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skin feels great
by Deepali saini

Herbal Aloe Everyday Body Wash makes my skin smooth & there is aloe in it that makes my skin feels great. After using this my husband says I look gorgeous & my skin looks great.

by southgacracrazygal

I bought this product because I have ezema and our summers get to about a boiling 102 degrees. You can get a sunburn within 15 minutes in southeast Georgia, which is something you have to keep in mind as a mother of three children. Even if there is not a sunburn, the children even agreed, this bodywash feels great on your skin after a hot summers day. Good luck on getting the kids out of the tub with this product!!

by Christa
by Pretty good.

I used this product for awhile, it did work good to clean and the smell isn't as horrible as certain other brands of aloe wash. It definitely isn't worth the 12.95 in my opinion.

Great product
by CN

I was pleasantly surprised that this body wash didn't dry my skin out after a bath or shower like some others tend to do. It left my skin smooth rather than desperate for moisturizer. Nothing is worse than having that "flaky" feeling after bathing. The scent is also nice. Although some body washes may cost less, you might save money in moisturizers .

Great Product
by Kas

This body wash smells great and leaves your skin feeling very soft. It's especially great in the winter because it helps fight off dry skin. I find that I don't have to use as much moisturizer when I use this body wash because it keeps my skin hydrated. The men in my family enjoy it too because it doesn't smell too "girlie".

Beautiful Soft Skin
by dee

I started using Herbal Aloe Body Wash while I was on vacation. I received a sunburn and thought this would help. Boy, was I right! Not only did it clean my skin but is also soothed it, leaving it soft and beautiful. I believe it minimized peeling as well. I am now a regular used of this product as it keeps my skin soft in the winter too.

Great herbal body wash.
by SP

I am a great fan of herbal body washes. I have started using this body wash recently and I am very happy with it. My skin became silky and soft. In addition to that it added enough moisturizer to my skin and I no longer have any dryness problem. I prefer to continue this body wash.

Stays Smooth
by Tami

OMG I love this stuff!! I have dry skin and this product works wonders. Love the smell and makes your body so smooth, even my husband loves it. I will keep buying this body wash. Other body washes don't feel like Herbal Aloe. I give this product 5 thumbs up.

Great Product!
by Az

The Herbal Aloe Body Wash is great because it is so gentle. I use it everyday and it keeps my sensitive skin soft and smooth. The fragrance is also gentle (I find with other body washes, the fragrance or the ingredients irritate my skin). This is just great!

Great Nourishment
by S. Grevious

Now, if you have the Herbal Aloe Soap, then you must have the body wash. This body wash has the same effects that the soap has. It doesn't leave your skin dry and its very soothing. It doesn't break you out as well...well at least it didn't break me out. Because, I tend to be allergic to a lot of products. It also leaves your skin looking very smooth as it provides lots of moisture. It also smells great too.

Herbal Aloe Everyday Body Wash
by Elizabeth Schuznel

I love this stuff! Not only dose it leave you smelling great, but my skin has never been so soft. Also, if you are getting over a sun or wind burn this is the stuff for you! It puts moisture back into the skin and takes the burning pain away.

No more dryness
by Arvinder

This body wash is amazing. The fragrance is so good, and my skin isn't dry any more. Other body washes are full of harmful chemicals, but this is herbal product and hence gentle on your skin.

Aloe Great for Dry Skin
by NG

I have very dry skin, and my grandmother used to use aloe, it never fails. Also, this didn't leave my skin itchy, as many soaps do.

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