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works great
by Arvinder

My hair was dry and unmanageable. Then my mom gave me this shampoo. I use it everyday and now the texture has improved a lot, my hair feels more soft and shiny. It has worked wonders for me and I hope it does the same for everybody else.

Smells SO NICE!
by brosfam

I just LOVE this shampoo. It smells great and it's all natural. Chock full of aloe-vera which is very healthy for the body. Great product, I am never changing to another shampoo.

Nice shampoo
by dreakitty

This shampoo has a very nice, mild scent. I enjoy opening the bottle. It has done a very good job on my hair. There is no buildup over a several week use, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and bouncy. The only downside is the price. It is a bit pricey comparatively.

Expensive, but a great product
by tndj

I think this product works great. It keeps my hair feeling smooth, and just in case you skip a day washing your hair (all you moms understand!) it still feels clean and not oily. The only thing I don't like is the price. It's expensive, but it does work. I guess the saying is get what you pay for. Give it a try, it works great!

Good shampoo
by Kate

I have pretty oily hair, and this shampoo does work very well with oily hair. This shampoo does seem to reduce buildup and keep my hair from getting shiny throughout the day. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because of the price, it is very expensive to other shampoos out there. But if the other shampoos are inferior, it may be worth it for you to try it.

by man

I love this shampoo. I have found nothing that compares to this and the cost is so economical. This shampoo has a beautiful aloe vera fragrance (natural - not allergic-type fragrance) and really cleans your hair and gets rid of any buildup from some other more inferior shampoo you've been using. I have been using it for a long time and I have found nothing that compares for my normal to oily hair

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