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medical secertary
by Theresa

Works great for blackhead

It does what it says it does!
by Joel Santo Domingo

My son used to have an acne problem and his doctor recommended this to us. He no longer suffers from acne like he did before. We've tried many products that claim to exfoliate the skin but this is the only one that worked.

Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion
by missynall

My friend sells this brand of skin care and she says this is her number 1 seller. It's hard to describe. As you take your WET hands and rub it on your face it gets warm. I wouldn't say hot. You leave it on for like 5 minutes and NO LONGER and when you rinse it off your face (I have sensitive skin) is red. I don't ever use it in the morning. There are little not sharp, but scrubby things in it and it really exfoliates. I love how my skin looks the next morning... fresh and dewy and "plump". I buy this one item from her over and over.

Nice Product
by leslie shinkevich

This product does exactly what is says, my skin does feel soft and smooth after each use.

The best
by alyssa

My ex's mother sold these products. I fell in love with this masque. My face has never felt or looked better. It's a really good fix for the winter, dry, gray skin.

by Princess

Awesome product! Great to get rid of old skin cells. Your skin will feel sooo smooth after just one use. I definitelly recommend!

Nice product
by Carol

I have used this product with great success. I will continue to purchase in the future.

by Caroline Keller

Awesome product! My face was super smooth after I used this.

Wouldn't buy it again
by Valerie

I did the Arbonne thing briefly and it was a mistake, but I did what they said and bought like $250 worth of stuff and got the Intelligence skincare set. This masque is alright, I just used it a little while ago actually. It does a great job exfoliating, but the heat gets hot fast and leaves your face red as a beet and very hot so I usually put a clay masque on afterward to cool it down.

It's not BAD by any means, and it lasts a very long time as you only need a little. You put it on your dry face and it does some exfoliation at that time, then you wet your fingers and start rubbing in circular motions lightly, rewet fingers, rub, etc, and I use cold water by the way, and then rinse it off. The fear of it getting anywhere near or in my eyes makes it somewhat frightening-- like I said, it gets HOT.

Don't fear the flush!
by barb

I have used another Arbonne masque product several times, so I was excited to use this one when a friend gave me some. This one is even better! One thing to note, though, is that you may experience skin "flushing" a little bit with this thermal masque. I did, and my friend did as well, but it didn't last long. I was very pleased with this masque.

I was scarred because the stuff i heard about all the other masques
by Anonymous

i love this stuff so much the results are amazing
i strongly sugest this to anyone

Feels awesome
by mallory

I have tried arbonne's entire intelligence line and i feel like the thermal mask is the best product they offer. It feels great when you have it on, and i love the way my skin looks and feels after washing it off. it is expensive, so i wouldn't use it every day, but i think that the results are well worth the cost.

A face so clean you can eat off it
by Q

This product is great for those with sensitive skin. My skin rashes pretty often with harsher creams or chemicals but this product did not cause such issues. The scent is great and the feeling of a clean face is a confidence booster. The price is rather on the high side compared to similar products but it is effective.

Made me nervous
by Carol C.

I received several samples of this last fall, and used just one. The word 'Thermal' in the description made me nervous as I have Rosacea - which is aggravated by heat. Since I like so many other Arbonne products I gave it a try, and have to admit my skin felt wonderful and I didn't break out. I ended up giving the other samples away because I was concerned that repeated use would trigger a flare-up.

If not for rosacea I would still be using it.

thermal fusion
by regina

I use this product because I have very dry and sensitive skin, and my skin can not tolerate abrasive beads found in other exfoliators. The product does make my skin flushed and red, but it disappears within an hour. I always make sure that I do this part of my skin care at night right before bed, and I follow with the rejuvenating mist.

Love the smell
by Joyce

I have replaced my Clinque with this. I cannot say enough about it. The scrub is not too harsh and the smell is wonderful. I use the entire skin system and love it all. I am not afraid to really scrub my face which I know some would say is a no no. But I believe the turnover of new skin makes my face look smoother. This scrub does not agitate my skin or leave me feeling scratched and red.

Exfolliating mask
by Cheri

My daughter gave me this to try, because she found it irritating to her skin. I tried it on two different times to give it a chance, and I have to agree with her. My face was reddened and very dry. It is very expensive and would not buy this product. I didn't like the burning I got and had to remove.

Wonderfully Soft Skin
by Lisa

I have very sensitive skin and finding an exfoliant that won't break me out or leave me feeling dry is a challenge. After trying this Arbonne product one time I was hooked. My skin has never looked or felt better. It takes off layers of dead skin that can make you look aged and tired. After using this product your skin will have be the perfect canvas for applying your makeup. You will look flawless. Definatley give this a try. You won't be disappointed.

Great for Sensitive skin
by Pete

I have had problems in the past when using similar products because of my sensitive skin. I would breakout, or my skin would become very irritated. Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion is more expensive than other products, but it is worth it, leaving the skin feeling smooth and ready to go. I don't like the feeling of micro-beads that make up other cleansers. I use it before I go to bed and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed in the morning. Other cleansers may be better for other people, but if you have sensitive skin like myself, this is the cleanser for you.

