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Nice cream
by Blueberry

I have extremely dry skin on my hands and I tried using many products. I even went to the extent of spending way too much just to get some relief. I tried this cream after it was suggested to me by my MIL and I was amazed that it actually worked on me! The price isn't too bad either. It is both affordable and wonderful if you have very dry skin. It also worked on my dry feet!

Great for feet too!
by Heather

I received this as a present. I decided to use it on my really rough feet. It made such a change, and so quickly too. My dry, cracked feet finally are smooth. It works great on your hands too, but I really needed (and received) the help for my poor feet. Great product. I will buy again.

Love it!
by Gina Wiesner

I used this lotion mostly when I was pregnant. I would spread it on my belly and it would help me relieve the dryness and I believe it helped me with the stretch marks. It goes on smoothly. I would recommend it especially to anyone that is pregnant to help with the dryness.

I like this lotion
by monica frazier

Herbal Aloe Hand Creme helps with the dry patches on my ankles. I'm thinking that the aloe helps to heal them. I can tell a difference in the short time I have been using this creme.

Great Product
by Kas

I have almost lost this bottle several times. After letting people use some lotion and having them see how incredible it is, they then try to take it home with them! I work with a lot of chemicals and my hands are very dry and this hand cream is a lifesaver. I have just begun using it recently and carry it with me almost all of the time. It's smell isn't overwhelming and it isn't greasy like some other products. The price is reasonable when you realize that you don't have to keep re-applying it like other products.

Great For Rough Hands
by Trudi Konzem

I use this at least three times a day. My hands get so cracked and sore especially in the winter, this hand cream helps to keep my hands soft and smooth. I have a couple of tubes of hand cream so I can keep one in my car. I work as a hairdresser and find it really helps to use this cream in between customers. Great product, can't live without it.

Perfect for hands
by smitha

My hands are always so rough and dry especially during the winters. This product is really nice as it absorbs into the skin fast. I use it everyday. Even if I do forget to put on the cream, my hands are not as bad as they used to be.

Great for Moms
by Shannon

I carry this product in my purse 24/7. My hands get really chapped and dry from being washed all the time, and the hand cream is great. It goes on very smooth, and spreads easily. It helps prevent cracks, which is nice. Also, once applied the lotion lasts for several hours. The scent is nice and simple, which is very desirable in a hand cream. It is a fantastic value for the money. This cream is perfect for mom’s who are always washing hands, because it helps repair and prevent damage.

Best Hand Cream
by zingerhil

I absolutely adore Herbal Aloe Hand Cream. It is the only hand cream I've found that fully moisturizes my dry hands in the winter. Before, my knuckles would always crack and bleed in the dry months of winter. But when I regularly use this product, I don't have to worry about that. This product absorbs quickly and leaves your hands feeling soft, plus there's no greasy mess to worry about.

Love my Hands
by Lori

Herbal aloe hand cream is the best! I love this lotion, because it makes my hands feel great. After using only a few times, I could see a difference. It was truly wonderful. I will never use anything else...

soft smooth hands
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I have found it difficult to find hand creams that don't leave hands feeling sweaty or oily while maintaining a smooth and soft feeling. My hands are generally dry, especially in the winter and I constantly have to apply lotions and creams. They work for the moment, but I have noticed that the herbal aloe cream is almost completely getting rid of my flaky, dry palms that I'm accustomed to having. I apply it once a day and no more is needed. Herbalife once again released a quality product.

Soft hands!!
by Arvinder

This herbal product has changed the texture of my hands. Earlier, my hands looked dried and wrinkled, but regular use of this hand lotion has changed the look of my hands. My boyfriend wants to hold my hand now all the time. Good to use.

Works great
by katy

I love products with Aloe Vera in them, but this is my favorite. I used to use plain Aloe Vera as lotion, but my skin didn't absorb it well enough. This stuff is great though, it doesn't sit on my skin and make it greasy, it absorbs very quickly, leaving my hands super soft!

Try this for softer hands
by Lori Strehle

I really love Herbalife beauty products and this hand cream is a perfect compliment to their product line. I was surprised at how soft my hands felt immediately after I applied the cream. I also liked the fact that my hands didn't feel greasy when I used it.

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by Vicki L. Vertrees

Nice clean feeling product. Hands aren't greasy