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by K

I really loved this product. It is a mix of cleanser and cream. It worked very well at cleaning my skin and left the surface soft. The granules were not harsh nor were they abrasive. The whole face felt refreshed and glowed!

by Lilly

I use this scrub before sunless tanning. Works well for that.

it's okay
by Malissa Bare

A little expensive and it is a bit harsh on the skin, but good results.

by Bridgette O

I tried a sample of this and it's okay. But, there are less expensive products that work the same.

love it
by Tressy Anne O'Connor

I love this facial scrub. It makes your skin feel so soft and gets rid of any dead skin. The Reveal product line is wonderful. This scrub is not harsh and cleanses very well.

its ok
by nikki

I have found less expensive products better (for my skin) then this. I was happy to try it, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to turn out to be.

good but that good?
by barb

Having used other Arbonne products and liked them, I bought the facial scrub at a discount through a friend. I was pleased with the scrub, but I have used many other scrubs that I liked just as well which cost a lot less. I would definitely buy this scrub again if it were on sale, but probably not for full price.

by Holly07

I don't know. I got this as a gift. I have found less expensive products better (for my skin) then this. I was happy to try it, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to turn out to be. I was all excited because it was more expensive, but really, it wasn't worth all the hype.

Great occasional scrub.
by Sharon

This facial scrub is a great product to use when you really need to exfoliate your skin. It is not too gritty or harsh, but does get the job done. Definitely worth a try!

Good for non sensitive skin
by Wendy

I have very sensitive skin and I have been looking for a great facial scrub to cleanse my skin, but not dry my skin out and not irritate it. I tried this NutriMinC® RE9 REveal Facial Scrub, because I have a friend that uses it and she told me about it.
The smell is good and it refreshed my face when I used it, but it did leave my skin a bit dried out and left some reddish area. My friend really likes it though. I would say, it’s good for some people, but people who need products for sensitive skin, should not use it.

Not for everyday but does the trick
by SueZQ

I've used the basic RE9 line for 6 months now and have used the scrub once every few weeks to 'clear the deck', so to speak. It does a nice job with a boost over the regular daily cleanser, without stripping or leaving my skin feeling dry & tight. My skin is pretty sensitive so I wouldn't use it every day, but every so often seems to hit the spot for me.

careful sensitive skin
by regina

I usually love all the Arbonne products, but my sensitive and dry skin does not do well with this one. When I used it, my face turned really red and was very inflamed. It is just a little too harsh for my skin type. I have a friend that swears by it, but if you have sensitive skin I would not encourage you to purchase this product.

A must have for combination skin
by Amy

I have combination skin and I am prone to acne breakouts. I have used many various skin cleansers for my face and I am very picky as to their feeling and their quality. I have been using this product for a couple of years and I have always been pleased with it. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and my pores clean. At first the price seemed a bit high, but now that I used the product, I feel like the price is low for the quality you receive. I would definitely buy this product again and would suggest others to do so as well.

Not my first choice
by Haylie

This product is a great refreshing product and I like the way it smells. I have used it only a handful of times though, because it seems each time I use it my face has a very sticky feeling to it even after repeated rinses.

Somewhat worth it
by Mike

Reveal has worked for me to an extent. I had a sandy dry face this past winter so I decided to do something about it. Reveal has been good to me but I still think it could do more. I've experienced the same results with other similar products so I guess this is the best I'm going to get.

Great Exfoliating srcub
by Amy

With acne prone skin, I have tried numerous products to help exfoliate my skin and reveal smoother and softer skin. This product rates as one of my favorites because of its ingredients and natural properties. I have noticed my skin to be fresher and more healthy, than ever before.

tightens face
by Ricardo Gutierrez

My face did not react that well to this product after using it for about two weeks. It left my face feeling dry and stiff. I would have to put lots of face cream to have it feeling natural. On the other hand, it did remove the small whiteheads and dead cells that I had on my face quite well. It is also way too expensive, but who knows, it might work for other skin qualities.

by Henley

Although there are many more expensive scrubs out there, I did give this a "4" in expense because I was not impressed with the quality of the scrub, as compared to much cheaper scrubs you can buy at Walgreen's or Wal-Mart. I've gotten just as good or better results at the drugstore. With that being said, the product is a good one if you want to be an Arbonne purist and use the entire line. However, if you have sensitive skin, beware -- the granules may be a bit too harsh. Although my skin is very oily - it's not very sensitive at all - yet this scrub was too harsh. In order to use it, I had to mix it with some creamy cleanser. The scent is a nice, light, slightly fruity one. The container is a squeeze tube. This scrub gets the job done, but is fairly average.

Silky Smooth Skin
by Katelin

This is without a doubt the best facial scrub that I have ever used. Unfortunately, for it's size, it is also one of the most expensive. So rather than use it daily, as recommended, I used it about once or twice a week. In just over a month, my face felt incredibly smooth and looked more radiant then ever. I took one star away for the high price, but other than that, there is absolutely nothing to complain about here!

Reveal your skin!
by Rachel

Fabulous! That is the only word for this scrub. I use it after I work out and it gets all the dirt and grime off my face. My skin feels smooth and looks great with every use. I highly recommend this product, especially if you exercise outdoors. Get rid of the grime while keeping your skin healthy!

Soft Skin
by Lindsay

This product is awesome for slightly younger skin. It makes your skin glow and helps remove dead skin cells that can cause discoloration and rough patches. It is definitely a must to add to your beauty routine. The only negative is it can be a bit pricey and you don't get very much for your money.

Revealing the Beauty Within!
by Lana

As a young women only in my 20s, I have dealt with more skin conditions than most of my older counterparts. I decided to try NutriMinC RE9 REveal Facial Scrub by Arbonne International in order to exfoiliate my skin and get rid of the dead skin cells that were difficult to remove with regular cleansers. This product was an excellent investment for me, even at such higher than average price. I made it part of my regimen by using the scrub once a week. I was amazed at how well it got rid of my dead skin cells leaving my skin refreshed with a healthy glow. Furthermore, this product has a great consistency and it doesn't leave any type of undesirable residue on my skin after cleansing. I would advise those consumers with sensitive and/or acne prone skin to make sure they don't overuse this facial scrub because it can lead to more irritation and breakouts. I would greatly recommend this product to any consumer looking to accelerate the skin cell renewal on their face while indulging themselves in the wonderful properties of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin C.

Highly recommended
by ndy

I love this product and comparing it's price to what other products in its category charge will make you understand what I mean. I have just used it for two months and I am highly impressed. I have smoother skin just because of using it. I love it and recommend it.

Glowing skin
by Arvinder

This is a must for youngsters. I cannot afford to go to beauty parlors for facials. But this product eliminates your need to visit the parlors. At home, one can get healthy glowing skin by using this facial scrub.

love Arbonne products
by L. Jones

I love Arbonne products and have even considered selling them so I could better afford to use them. I've tried this facial scrub and it was great for my complexion. Right now I'm a college student so will have to wait for graduation to use this regularly. I'd highly recommend it tho.

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