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by Babe

I have been taking this product for just a week, but in this short time I have been bloated and nauseated. Is that normal?

OK product
by LD

NV is a diet pill promoted on TV by Carmen Electra. NV is marketed as the "Worlds first diet pill with beauty enhancing properties". I have seen dozens of other diet pills over the years being sold with Beauty Enhancing properties so NV's statement is not true. But thats not important. Whats important is whether NV works or not as a Diet pill and as a beauty pill.

NV weight loss ingredients are: green tea, theobramine, and Hoodia.
Green Tea and theobramine are great weight loss ingredients. Hoodia is a relatively new appetite suppressant which hasn't been proven in clinical studies yet and there are concerns about most Hoodia Gordonii's purity. In order for Hoodia to be effective, it needs to be in a precise 10:1 ratio of Hoodia Gordonii to Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 extract. If its not, it will not contain the vital P-57 molecule which is necessary for any appetite suppression effects. NV does NOT contain this ratio or even any 20:1 Hoodia.

Next, NV contains a 22 mg "Energy Blend" of Taurine, Rhodilia Rosea, and Ginseng. All of which are great for energy but and effective dose of Taurine is 2,000 mg. 100X's the amount that is in NV. For this reason, NV will have NO energy enhancing properties.

Finally, NV contains an 11 mg blend of its "Beauty Complex" which includes collagen, ALA, silica, and CoQ10. Unfortunately, only 11 mg is FAR too little of these ingredients to yield any positive results. A decent sized dose of collagen is 1,000 mg (100X's as much as in NV) and ALA is 100 mg (at least 10 X's as much as is in NV).

If you were considering using NV for its appetite suppression effects you would be better off searching for a pure Hoodia product on eBay that contains the P-57 molecule.

All in all this pill worked OK for my sister. Not a lot of weight lost, but we all noticed a difference for her. She has since tried a different means of losing weight, because this wasn't what she was wanting to accomplish

Not so good!
by Becky

I saw this advertised a couple of months ago. They made it sound really good, and of course the pretty bottle you get is just about all you are paying for. I tried this for 2 months and had no results whatsoever. I was very disappointed in the fact they say it will help you loose weight and it doesn't. May as well of bought a $50 bottle of vitamins. I will not buy this product again, too overpriced for no results.

Doesn't live up to promises
by TP

This product did not live up to my expectations.
I did not loose any weight with this product even though I was on a regular exercise plan. I think the pills made me hungrier. Perhaps it was designed that way so I can eat small meals throughout the day. I am not used to that and ending up eating more than normal.
I did like the fact that I was not jittery with this product. I slept fine and had no side effects.
I did not see improvements in my nails but saw that my hair was noticeably thicker.

Good for nails, not weight loss
by Sarah

I tried this product for a few weeks and found it's really nothing more than overpriced vitamins. I did notice my nails grew stronger, but I'm sure the same effect would have come from vitamin E capsules. I did not experience any weight loss while taking NV, and I would not recommend paying the ridiculous price for it.

More like a vitamin
by Angel

As far as vitamins for women, this was amazing.
But I bought this expensive product for weight loss.
It did nothing for me.
I stayed the same weight, but the pill made me feel as if I was taking vitamins instead.
What an expensive vitamin is all I can say!

No thank you.
by Terra

This product did not work for me and I didn't like the way I felt while taking it. But please be advised - no weight loss pill has ever worked for me! Do these things actually work...ever? I will stick to exercise and healthy eating thank you very much. As for the beauty enhancing properties - eat well and take a multi-vitamin. Maybe make a trip to the spa every now and then.

Who are they kidding?
by JJ

A month's worth of caplets for $50, what a rip off! I saw an ad for this either on TV or in a magazine, I can't remember. They had the fat version of a woman and then the skinny one, which we all know is fake because the skinny woman is enhanced by computer to be fat. But anyway, I thought maybe this is my chance to lose a little weight and I didn't want to miss it by being pessimistic. I really don't recommend it. It had no effect.

by Emily K.

As far as weight loss goes, this product does not work for me. I have noticed an improvement in my weak nails, which is a problem have been dealing with for a while.

Weightloss? No
by Ali

Not good for losing weight. If you need shinier hair, stronger nails, etc., then this is the product for you. I think it's more for the woman who isn't really over weight, maybe just a few pounds.

