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So Soft
by Kas

This conditioner makes my hair soft and smells nice. It is a little pricier than conditioners you would get at the store but it is worth it because it improves the condition of your hair. I pair it with the shampoo and it makes my hair almost tangle free when I get out of the shower. I would suggest giving it a try.

by Kennedee

I use the Herbal Aloe shampoo and decided to add the conditioner for added benefit. My hair looks and smells amazing. It is softer, tangle free, and manageable. Every weekend I put a conditioner cap on for twenty minutes and the results are incredible.

by ndy

My hair was very damaged and I was looking for something that would actually work. I am happy to say that I tried this and noticed positive results in the first one week of use. It reduced the split ends and gave me more lustrous shine. Overall I love it.

Doesn't leave my hair tangled
by S. Grevious

I love Herbal Aloe products. This conditioner is great and is especially good for those with splitting ends and tangles. My biggest problem is hair tangling. With hair tangling, you tend to break off some of your hair. I found this product to be good and every once and a while I may get a tangle. I usually let my hair set for 30 minutes. It also leaves my hair with a glossy shine to it and of course, it smells delightful.

by carolyn

I think this is an awesome conditioner and it smells delicious. My hair is really hard to manage, but this helped me. Now my hair is healthier and shiney also.

MMM...smells so nice
by Lori Strehle

My husband is constantly telling me how wonderful my hair smells since I started using this conditioner. My hair is really hard to manage, but I notice that I have a lot less tangles since I started using this product. I use it every day and my hair is never greasy or weighed down.

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