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nutriminc re9 restoring mist
by lynette

I bought the whole bundle of face care products from arbonne-really loved them-was a bit expensive-but worth it

Skin Tightener
by Bridgette O

I tried a sample of this from Arbonne and could feel my skin tightened and refreshed after one application.

great mist
by Tressy Anne O'Connor

The Arbonne Reveal mist is great! It makes you feel so refreshed and it is light. It really tightens the skin.

Surprisingly effective
by SueZQ

I've been using the RE9 line for 6 months. I had not used this toner before because I tried them in the past & found they didn't do much. But when my initial sample ran out before the other products, I could see a difference in my skin texture. So now I use it religiously. Two spritzes on a cotton pad is really surprising to see what's left on my face after cleansing. I'm glad to have this product!

refreshing not burning
by regina

I have never liked using a toner because I always felt like I was putting liquid fire on my face. I started using this 2 years ago and was shocked that it didn't burn when I put it on. I use it twice daily and find it to be refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling great. I just spray it right on and let it dry. It is great right after the morning shower.

Great toner
by Kathy

Although I wasn't a fan of toners in general, this one is a winner. I found it didn't burn like others I had tried before, which were too much for my sensitive skin. I found this product left my skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Highly recommended!

by Sandy

Love this product as a toner. It makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. I use it before bed and when I wake up my skin still feels refreshed and not oily. Works better than most. Somewhat pricey but well worth it.

Makes my pores smaller
by Jen W.

I have an issue with the pores on my nose. They are way too large. After trying several other products, I found that this one really tightens up all my pores and makes my skin look cleaner and brighter. I love this product.

Highly recommend
by Henley

I have never felt toner is necessary. I have combination skin, so toner had to always be used sparingly in the T-Zone - it dried the other areas out too much. This is the first time I have been addicted to toner! I can spread this one over my entire face, and it is such a nice feeling right after the shower. The bottle lasts about 3 months, so this is a great price for it to last that long (and using generously twice a day.) Also feels good when it's hot - nice and cool on face. Highly recommend.

NutriMinC Balancing Toner
by Emily K.

Prior to using this product, I did not use toner as part of my daily skin regime. Toners typically irritate my sensitive skin. However, this one did not. It leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. I often use the toner after my morning workout before I shower.

Restoring Mist
by carolyn

After tying this item, I liked it alot. After using it, it made me feel more refreshed and alive. I absolutely love this item and I think if anyone tries it, they would like it too.

Just ok for me!!
by Beth

This toner is ok - It made my face feel fresh and cool. Prior to buying the Arbonne line - I used Witch Hazel as my toner which does the exact same thing and is 100% natural. Save your money!

Great for combination skin
by Jody

This is one of my favorite skin care products. It's perfect for my combination skin and leaves my whole face feeling tingly, refreshed and super moisturized. It's worth every penny, and like all the other Arbonne products I've used, I'm never disappointed.

NutriMin C Balancing Toner
by Christy R.

I love this product and I don't think I would ever want to go back to living without it. It makes my face feel very fresh and much cleaner than it has ever felt with any other previous cleaners and toners. It also makes me look better. My skin is clearer and just seems to look healthier in general. I would recommend this product to anyone, any time.

by Blueberry

This toner is just amazing! I use it everyday after a shower. First, I do a cleansing routine and then I spray this on my face. It feels so fresh and cool. Then I moisturize. This routine gives me maximum benefit and the best use of my products. This is an exceptional product and I recommend it to everyone!

Good product
by holly wilson

This product is pretty good. It might be one of those items you have to splurge on a little bit because of the price, but it is worth the price you pay for it. It smells good and it leaves you feeling so fresh and clean.

Every Woman should try this!
by Valerie M.

This mist toner is magnificent. It is all part of this cleaning regimen, but I live in humid south Florida, so I spritz myself with this throughout the day. It smells just as good as it feels, with a light orange scent that is actually energizing. It can help with dry winter skin up north, too. I know because I spent a week in Colorado, and if I didn't have my toner I would have dried up!

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