Its ok
by Bethany

I have used this, and I didn't see any weight loss what so ever. My hair got shinier and my nails longer and stronger, but that's it. A little too expensive for a product that didn't work.

Didn't make me lose weight, but I felt better!
by Kelli

NV did not make me loose any weight, but I didn't combine it with diet or much exercise either. It did make me feel a whole lot better somehow, though! I was less tired and more motivated to exercise, but I just couldn't find the time! I think if I combined this with a moderate diet and had time to exercise it would really work since it seemed to give me more energy!

by sherry

I have not used this product, but there are 4 ladies at my office who are using it currently. And from what I heard it does wonders for your skin and nails and hair..and I can see it in each and everyone of them..what I can't see is weight loss. Two of the ladies said they did lose some weight, but nothing to write home about. They are all still using it, so maybe its one of those products that take more time and more usage with certain people. I am debating trying it. If anything, my thin hair will get thicker and my nails won't break and chip so easily.

No weight loss here
by Km

If you're looking for shinier hair and stronger nails this product is for you, but if your expecting to lose weight you can forget it! For the price, I wouldn't bother wasting your money. If you really want to lose weight, do it the old fashioned way with diet and exercise.

Only Works if You Exercise
by Melisas Martinez

Though the instructions recommend exercise while using this pill, it truly only gives you weight loss if you exercise at least 3-4x per week. Cardio helps burn fat, and when taken with this pill and a reasonable diet, it will work. You aren't going to average 10 lbs a week or anything, but you can probably lose 10 lbs in about a month. You have to be reasonable and really try or it won't work. If you only modify your diet and take the pill, you will lose but not nearly as much.

Not so great
by Annie

This product did make my hair shinier and my skin smoother but it did not however help me with weight-loss. It also made me feel a bit bloated and nauseous so be careful of the side effects when using this other than that it is a good product if you're looking for healthier hair!

by Angel C.

This product is alright. I'm not sure if it really helped me weight wise considering I exercised and ate right while taking this. It did indeed help my nails and skin to look magnificent. For weight loss, I'm not sure about this product, but for everyone wanting clear skin and beautiful looking nails, this would be right for you.

Worked OK
by Christine M.

Like the other posters said, it worked great for my hair, nails and skin, but didn't see much help with weight loss. Also, I didn't care for the side effects from it. It made me feel very jittery and made it hard to focus on certain things. Just not for me.

Make Hair and Nails Pretty!
by Ellisha

I didn't lose weight with this, but it did make my hair shinier and healthier. I could also see that my nails had gotten stronger. I wouldn't recommend it for weight loss, but it does make hair and nails pretty!

No weight loss
by Jaime

NV did not help me to loose any weight. I took it as the label said and used the entire bottle. It is very expensive and not worth the money. You might as well flush your cash down the drain when it comes to weight loss. I ndid notice a nice change in my skin the short time I used NV. That's the best thing I can say for the product.

Great for skin
by B Turner

This product doesn't do anything as far as weight loss, but it really helped my skin, hair, and nails. My nails and hair are thicker and stronger, and my skin is smoother and healthier looking.

decent for skin and hair!
by Patty

After trying hydroxycut, NV was a walk in the park! While I didn't see a significant change in weight, my hair, skin and nails all saw a great improvement.

Just okay
by holly wilson

This product does work, but only minimally. There are other products out there that deliver better results than this product. I've heard from people that it helps your skin and your nails, but I didn't see any of that after taking this product.

by Laura Frost

I have heard different things about the product and have never tried it personally, but a friend of mine has and she said it was amazing. It helped with her weight loss, but not as much as she would like and it also helped her skin.

Improves Skin Quality
by Ruth

Weight loss doesn't seem to come from a pill, ever! And this product is no exception to that rule...But, it did make my skin look really smooth and younger.

Great for skin
by Lori Strehle

I didn't try this product for weight loss, but I do know that while I used it, my skin and nails looked fantastic. I was surprised at how long my nails actually grew...usually they are very brittle, but this product helped them to grow strong.

Doesn't work.
by Sherry Ward

Here is another weight-loss product that doesn't work. A huge waste of money.

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Exec. Asst.
by Tonja H

I have seen the commercials about this product and even asked my drugest his opinion...I have not tried this product yet, as I do not feel as I have enough info on it...However after reading some reviews here, I will try it, come back and post my opinion.