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shape of soap
by william

Well, I like the shape of this soap. I make soap at home, but the molds will not give me such a sweet shape like yours. Can I buy a mold for smooth soap from you? I am in Mombasa, Kenya.

good one
by sumathi

What this soap claims is really true. I used this soap and during that period I noticed that the dry skin is no longer and there is no itchy or irritate sensation on the skin. I felt my skin quality healthy and good with a lot of glow on the skin with the natural moisturiser. Any one can buy it and use it, it is really the good one.

natural moisturiser
by Arvinder

Forget about dry itchy skin if you are using herbal aloe bath and body bar. It's natural so no harsh chemicals are there and it is gentle on skin. My skin feels hydrated all the time after its use so now I have said goodbye to dry skin. A wonderful product for those having dry skin.

by Destiny

I can almost GUARANTEE you that the most moisture you will EVER get from a bar of soap will come from Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar!! Unique design, and great price! What more could you want?? Healthy and beautiful skin CAN be achieved!! I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER SOAP!!

Dry Skin
by Erika

I used this product as a treatment for my dry skin once. It was quite helpful -- the scent was very clean and enjoyable. After awhile of using the soap, I noticed my skin felt softer and the dry eczema patches were noticeably lessened in size. It also helped remove some of the tiny areas of eczema. I was wary of a herbal soap at first, but after using one bar, I would definitely recommend this product. However, the price was a little high at close to six dollars.

Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar
by littlecat

I have patchy skin, dry in some places, a bit oily in others. This soap is wonderful, and has a nice scent..not perfumey, just fresh and clean, and not overpowering. My dry patches get moisturized, and my oily bits, get less greasy. This soap lathers, too. A lot of the moisturizing soaps I have tried didn't..but this soap does, and it still lasts a good long time. I always try to make sure I have a spare bar in the house. 5 stars to an exceptional product.

Perfect for dry skin
by Glenda

This aloe bar is wonderful for dry skin especially in the winter months. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized from the dry heat. The smell is nice and you are left feeling refreshed with baby smooth skin.

Finally... bar soap I can handle!
by Cassandra

I gave up on bar soap years ago as I couldn't find a brand or type that didn't wreak havoc on my skin. Some contained chemicals that irritated my sensitive skin while others left me feeling that residue had been left behind.

My friend and I picked up these Herbalife bars at a sale (2 for $10) while visiting South Florida. The lady at the boutique *highly* recommended them. Though skeptical at first, after I tried it, I really couldn't believe that this was really bar soap! It felt like I had showered with lotion! My friend, who was a die-hard Dove fan, instantly vowed to switch (sorry Dove!).

I can't find these bars locally, but they seem to be readily available online... my friend and I still get ours shipped from the little botique in FL.

Very nice
by trisha

If you need a wonderful moisturizing soap this is the one for you. The smell is so clean and fresh smelling and the bar seems to last a long time. It leaves my skin soft and silky feeling. It's safe for all skin types and for children also. The price is not too bad also.

Not For Me
by V Rose

My mother keeps a bar of this at her kitchen sink to use due to her dishwater terribly drying out her hands. I too have used this soap while in her home, and while I think it does a wonderful job of moisturizing, it just seems too unsanitary to me to leave a bar of soap lying around. If Herbalife could formulate this great smelling soap into a liquid or foam pump form I would definitely be adding this product to my list of things to get!

Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar
by Kyle

Great product if you normally have problems with dry skin, as I do. This product was a great alternative to other bar soaps that horribly dry out my skin. This is the first bar soap that I have been able to use. It leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth after using it. I was surprised at how long it lasted. Somewhat more expensive, but worth the price.

smells great
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Herbalife once again has provided a great product. I usually wash my face and body with the same soap, and have noticed different reactions to my face. Dove in particular dries my face out and leaves no shine whatsoever. Other products leave my face too shiny. Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar lasts a long time and reduces the amount of products needed. Unlike other products, it actually comes off when you shower, and at times I don't even have to put lotion on because of its excellent results.

Balances the skin tone!!
by Theepa

Most of the soaps, I have used in the past give a dry and rough sensation after bath. Herbal aloe bath and body bar helps protects the body moisture, nourishes, leaves your skin smooth, clean and with a pleasant herbal smell.

by Cady

I got this product in a gift basket for my baby shower. Now its the only soap I will use! Great for my dry face, knees, and elbows! I feel like I never have to exfoliate when using this soap!

squealing clean feeling without tightness
by Noah H.

My girlfriend purchased this bar soap for me, along with two of the other Aloe Herbalife bath and body products. I really like this soap, as it lathers up rich, but rinses super clean, without leaving that tight feeling that many bar soaps do. We live in an area with hard water and high chlorine content that is added in by the city's water service, which makes most soap or bath gels difficult to lather up well and rinse off completely. This soap produces a rich foam with little effort and also is better at not leaving a ring in the shower or tub. The aloe bar smells really fresh and cool and doesn't have that perfumed or deodorant type scent that many bar soaps seem to have. My skin, especially on my arms, tends to be dry from being outdoors so much and this soap leaves my skin feeling moisturized without that greasy feel from having to follow up your shower with body creams to sooth or rehydrate dry parched skin. A really nice soap for either men or women, and much better for your skin than chemical laden bath and shower products that strip the skin. Soothing for sunburned skin, as well!

Great for Everyone
by Shannon

This bar is great. I use it on my kids in bathing for an extra moisturizer, and it works wonders. It is easy to scrub them with. The bar seems to last forever, which is a great value for the money. It leaves their skin super smooth and shinny. I love the smell, which on little kids, is always nice. Also, my youngest son, who is one, has extremely sensitive skin and he has no reaction to this bar, which is great. I would recommend this product to everyone.

great product by herba life
by Renuka

It is really awesome. Herbal aloe bath and body bar is really a good moisturizer. Compared to ordinary soap, it is very good. It keeps my skin soft. I use it for my face too. My face is so bright when I use this bar. I really love it...

Great Soap
by S. Grevious

I can't use just any soap because it will break my skin out. But, I really really like Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar. This is a great soap. It doesn't have an awful smell either. It really moisturizes your skin and it lasts longer than most ordinary soaps do. After using the product for the first time, I didn't notice any break outs on my skin or nothing. I am really impressed with this soap, because my skin (face) doesn't looks dry.

Herbal Aloe Bath & Body Bar
by BJ

A wonderful shower & bath treat, with a moisturizing bar that cleanses the skin, without drying it. A nice clean scent, with aloe that softens my skin, and in the summertime, I find this extremely pleasant after being outside in the sun a lot. It is a soothing feeling after showering with this moisturizing bar, and I really love the clean scent, as when I use lotion afterwards, it is not an overwhelming difference in scents. It’s extremely gentle on the face, as it is on my entire body. I highly recommend this as a beauty and bath bar soap.

Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar
by Elizabeth Schunzel

This soap is better than Ivory when it comes to gentleness. My youngest son has very dry, sensitive skin. The only soap that would not "breakout" his skin was Ivory, but it always left the skin dry. The Herbal Body Bar worked wonderfully! His skin did not react to the soap except for being clean,soft, and smelling great!

Herbal Aloe Bath and Body Bar
by pamela

Wonderful product! My skin is moist and not dry and not cracked. I love it!

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