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a winner

I was looking for a product that would give me the natural glow I had while I was pregnant so I tried these after seeing an advertisement for them in a store. I brought these and love them. They definately work. It made my hair grow really long and healthy and cleared my skin. They did not have a bad after taste or anything.

Not worth it.
by Dustin

This product really didn't do anything for me. I have recently started getting brittle nails that crack often so I gave this a try. Used all 60 capsules and didn't notice any difference at all. Even chipped a nail last week when I was still taking it. Don't waste your money.

hair, skin & nail formula
by barbara

When I was younger I was blessed with beautiful nails and hair. But once I reached my 40's it was nothing but downhill. My nails became dry and brittle and my hair lost that youthful shine. I began taking 2 capsules of this formula daily and the improvement is remarkable. My nails no longer chip and split so easily and my hair has noticably more shine and moisture. I will never stop taking this formula. It works.

by JJ

I took these not too long ago. They did work, but I get the same effect with a multivitamin. Multivitamins are also a little cheaper. Don't get me wrong I like this product and it does what it claims to do, I just think $23 is a little expensive for a months' worth of supplement.

Great Nails
by Alma medina

I am a very active woman and do not always use the greatest care in protecting my nails. My hands are always in water without any protective gloves. I tried this formula and within the first month I noticed that even without changing my habits my nails became stronger,didn't break as much and where healthier looking. My hair and skin started looking better, especially my hair, it started looking thicker.

Good Product
by Tami

I used different vitamins for hair/skin/nails. I never saw the difference until I tried this product. My hair is shiny and my nails are stronger and my skin is looking good. I feel better after taking this product. I really like this vitamin,it works wonders.

These work!
by Lisa

These really do work for hair and nails. I haven't noticed a difference in my skin but when I take these my nails grow. I'm a biter so they really don't help my nails much. However, they also make my hair grow. I have never had a major haircut in my life and my hair pretty much stayed at the middle of my back. Since I have been taking these, my hair is now waist length. Four stars for quality minus 1 for price.

Good Vitamin Supplement
by Kate

I don't always eat right, so I try to make up for it with vitamin supplements. This is one of my favorites. I really do feel like I can see the difference in the strength of my nails and my hair looks much healthier and shinier.

Strong nails!
by heather

The lady who does my nails told me my nails were weak, so I decided to give this a try. My hair and nails seemed to greatly improve after. My nails are longer, beautiful and no longer weak. I've gotten so many compliments on my nails since starting to take these. It's nice to have a product that helps not only my hair and nails but also my skin too!

Great Product!
by ambreen

I have been taking these vitamins for about two months now and feel like they really are excellent. With all the nutrients needed to really have healthy hair, nails, and skin it is almost impossible to eat the right foods on a daily basis. But these vitamins make the task a lot easier!
As per the directions, I take two capsules everyday after dinner. I have had no issues with stomach problems (even though I have a very sensitive stomach!) and I can actually see the difference of the vitamins. My skin feels better and my nails grow much faster! I love this product!

Really good
by may

I really like these vitamins. Right away I noticed that my nails were stronger then ever. Not only that, my hair was so much prettier. I am really happy with this product. It's true eat a meal before you drink them. I learned that the hard way, but then again you shouldn't drink any pills without eating. I really like these vitamins, they really work.

The Power of Three in One!
by Lana

I loved what this product had to offer: 2 capsules daily in order to strengthen and nourish one's hair, skin and nails. The objective was simple, yet powerful, and mode of delivery even simpler. I dove into the experience wholeheartedly! My results were astonishing. This formula successfully delivered all of its claims. My difficult and coarse curly hair was softer and stronger. My weak nails seemed to grow faster and my everyday activities didn't seem to threaten their existence any longer. My acne prone skin seemed to heal exceptionally well and my overall skin tone seemed more even. I am very thankful to Youngevity for creating this simple, yet effective formula. When combined with nourishing foods and healthy lifestyle, it delivers a very desirable outcome! So go ahead, let the rejuvenation begin!

Works Great!
by Lana

I cannot believe how well this vitamin works! I have been taking it for about a week now, and my nails are growing. Today I noticed that my hair is softer and more manageable. I haven't noticed anything with my skin, but I will continue to take this vitamin because I do love the results so far!!!

new life for nails
by nicki

I have picked my fingernails ALL MY LIFE, and I'm nail was completely off! I started taking these supplements, plus a great hand lotion and the results have been amazing! My nails are beautiful, with no visible damage from my "abuse" and very strong...I even have to cut them with nail clippers because they grow so fast. I recommend this product for anyone with difficult nail problem.

They are good!!
by mary allen

I think it's important to eat the right foods. When I don't, I don't feel so bad because I have been taking these vitamins. I think beauty is also on the outside as well as the inside! I have a sensitive stomach so I make sure that I eat before I take the vitamins. I have never had any stomach problems with this product.

Beauty from the inside out!
by Carrie Russell

As an Esthetician, I always tell my clients that they need to eat healthy & get enough of the right kind of nutrients in order to have truly healthy radiant skin. It is nice to see all of the nutrients needed for healthy hair, skin & nails all rolled up into one easy to take supplement.

*Caution: as with most vitamin supplements, please remember to take this product with a full meal, or you may experience some stomach discomfort.

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