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The ULTIMATE for dry hair
by Tina G

If you have ever had dry hair or split ends, this is the best hair saving treatment. Thoroughly coat your hair, put on a shower cap, and wrap your head in a moist warm/hot towel. If you can't to that (i.e. kids who won't give you the time!), just leave off the towel part and walk around with the shower cap on for an hour or so. Wash your hair like normal and feel how GOOD it now feels. I do this at least once every two months. The smell is a great added bonus.

by tina
by soft

Makes your hair soft! I love Burt's Bees, and this producy proves how nice they are.

hair repair
by heidi

I love this product. I pair it up with the herbal treatment shampoo and it makes my hair feel amazing. Its also not too heavy so it doesent weigh my hair down or cause dandruff for people with a dry scalp.

by Natasha

This is the best, and works just like the little tubes you get when you color (dye) your hair from the box. Plus this is natural, what's not to like!

by good deal

This is so good for your hair, I have split ends and my hair gets tangled so quick and this made it so smooth and tangle free.

by maggie

smells awesome! I love this product, it doesn't leave any residue on my hair at all =)

My hair looks better than ever
by Cristy Carnes

"Hair Repair" is the perfect name for this. My hair has not been this healthy since I was a child.

by peggy griffin

I got a sample of this hair repair and I was very impressed. It strengthened my hair and felt so smooth after using it for a month.

one of my favorite products
by Jessica B

I have very long hair that tends to get dry and have lots of split ends. This product worked wonders it made my hair super soft like silk and I have no more split ends plus it smells much better than others on the market.

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burts hair repair
by heather

I love this! It smells awesome, and my hair is in better condidtion than ever, I will continue to use this!

by zunisun26

I love burt's bees products,. They smell great....good for the environment--available at the drugstore, great!

love it!
by Linda

It gives your hair more strength and makes your hair feel good. I highly recommend.