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medical secertary
by Theress

Loves this cleansing gel. Great on your skin

by K

I used this on the off days for scrubs and it cleans so many traces of dirt left on the skin from various other "items" that have collected on the skin such as traces of other cleansers or dirt or make up. The cleanser did not dry out my skin at all. Left it very smooth

by dawn stiebel

This has great for my daughters.

by michelle bradley

cleans great! nice citrus scent! i dried my skin out a little but i have dry skin anyway cleans out pours fantastic

not sure
by Nikki

Its really quite expensive, and it didn't do what I had bought it for, but it smells good and makes your face really soft. But I'm not sure that it's worth it.

by Elizabeth

I had heard fabulous reviews on this product so I decided to try it. It didn't make my face "glow" like everyone said it would. It made my face feel pretty oily and I don't have particularly oily skin. So bottom line is that it is too expensive for what I got. Hope it works better for everyone else!

Clean but not Drying
by Carol C.

This was part of a kit that my sister had me sample and order last year. Overall, I liked it. I have sensitive skin, and it did not irritate or over dry. I used it in the evening before bed, and in the morning in the shower. I also tried the Daily Cleanser, and like them both equally. The down side is the price; there are two drugstore brands that also work well for me - though my sister definitely prefers the Arbonne!

Well worth it
by Alma Medina

I am always trying new products because my face is very sensitive to a lot of ingredients. This gel works great. It leaves my face feeling clean but not stripped of all the oils. I can put on my makeup right away and not feel like I have a layer of oil clogging my pores. It is a little expensive but worth it.

by Jarmelia Ladson

Intelligence Cleanser left my skin felling oily. I don't have dry or oily skin, so it felt really strange. It was a little expensive. I would request it to someone with very dry skin.

Leaves skin smooth and fresh looking!!
by Theepa

Since puberty , I have had acne and I have to be very careful about what I use on my face skin . Intelligence cleansing gel was the solution to keeping the skin soft and fresh throughout the day. May be little costly, but the product is well worth the price. It doesn't leave the skin dry and and has the right moisture level to keep the glowing.

Good for Sensitive Skin
by Melissa Zee

I have very sensitive skin, so this was great. There was no irritation or redness but it didn't help my blemishes. That was the only problem I had. My skin was smooth and absolutely no dryness. Great Product. I had to apply something else for my blemishes.

No red patches!
by Mike Huang

I used to use centaphil cleansing solution everyday after school and it would dry up my skin. After about a month, I had to stop using it, and I went out to purchase this product. I'm still using this product today, and it works wonderfully with no problems. I don't have red patches of dry skin on my face anymore.

great product
by Kennedee

I am very picky about skin care products and was hesitant to try Intelligence because it is quite expensive compared to other products. After trying it for a couple days, I did notice a difference. My face felt soft, shiny, and clean. I will be buying this product again in the future.

Smooth skin
by Jill S.

I tried this cleanser and it worked great. It didn't leave my skin dry, but just the opposite, it felt smooth and nourished. It is a little expensive but, I only use a small amount and it has lasted me quite a while now.

Cleans and moisturizes
by Nams

Intelligence Cleansing Gel has worked great for me. My skin is of dry nature. After washing with Intelligence gel, I don't feel the need of applying a moisturizer. My skin feels softer after using it.

Like it a lot!
by Rachel

This cleanser works great on my skin. I have acne prone skin and have been using this cleanser for about 4 months. I have seen a decrease in the number of breakouts. It also helps my makeup stay on longer. Works even better with the whole Arbonne system. Give it a shot!

Great on Sensitive Skin
by Shannon

This cleanser is wonderful! I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of cleansing products burn my face and cause it to turn red. This product doesn’t burn at all, and when I use it, it feels as though it moisturizers as much as it cleanses. I use about a dime size at nightt, and it does miracles at getting any type of makeup off without a fight. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft, which I love. Definitely try it if you are looking for something easy on your skin.

Works well
by Henley

This cleanser works well for my skin. I have sensitive skin, so it doesn't dry my skin like some cleansers do. It makes my skin look nice and feel soft. The only downfall is that it is quite expensive. If it does the job, it is well worth it.

Works Great
by Patricia Madden

I'm the kinda gal who won't leave her house without SPF something on my face. I'm very picky on what I put on and use makeup wisely and cleanser wisely. This product caught my eye in the store. I love the bottle, its very cute and looks good on your bathroom counter. When I tried it, I did not know anyone who has used it before but I was surprised that it worked as well as it did. You can see a difference as soon as your face is dry there's a new shine and silky feeling I would tell people to try it out. I love it

by Linda

This stuff works like a charm. This cleansing gel makes my face so soft. I feel so great when I use this stuff. It is so easy to use and it works effectively.

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