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thick and creamy!
by Bevin

This has been my favorite moisturizer for the summer for the past few years. It is a little lighter than a body cream and has a great fruity smell that is invigorating, but now overpowering (I have allergies). It is a nice and thick lotion that I use all over and the alpha-hydroxy even clears up my skin and smooths my stretchmarks. I definitely recommend this as an all around moisturizer to use out of the shower or anytime you need a cream. Perfect for use by the whole family.

by Linda

The fragrance is lovely, and it makes my skin feel so soft. I like the way it unblocks your pores which is sometimes a problem for me.

peachy keen
by Jennie

I love how light it is and that it smells fantastic. I actually use it on my face although I think it may be for body. It helped reduce the redness left by acne scarring with the high level of alpha-hydroxy acids.

by Pam

I was skeptical about trying a new moisturizer because other creams either dried my skin or clogged my pores. Kiss My Face left my skin feeling supple and dewy and smelled like a freshly cut peach. I would highly suggest it for anyone who wants young, healthy-looking skin.

by kim2728

Love the smell and it makes your skin soooo soft. Highly recommended.

by Marlene

This moisturizer is light and smells delicious.
I feel like I stepped into a peach orchard while using it, and even afterwards as the smell lingers. And, the results are lovely, too. It helps soften skin well, too.

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love it!
by heather

I love the smell, my skin is softer than ever and doesn't make you greasy!