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by angry in south carolina

I ordered barmon years ago and loved the product. However, I ordered it online on jan. 31st and still havent received it. I was charged for two tubes and shipping, but still have not gotten my products. Can someone help me?

not received order but has paid for it
by veronica

i have paid for the stretch mark remover and have not received it yet. i have call and the number and its no longer in use and have sent several emails. havent got a response yet the customer service sucks. will never order from them again. i want my money back!!!!

Take money but dont deliver your order
by Collins Family down under

Does this company actually still exist??????

Order Place over a month ago & order still has not arrived!!!
Have tried 2 emails to Barmon with no response!

If the company still exists then this is the worst customer service we have ever experienced.

Money back please!

by Michelle

This used to be sold in stores, I just ordered a tube online. The last time I used this right after I had my son and it was the best ever to make my nasty stretch marks invisible to the eye :) I recently lost a lot of weight AGAIN and got more marks so I'm hoping it will still help:)

by Crystal Jackson

I am a returning Barmon customer and I live in Georgia. I placed an order for 4 tubes Order Date: 2011-02-11
Reference: 1015477. I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED THE PRODUCT. I have tried calling the 800 number and it is disconnected. I was able to send one e-mail to and it was not responded to. Also I can no longer send e-mails to because it sends them back. SO I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Please and thanks. You can contact me through my e-mail at

Did not receive product
by Shiela

It has been a month, and I have NOT received the two tubes of Barmon Stretch Mark Cream I ordered. They were quick to charge my credit card! I sent them two separate emails, and did not get a single response. I also tried calling their toll-free number, 800-840-2668, but the number has been disconnected. Buyers BEWARE!

by mety

Dear barmon,

I bought a product barmon dated 7 October 2010, and until now have not I received the product, I had several times contact barmon and there has been no response to my Reference: 1014849, can you check my order, because I was very disappointed. Can goods are delivered to my new address in
Taman Kenari Nusantara cluster Pasundan Blok PN1 No 15, Jl, trans yogi Km. 5,Bogor-Indonesia

Works Great!
by Yvette

I started to gain weight after getting a little too comfortable in a relationship, and noticed that I was begginning to get stretch marks on my calves. I quickly searched stretch mark creams and came across Barmon. My calves look a lot better and I just want to thank Barmon for that. :)

This cream works
by Tara

This product is amazing! I had a baby 8yrs ago my stretch marks have always bothered me until I started using this cream 2 weeks ago. I have really noticed a difference in the size and color of my stretch marks there almost gone completely this product is wonderful!!

by vanessa

i never received the product or my money . i called and left plenty of message and nothing

No Reason for it!
by Southernhottie21

So I Love this cream i used it with my first son and they faded really well Had no problems getting my cream! But now it seems to take forever to get it and when i call they cant tell me anything and it kinda sucks to have to wait that long to get it when they take your money right away! Wish they could fix this.

by Jarrod Swingle

My order took a month to get to me and when it did,it was missing an item. I have wrote to them,called them,everything. They WILL NOT ANSWER YOU. Other people have had the same problems (even on this page they say so). Once they get your credit card charged,they couldn't care less what happens.

On top of it,I can't even use this product because it makes my skin completely red because of irritation.

barmon works well
by meblondie

god why has this not been given more advertisment works really well

strech mark cream
by diana

There page has option to buy or to reviews about the cream but it those not have any links to customer care I but a cream I pay $34.95 and I never recive it on the mail, and they do not send you a order number if you write to them they don't answer (

So Far, I Love It!
by Haylii W.

I have been using Barmon ® Stretch Mark Cream every day for the past two months and so far I love it! It has really shown a transformation in my stretch marks. They were all very wide and pretty deep, now they have shrunk in length, width and are closely flush with my skin.

It's not sticky and has a pleasant smell, it's very light and silky.

by Doreen

I have been trying to make up my mind about which product works best. While I was searching the web one of the testimoney I found was shocking. There is a woman that testified about your product her name is Linda macain, she is 29 yrs with a before and after photo and a tatoo on her belly. she did not used her name for your product but has the exact photo promoting captiva stretch mark cream with her name. she also recomended REVITOl for people outside the US.

where is barmon
by foufou

am from algeria and i have this problem so i wont to find it in algeria .please i want touse barmon if there is it here.

Im Inlove with barmon !!!
by huyen

i am a 20 year old that used to show off my body but after having my baby i felt that stretch mark took over my life !! i had them all over the place mostly on my stomach and that was the worst !! but after i tried barmon i was so amazed with the results !some of my stretch marks used to be purple but now its all fading always you can hardly see them ... but not enough yet to show my tummy !! i dont put it on everyday so i understand but im going to put it on now so i can get ready for summer !! thank you barmon !!!

