awhile.

Healthy Heart
by carolyn

My friend's Grandpa used this stuff, and it really worked. Everyone he passed by said he smelled rather good and they wanted to know what he used.

Awesome fragrance
by Arvinder

The use of this heart fragrance has won many hearts for me. Everyone asks about the name of fragrance I am wearing. Really great smell that fills your heart with joy and, of course, of other's too.

Smells amazing.
by Lori Strehle

I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear Heart by Herbalife. I love that it is made with pure ingredients and smells so fresh and clean.

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