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by dawn stiebel

This is one of the best products I've tried.

Cleansing and gentle to the skin
by H Williams

I wanted to try a new cleanser because the one I was using for years seemed to be drying my skin terribly. Our skin type and needs changes depending on weather, age, diet and other factors. I began using this Arbonne cleanser and noticed that my skin was feeling soft and moisturized again. I am going to try the other products that go with this cleanser very soon.

Hardworking Product
by Carol C.

This does a great job of cleaning combination, acne-prone sensitive skin without drying - no easy feat for any product. I use it twice daily - in the morning and before bed. Leaves skin clean and clear looking - no redness, drying, or oily feel afterward. Combined with the other Arbonne products, leaves skin looking and feeling terrific!

soft skin
by Arvinder

My skin has become baby soft after I started using intelligence daily cleanser. It has been gentle on my skin, there are no harsh chemicals in it so one can use it without fear. My husband loves my skin and wonders if I am pregnant but I laugh and say its the result of the intelligence daily cleanser.

by Jeremy P

My wife received this in the mail as a free sample and was so excited about her results with using this stuff that now I borrow hers from time to time. I definitely plan on getting my own. I especially like the clean feeling I get and we've both been sharing the same tube for a couple of months.

by nancy

There is the most mild hint of fragrance in this product. I am very sensitive to smells and perfumes and don't care for some scents, no matter how weak or how strong - but there is only enough of a gentle smell to let you know you're not buying snake oil. :-)
The liquid is almost clear with a purple tint and the viscosity is somewhere between soft gel soap and contact lens solution. Regular soap just isn't right for cleaning all of your can sting and sometimes cause a rash. This stuff just works great - it's mild and hypoallergenic. It washes off easily so you don't have a film or any residue as with some other soap.

A great cleanser!
by Cecilia

I received this cleanser as a gift set from one of my relatives. Boy, does this work great! I wear a whole face full of sunscreen and powder in the morning. I usually wash my makeup and sunscreen off at night with this cleanser and it removes every little impurity. I have sensitive skin, but this does not irritate me at all. In fact, sometimes I can even skip moisturizer after using this because it is non drying. I totally recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin or normal skin. Its gentle and mild. I would buy this product again for its effectiveness to clean my skin without drying it.

Great Product
by toddm

This facial cleanser works great. The key for me is it doesn't dry my skin out like every other product I have tried in the past. While expensive, considering it works for me it's worth every penny.

Great Cleanser
by Az

I use this cleanser twice a day- both in the morning and in the evening and I love it because it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh. In comparison to other daily cleansers, this one is not drying or particularly greasy. It is a bit more expensive but worth it if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. It works especially well if you want to wash your face more than once a day in that it is gentle.

by nick

It works just as well for guys. I like the way it polishes my skin, and leaves my cheeks a little shiny. I combine it with their day cream. Yes, it's hard to find, and I don't know why.

Wife Loves It
by Erik

My wife is obsessed with cleansing products. She certainly is a tough one to please when it comes to these sorts of things. She absolutely loves this cleanser. I even tested some myself and can see why she is so ga-ga about this. I just wish it was a little less expensive.

Works great!
by momof2

I always had very dry skin, even after moisturizing. My dermatoligist recommended Intelligence Daily Cleanser, and after two days of using it I noticed a difference! My skin feels less dry and more smooth. I plan on sticking with this cleanser.

Works Great!!
by Tami

I always break out and get dry face with different cleansers. This Intelligence works really great. I didn't even break out. No redness to my face, no drying out. I will keep using this product for a long time now.

Intelligence Daily Cleanser
by Emily K.

I have sensitive skin and have used the same cleanser for 15 years. My consultant challenged me to try the Arbonne cleanser. I must say she was right. The Intelligence cleanser did not irritate my skin.

Daily Cleanser
by carolyn

This is an amazing item. I used it daily for about a month or so and I felt a complete and awesome change in my face. It felt cleaner and I no longer had that annoying acne!

Dries skin
by christiana

I was using this product before I switched to my current cleanser. The problem I had with it is that it dries my skin a lot and at the end it makes my skin itchy and it is not worth the price. There are other products half the price that work better than it does.

Another overpriced beauty system!
by Beth

I was sucked into the Arbonne system. They do have decent products on the market, but I found out from my dermatologist there are other products that you can find (Purpose - by Johnson & Johnson) that are much better for your skin without the hefty weight of the price tag. The cleanser did do it's job, but its not worth the price and the hassle of the Arbonne Beauty Rep bothering you!

soft skin
by devla

I would recommend this product because it works great as a cleanser and doesn't leave your skin deprived of moisture. It is a bit expensive for a facial cleanser, but you get what you pay for.

Not worth the money
by Sarah

I have sensitive skin and usually use store name brand skin cleansers. My mom purchased this for herself and didn't like it so she gave it to me to try. I think that it cleaned my skin well, but I did not like the smell and it left my face burning and very dry after I used it. My mom gave it to me to try because those problems happened to her too. I was very shocked to hear how much it cost my mom. Definitely not worth the price. My skin takes the store name brand cleansers much better and they are more affordable too. We won't be buying this one again.

Soft skin feels clean
by Stacy

I tried this product, and it did work very well. Whether you want to spend the money on the product or not, that is up to you. It works great, but I found it a bit more pricey than the other leading products out there.

Clean, soft skin !!!
by Arvinder

This is great product for those who have dull skin like I had. But now, my skin is more nourished and plumpy. The price is worth the results. I am satisfied. Everyone should use this excellent product.

Works like a face cleanser
by Angel C.

Reason I'm giving this cleanser 3.5 stars is because of its price. It does work, but so do any other facial cleansers you can buy from Walgreens but at half the price. I think what you're paying for here is the name because it doesn't do anything special other than cleanse your skin. Save your money and buy something cheaper that does the same job.

Just another cleanser
by Henley

Airborne makes great products. This cleanser does work well, but unfortunately, it is quite expensive for a cleanser. It does remove dirt and oil from your skin but many other cleansers can do that.

Another cleanser...?
by Ruth

Yes, it works well. So does water, though, in my opinion. This does remove dirt and oil well, but is really expensive for what it does. I recommend a good dose of water on the face. If you do buy this, it works well for oilier patches (only a small bit needed!)

Simple product with a high price.
by Francesca Muir

Arbonne makes excellent products, so save your money for some of them. You can buy a simple, soap and lipid-free cleanser in your neighborhood drugstore that do the same job for less than a quarter of the price.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin
by Amy Derby

I use this cleanser regularly and have had great results. My skin is much clearer. I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many products, but I have had no bad reactions to this one. I highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.

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by Vicki L. Vertrees

Using all these Airbonne products together makes a world of difference. They balance out your skin even w/sun spots