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Excellent product but very expensive!
by Melisa Shadbolt

I absolutely loved this face wash. The entire RE9 kit was wonderful, however, the face wash was probably my favorite and I was disappointed that it ran out first. Yes, I wish there was more to each bottle for the price; it's a matter of personal preference on what you are willing to pay for a quality product. My skin felt smooth and beautiful after each use and the entire RE9 kit made my face glow with newfound healthy vigor. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

Too expensive
by Tara Winter

I bought this entire arbonne set, the lady talked me into it and said that it would help with my acne. come to find out, it is for more mature skin and made me break out. the cleanser was average, if you wear makeup you better wash it off with some other cleanser first. otherwise you will go broke, it takes a lot of cleanser to wash your entire face. The bottle is deceiving, it is not that much product

Great for acne too!!!
by John S.

I used this stuff for my acne when I ran out of my face cleanser. I had found it in the shower and used it to wash my face which cleared up my face at a quick rate. So yes, this does cure acne as well.

Clean, not stripped
by SueZQ

My sensitive combination skin loves this stuff. I cleans thoroughly but doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or 'exposed', even on the very rare occasion I forget to follow up with the other wonderful RE9 products. While I think other products in the line probably contribute more to my skin's overall appearance, I have no plans to use anything else on my face.

Wonderful face wash!
by Stephanie

I bought this face wash (along with toner and moisturizer) about a year ago and absolutely love it! I only have to use one little pump's worth each time I use it and it has lasted the entire year. The face wash is incredibly mild and has a really pleasant (yet light) citrus scent. I am particularly sensitive to strong perfumes, so this is a naturally scented product that I can use and feel good about. My skin glows and feels so healthy. I highly recommend this product, as well as Arbonne's entire line of NutriMinC products.

I gave it 4.5 stars because it is not exactly cheap (but it does last a very long time!)

love it
by regina

I have really dry skin and cleansing my face has always caused irritation. My mother bought me this 2 years ago and I love it. I use it twice daily and never have any dryness or irritation from using it. I love that it gently cleans without removing my natural oils and moisture.

My mom loves this!!
by Cynthia

This cleanser is highly recommended by my mother. She has really oily skin, and whenever she tries to use cleansers that claim to balance your skin, it doesn't work. They make her skin so dry that her body ends up secreting even more oil to make soothe her skin. She has tried Biore, Clinique, and Philosophy brands, but she likes this brand the best. I've tried her facial wash before, and I thought it made my skin feel very smooth and soft. It also smells nice and the fragrance isn't too strong. The only drawback is the price, but if you are used to buying from brands like Lancome and Clinique, $35 should be within your range for facial products.

Great Product!
by Louis

I have oily skin and I tend to feel disgusted throughout the day, especially at night when I am at home. I bought this product to try out on my skin. I was skeptical at first, but soon, I came to love this. This creme wash left my skin smooth and clean and healthy looking! I understand most males won't use it, but I definitely recommend to anyone with oily skin!

Keeps skin moist
by Jen

I get extremely dry skin in the winter--so dry it gets "scaly" and very painful. I have used this product for the past 2 months (December and January) and I am very glad that I have tried it! My skin is soft and I don't have to worry about any pain from dry skin anymore. I highly recommend this product!

No dryness
by Debbie

I have so many problems with facial cleansers because they all tend to dry my skin out leaving it flaky and taut but this product left it smooth, clean and healthy looking. I didn't have to use a moisturizer after either. I am willing to spend the money on skin products if they are worth it and do what they claim even if the price is high so I would buy this again despite the price. Also the scent was pleasant without being overwhelming.

by S. Grevious

My niece recommends this product. She has been using it for quite a while now. She has very oily skin. Although the product hasn't fully contributed to her oily skin, it has lessened the problems. It is definitely great for removing dirt and excess makeup from your skin. I touched her face and her skin was really smooth and her complexion is improving wonderfully.

I love it
by Bethany

I love this product. I use it daily. It does not make my skin itch. It leaves my skin smooth and soft, and it smells nice. In the wintertime, I use it and it doesn't dry my face out.

NutriMinC RE9 Gelee Creme
by Emily K.

This is a good facial cleanser. It had a great lather and fragrance. However, I do feel as if the price is a bit high. I think this an important step in the NutriMinC process. Therefore, it would be more economical to buy it in of the NutriMinC sets.

Leaves skin feeling beautiful!
by Angel C.

I love this cleanser, it really does exactly what it claims to do. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft without drying it. It removes oil safely from skin and leaves it feeling beautiful and brand new. A little pricey, but the effects it has on your skin are well worth it. I highly recommend this!

Best Out There!
by Linda

I love this stuff so much. The texture is so nice. It also has a pleasant smell to it. All my friends use this also. I got them started and they won't stop. I love this stuff because it really works!

Great Cleanser
by Valerie M.

I have a whole NutriMin gift set that has been fabulous to my skin! This cleanser is a very pleasant cream texture that cuts through my Italian oiliness but doesn't make my face feel dry afterward. My mother is the opposite. She has dry skin, but she uses this and loves how her face feels! An all-around well-designed product.

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