Treat your skin to this!
by cecilia

I only give this exfoliating masque three stars because it is a little drying for my sensitive skin. My skin gets a little bit red after using this but I can withstand it because it does clean my pores. My face feels refreshed afterward. I recommend only using this once a week, because using this treatment everyday would be a little bit too harsh for any skin type. Also the mild scent is very uplifting. Overall, I am not sure if I would purchase this product again.

So so
by nick

I'm disappointed in this cleanser. For people who tend to overscrub, it might be good that it's only slightly scrubby, but I'd prefer more microbeads and a less creamy base. I don't care for the scent (not potent, but not good, with an undertone of sulfur), or the fact that it contains an ingredient that causes skin-irritation acne for some (e.g., me): glyceryl stearate. That's not a big deal in a cleanser that rinses away quickly, but as I find this cleanser has little going for it, it's not a plus. I wouldn't repurchase.

Airborne lover
by Kennedee

I love Airborne products. I use the exfoliating masque once a week on my sensitive skin. Afterwards, my skin feels so soft and supple. My pores are smaller and there is no drying of the skin. The product may be expensive compared to others, but is so worth the price.

Great Product
by Kyle

While more expensive, I enjoy this product. I use it along with the cleanser and have had great results. It has been great at preventing my skin from drying out and from breaking out. Worth the money, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Good product
by Henley

I used to use various products for face wash, toner, moisturizer, etc., but I could never find a mask that I liked, being that I have oily skin. Besides that, I used to think I was sensitive because my skin would get easily red & irritated. Anyway, I sampled the Re9 mask because I thought it would be best for my "sensitive" skin and I thought it was good because my skin felt good after using it. Then I sampled the thermal fusion mask a week later. At first ,my skin was looking pretty red and quite swollen if you ask me, BUT despite the redness, I did use it at night, not expecting to go anywhere. I waited to see what my face would look like the day after. To my surprise, nothing but nice, soft skin. In fact, immediately after rinsing the mask and drying my face, it felt so nice and soft, even if my skin was a little red. No itchy or burning irritation, just a little red & a little swollen on areas I rubbed a little extra. Now, that's pretty good for my sensitive skin. I sampled the thermal fusion a second time to make sure I prefer this over the Re9 mask and I'm definitely sold. Love it. Thinking about getting the whole Intelligence line.

Typical Arbonne
by Jen W.

I am an Arbonne junkie, and this stuff lived up to my normal expectations for this company. The price is higher than what I would pay if I bought something at the drug store, but for me it is worth it. I try to use this product once or twice per week and it leaves my skin glowing and very clean. I also think it reduces the size of my pores. I would recommend this product for sure.

Sensitive Skin Friendly
by Emily

I have extremely sensitive skin, but had no irritation from this product. I am in my late 20's and have combination skin. Immediately, you can feel the masque penetrating your skin after you apply it. My complexion was smooth and radiant following application. I use this product once a week.

Love it!
by Lori

I use this Exfoliating Masque because I love the way it makes my face feel afterward. It is the greatest. It does not dry my face at all, and feels like I just had a salon treatment.

Intelligence Exfoliating Masque
by carol1560

I am one of those unlucky women who has developed sensitive skin in my premenopausal years. I have used this product and it is types of reactions, or sensitivity. Well worth the price and my pores are looking smaller.

Worth the Price
by mamma_nee

I just love this exfoliating masque. It makes my skin feel so soft and rejuvenated. I look forward to my masque every week. It is gentle on my skin and I don`t have to worry that it will dry my skin even if I were to use it every day. A must have in my house!

I love this product
by Angel C.

While my face is extremely sensitive, it's hard for me to find products which won't break me out even more or cause other reactions. With this masque, my face glows and it's radiant. It helps my skin feel softer and more supple. It's extremely gentle and highly recommended to anyone with sensitive skin. I give it 5 stars.

Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion From Arbonne
by Siggie

I really love this product. With my allergies, it is hard to find skin products that do not break me out in a complete rash. I once used a gift set given to me by a friend and broke out everywhere! Anyway, this masque is gentle and tender to my skin, and it makes it look radiant. Of course it is made by Arbonne and their skin line is the best! I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone!

Refreshes the skin
by Ruth

This mask is formulated great for sensitive skin. While other masks have left my face dry and peeling, this one is rejuvenating and refreshing. It has a great smell, unlike some masks that smell like rubber! I highly recommend it, as well as the line of products.

Great for unbalanced skin
by S

If you have sensitive skin, or very dry areas that don't get enough moisture regularly, this mask can correct the imbalance after just one treatment! It's easy to apply, and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It smells great too. The scent lasted all day long, well after I washed the mask off! I didn't need to use a moisturizer until the next day, and people noticed the difference right away.

Great for Sensitive Skin
by Amy Derby

This is the best skin care mask I have ever used. I have extremely sensitive skin and have bad reactions to many exfoliating products, but this product left my skin feeling refreshed without the painful over-drying many similar products cause.

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by Vicki L. Vertrees

Wonderful product definitely worth the price. your skin feel's refreshed / smooth.