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by Kathy johnson

Very good product. Noticed a tremendous difference. My feet felt so much better.

Absolutely Wonderful!!
by Ashley

I just started using this spray about one month ago and now I am addicted! It smells so wonderful, not overpowering and floral like most hydrating cremes. What's wonderful about this spray is that it's incredibly light. With most cremes you feel so much heavier and weighed down, but with this aloe spray, it's as light as a feather. I use it everyday now that it's cold outside. My skin was getting chapped and dry, now it's incredibly moisturized and anything but greasy! The only problem is I have trouble finding this spray in local stores. This is a problem because me and my fiancé went through a whole bottle in 2 weeks!

Really is soothing
by CN

Love this spray anytime of the year! Whereas some body sprays might irritate a sunburn or otherwise delicate skin, this cooling spray always feels good. I especially like it after a shower, but it's great for anytime you want a refreshing spray. Also great for those of us who have very dry winters. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. And, it doesn't leave you feeling oily. I also love that it has aloe in it, which not all body sprays have.

Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Spray
by littlecat

I absolutely ADORE this spray, anytime of the day, any season of the year! It's instantly refreshing, I keep my bottle in the fridge in the summertime..and it feels sooooo NICE! It's instant energy in a bottle. Not greasy or oily, just NICE, not messy at all. The scent is very light and earthy. The price is within reason, as well. Not sure what I would do without it, it's an amazing product. I allowed my mother-in-law to try mine, and now she keeps a bottle at her house, she loves it, too.

Cooling Spray
by maryam

This spray is wonderful! I always keep it with me when we are going to be outdoors or when we are going on a vacation. Everybody loves to be outdoors in the sun, but nobody likes how their skin feels when it gets all burned from the sun. But this can make that itchy and red skin all better! Just spray this generously over the affected areas and almost instantly you will feel a coolnees that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth all over. This is also great for those cold, wintery days when your skin feels super dry!

Soothing spray is great!
by Noah H.

Although my girlfriend purchased this body spray for me, she bogarts my bottle and uses it just as often as I do. It's great for after the shower use or just when coming in from outdoors and needing a little TLC for parched skin. Aloe has a long and trusted reputation as a natural product that is super for sun burn, but this spray goes one step further by making it more of a cooling mist that can be used daily without any stickiness, nor medicinal or perfumery smell. It dries quickly and leaves no greasy or tacky feel to the skin, but just an all over soothing moisture that is cooling, refreshing, and revitalizing all at the same time. This works spray well for both men and women ( and kids probably, too ) and would be great for traveling or camping. Aloe nourishes the skin and protects it from environmental damage, so you're doing something really good for your skin's health, while enjoying the feel and smell of nature's gift of aloe. This is one of Herbalife's best products, along with the aloe soap, and is one the whole family can benefit from. I just recommend you buy each family member one of their own Herbal Aloe sprays, so they'll leave yours alone!! HIGHLY RATED. I give it an AHHHHHHH.........that feels so good!

Great for Desert, Beach, Winter
by SierraK

This spray-on lotion smells great, but more importantly it really works. If you live in a dry climate, cold climate, near the beach, or if you get razor irritation, then you need this product.
It has Shea butter in it which is an excellent moisturizer. It also contains aloe, which promotes healing of irritated skin. I was hesitant about this because I thought it might feel greasy, but it doesn't. Even though it works so well, it feels very light on the skin. It also has a clean herbal-type scent, great for women but not too perfume-like for men.
It does not burn or further irritate when applied to skin that's already sunburned, windburned, or chapped. Soothes razor burn and prevents the itching that can happen as razor irritation heals. The spray-on application method means less waste, and it's so much more convenient to apply than lotions in pour-out bottles. Just spray, then lightly smooth into skin.

Great for Sunburns
by Shannon

This lotion is to die for. It works wonders on dry skin. I have used it on myself and on my children, and it is better then any baby lotion that you can buy in the store. The Shea butter helps cure dry spots almost immediately. My mom uses this spray after sunburns and swears by it. She uses it on a regular basis and it prevents burning and peeling from the sunburn. I would definitetly recommend keeping it in stock all of the time!

by Candice

I cannot say enough good things about this spray! I had tried all kinds of body lotions and what-not for my dry legs. My legs are very, very sensitive and shaving just about kills them. With the Herbal Aloe Spray after shaving does the trick! Smell is not as strong as I remember the aloe I used to put on my sunburns, and the spray function is much better than having a big messy blob to spread over your skin!

Mmmm! Smells good.
by Ruth

Herbalife products are well-formulated, and this is no exception. Keeps skin moist and smells lovely. Great for soothing sunburn and other skin irritants.

I love Herbalife
by Lori Strehle

Herbalife products are truly amazing. This soothing spray is a great way to hydrate your skin. I love spraying it on after I get out of the shower to lock moisture into my skin. It smells really nice too, so I not only get hydrated skin, but I get to smell pretty too!

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