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works good
by sumathi

This product works good for me as I used it in fact I have been using it since a year and I felt it rally moisturises my skin and leaves it healthy and glowing. I like most of the kiss my face products. And this is the one of such product. I want every girl to use as it is really the good one. The aroma of this product is simply mind blowing. And I can say that it can be bought.

Perhaps not for older skin
by M B

Kiss My Face products have a good reputation with my daughter. She really likes most of the products from this line. I tried her Clean for a Day skin cleanser on my face. I was not so happy with it. I am really prone to break outs and typically use sensitive skin products that are for normal to oily skin. I felt that this Kiss My Face Clean for a Day left my skin over moisturized. I think it is perhaps for younger skin and not for 40-somethings. It works well for my daughter though.

by Lorri

Kiss My Face Clean for a Day makes me feel like a queen all day long. It really moisturizes my face and I have been using it for almost a year. The price seems a little high but you only use a little so it lasts a long time and is a high quality product. It doesn't irritate my facial skin like some others I have tried and it also doesn't leave my face feeling oily or dry. I believe once you try it you will be hooked on it also.

Kiss My Face is great!
by Leanna

This is a non-sudsing cream cleanser. A little goes a long way. It cleaned my combination skin well, removing light makeup, and leaving it soft and smooth during dry winters. With this cleanser, I don't need to bother with toner and a separate lotion. I did not feel like it left my T-zone oily. If you're used to your face feeling squeaky clean after washing, you might feel that this cleanser leaves a film on your face. My face feels the same using this as it does when I use Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser. My skin does feel greasy if I follow up with a facial lotion after I wash my face with this cleanser. This product loses one star because of the vanilla scent. While I find vanilla to be a reasonably pleasant smell, I am not a huge fan. After I use this cleanser, I can actually smell the vanilla exuding from my pores throughout the day. The vanilla scent lingers for several days on my face and hands even after I switch to another cleanser.

Smells wonderful
by Ann

Kiss My Face makes wonderful products that really work. I have been using Clean For A Day for several months now and I want to tell you that it really cleans and moisturizes my face. It doesn't leave it dry or tight feeling at all. I just apply my regular moisturizer when I am finished and then apply my makeup. You get what you pay for and this product really is worth the price as it lasts a long time because you don't need much to make a frothy lather.

Love it!
by An

Oh my, I love this brand! All of their products are terrific and just what I want. I loved the organic sense of the products and it works wonders. It smooths out the skin without overdoing it. It may be a little expensive for some people but definitely worth it. It will leave you with a fresh feeling that just wakes me up in the mornings!

by cecilia

I can't stress enough about Kiss My Face products. This cleanser is just another wonderful product from their line. This cleanser cleanses my skin thoroughly. It doubles as a makeup remover and a cleanser. It is like a two-in-one step for me, which saves a lot of time. This cleanser makes my skin feel so clean and relaxed. I enjoy massaging this cleanser on my face every night as part of my daily routine. The price of this cleanser is more on the pricey side, but it is worth it for the amount you get. You only need a little bit of the product each time you use it. This four ounce tube basically lasted me a good half a year.

So fresh and clean!
by Ashley

I first saw this product in a well known clothing store and was a bit shocked they were selling cleansers. But after buying a cleanser and lotion, I now know why they sell it! It's absolutely amazing. After you wash your face it tingles and feels very minty. Not to mention it smells absolutely wonderful! I have to hide it in my bedroom because my roommate is always using it!!!! Wonderful product.

Smell Me
by Haylie

I love this product's smell. The vanilla and tangerine are wonderful together. After washing my face, I found it very smooth and soft to the touch. I also liked the price - it is not too expensive. I would definitley buy this product again. I am happy with the shine and softness it gave my skin.

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