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by dawn stiebel

This really works.

by Yvonne

This is a great product. Everyone in my house has sensitive skin. We all use it and love it!

by Samantha

This is a great product. I have sensitive skins so this product does not give me any problems with my skin. I would recommend.

Natural & Effective!
by Violet

This is the perfect soap for those that want a natural, non drying, and non irritating cleanser for their delicate skin. I use this, as does my family, to cleanse our skin gently while maintaining all the natural lipids in our skin. You are left cleansed, softened, and completely non dry. I love that feeling of freshness without sacrificing the comfort of my skin. We have had this in our home as a staple for many months and I will continue to re-purchase it. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that it is so pure and organic. It infuses your skin with all that nature intended and I love that!

I love this soap!
by J

My children have very sensitive skin, and this is the soap I have at all of my sinks. It has no added fragrance and is not drying, even when you are constantly washing your hands (like you do with small children!). I have had wonderful luck with Avalon Organics' products and have yet to find one I don't like. I highly recommend this product (and the Aloe-Unscented Hand and Body Lotion).

An Aloe for Allergy Sufferers!
by Katie

I bought a bar of this soap for my dad, who has dry skin and many skin allergies. Aloe is very gentle to dry skin, but he could never use any of the aloe soaps because they all added strong artificial fragrances.
He is very allergic to fragrances, so had to choose between an itchy allergic rash or dried out skin. He chose the dry skin, as at least it didn't itch! So he had been using a very basic, plain soap that didn't aggravate his allergies, but it did further dry out his already dry skin. Adding unscented after-bath lotions wasn't the answer for him, as he insists he simply doesn't have time to apply them after every shower.
This soap provided the answer! It is not drying and is hypoallergenic, so it doesn't cause any allergic reactions for him either. Yes, it's a bit expensive but it's worth it for anyone with dry skin AND allergies. Itchy allergies or dried out skin are both very uncomfortable, and you can't put a price on the relief of a soap that means all-day comfort for someone with those conditions.

Great soap!
by Donna

I bought this soap to use on my three-yr-old at bathtime. The baby soap I had been using was too drying for the winter, but it was important to me to find something that wasn't going to make her itchy, or have a lot of dyes and perfumes in it.

This product works great! It produces lots of lather, rinses away cleanly, and leaves the skin very soft. It's a bit pricey for a single bar of soap, but it lasts quite a while and is worth it, based on performance.

I highly recommend this soap, especially to people whose skin is bothered by fragrances, or who simply don't wish to smell like perfume.

Love it!
by maryam

I love to use aloe products on my face because aloe is such a great ingredient for the skin. It has numerous benefits for the skin and using it can leave skin smooth and soft. However, most soaps and cleansers that have aloe in them also have a lot of extra fragrances as well. Those fragrances are really harsh for sensitive skin like mine and such fragrances really diminish the point of the aloe for me. But not with this soap made by Avalon Organics. Since there are only organic ingredients in this soap and no added fragrances, my skin loves this soap! I feel the difference immediately - the smooth, soft skin even caught my husband's attention! This is one great soap to use all over the body for the entire family!

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