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Soft and Shiny
by Leanna

After repeatedly straightening and blow drying my hair, I found it to be fried and unpleasant to touch. A friend recommended I try Herbal Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo to improve the quality of my hair.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results. After using this product for a month, my hair has become softer, shinier and much more manageable. This shampoo also has a fresh smell that lingers all day long.

Hair as soft as silk
by Sarah

I have done a lot of damage to my hair by to perming and coloring it. I tried everything that I could find at the stores: Pantene, Gardiner, Vo5, Dove, etc., but I have not seen any improvement to my hair. My hair is still dry and rough. Since the salon products are pricey, I decided to try Herbal Aloe (thanks to my online buddy for the recommendation). My hair is so soft now ( 30+ days of use). Tip: rinse hair with cold water at the end. The shininess tends to last longer!

Hair is So Soft
by Kas

I pair this with the conditioner and my hair comes out so soft and shiny. It smells good and is almost tangle free. It is a little pricier than the shampoo you would get at the store but cheaper than the shampoos you would get at salons. It's worth the extra money because it helps fix any damage you may have done coloring or drying your hair.

great product
by Kennedee

I color my hair every eight weeks and was looking for a shampoo that would not fade or wash out the color after one shampoo. The Herbal Aloe moisturizing shampoo works great and leaves my hair shiny and clean with no color fade. Afterward, I deep condition with Herbal Aloe conditioner for added benefit.

Great shampoo for long hair
by theepa

Having long hair, I have always been on the lookout for shampoo which manages my hair well with less tangles. I need one that helps in dandruff removal. Herbal aloe shampoo has the right level of moisture which leaves your hair nourishing and scalp less dry.

Herbal Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo
by carolyn

This is a really good item. I have really curly hair and it's really hard to manage. After using this, it's amazing what I can do to my hair!

Works really great and especially with the conditioner
by S. Grevious

Normally after using a shampoo, my hair is left in a tangled mess. After using Herbal Aloe, my hair really doesn't get tangled. If it does, then after using Herbal Aloe Conditioner, my hair is usually tangled free. This shampoo is great and it cleanses your hair/scalp very well. It doesn't leaves your scalp looking dry like most shampoos.

Great for dandruff
by Lori Strehle

This shampoo really helps dry hair. My husband loves how it moisturizes his hair and keeps it manageable with minimal effort. He also likes that it doesn't smell like my feminine shampoos.

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