I Love Barmon
by Melody

After my son was born I had a million stretchmarks, okay maybe not a million but they literally are everywhere on my body execpt my head and arms! Anyway I used Palmers ENTIRE skin care line for pregnant women all during my pregnancy and those products did not help prevent them like they are supposed to. I know that stretchmarks are genetic and in my family hey run rapid in my mom and my two sisters. I started using Barmon after doing some internet research on it. I have used it for months but only on my tummy and no where else because those were the ones that I hated the most and now they are so light! I mean they are not gone but my sisters say that my tummy is pretty. They plan on using Barmon too because they have alot of them too. I just bought three more bottles because I am pregnant again and still want to work on fading them on the rest of my body. I love Barmon and everyone is different but if you buy directly from their website you can get your money back if nothing happens to your skin! I am african american and it does work for darker skin tones just to let everyone know. It faded even the super dark thick ones I had. Still working on some though!

Barmon is bar-none
by Leanna

After having gained weight and lost weight, I began looking for a natural way to remove the stretch marks that appeared. Shopping around led me to Barmon and I'm glad it did!

I have been using this product for a month and I am amazed how much my stretch marks have faded away. My skin feels and looks smoother than it has in years.

While the price is a little high, it is worth the value and I would gladly buy this product again.

Does not work for me
by Cecilia

I guess I am the minority in the reviews for this product. This product does not seem to work for me. In fact, after using it once, it made my skin red and irritated. The irritation did not go away for days! I even had to go see a dermatologist. Maybe I am allergic to an ingredient in this product, but it does not work for me AT ALL! It wasn't very "natural" for me either. So I guess your mileage may vary.

Great Cream!
by Jane M.

I've lost a lot of weight. The only thing I had left to get rid of were my unsightly stretch marks. After about a month, I saw my stretch marks go from very noticeable to hardly noticeable at all. Yes, there are still some signs of my stretch marks, but I can now proudly wear a bikini without feeling so self conscious.

by Jana

Who would ever think that you could get rid of stretch marks without surgery? I was skeptical, but was sick of my pregnancy stretch marks. I applied it liberally every day, and the marks were incredibly faded after a few weeks. I'm so surprised at the quality of this product. It's a bit pricey, but worth the newfound confidence you'll get!

Best I've tried (and that's a lot)
by Terra

OK, take it from me: I know stretchmarks. I just gave birth to twins, and in just 3 months, my deep purple stretch marks are fading fast. I've tried less expensive brands, and while I think any moisture helps. This product has something extra special in it that goes the extra mile. This is worth the extra cash.

by Denise

I got Barmon cream as a gift after I lost 100 lbs. This product does work, but I think there are much cheaper solutions to stretch marks. I'd much rather spend $10 at a drug store for a large bottle of cocoa butter and lanolin mix that I can apply liberally. I have seen the same results from Palmer, Kiss my Face, and other similar brands for much less than Barmon.

Best I've found for stretch marks!
by Brooke

I was given this cream at my baby shower and started using it while I was still pregnant. It didn't make my stretch marks disappear, but it did help lighten them and really moisturized the area. Even after it helped improve my stretch marks, I continued to use it as a preventative treatment until the end of my pregnancy. I also like that after the baby was born, I could continue to use it while nursing.

No more stretch marks!
by Albert

My girlfriend's mom started to use this product recently and the results speak for themselves. She has alaways been complaining of stretch marks and didn't know what to do when one of her friends recommended this product. Needless to say this product really works and comes at an affordable price.

Absolutely Love it
by S. Grevious

After I had my son, stretch marks appeared right afterwards on my stomach and back. I tried the usual (Cocoa Butter), but that didn't seem to work, or seemed as if it was going to take forever. One of my friends brought Barmon for me as a birthday gift and I didn't start using it until about 3 weeks later. I didn't think it would work either. Almost 2 weeks later after using the product, I began to see changes. My stretch marks were getting lighter and the lines started appearing less with the wrinkles on the stretch marks. This is a really great product to use. I use it in the morning and at night. I have been using it for a couple of months now. I think in the next few months, my stretch marks will really be unnoticeable.

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by aillah18

i ordered online, and honestly i havnt really tried this product but heard a lot of good things about it, well all i want to share with you is that when i ordered it and after my money has been withdrawn my account i expected to receive a confirmation number or receipt which i didnt have so i called the toll free number several times and all they have to tell me is that there is nothing they can do but to email "somebody" (ddnt even get a name) and that someone will call me back and guess what its been 3week now and still nobody called me about this.. they also advice me to email and after also after sending several email i didn't get any response i don't know what kind of customer service this product have but it is very poor.... so please be aware of making reservation online!!!!!

Horrible Customer Service
by Jessica

This is the worst conducted online business I have came across. The most unhelpful customer service in the world I bought the product almost a month ago and I haven't received the product ...took my money and can't tell me a f*****g thing ridiculous never want to try their products because this experience has been horrible...very dissatisfied!!!