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did not work good
by sumathi

One of my sister used it during her pregnancy to reduce the under eye circle and even after pregnancy to reduce the stretch marks but she is not very happy with the product as it did not really solve her problems and she also complained about this product to me and told me not to use it. After knowing that I cant go to buy it and cant recommend it.

vitamin k1 8% serum
by barbara

My daughter had a slight scar on the right side of her eye that bothered her a lot. She lived with this scar since she was 4 years old. Cover-ups seemed to magnify it. She actually purchased this product to get rid of those unsightly stretch marks caused by childbirth and decided to try this on her scar while she was at it. After using this product only a few weeks not only are the stretch marks almost gone but the scar can not be seen. This is a 5 star product that does all it claims.

by Brandy

Wow, this is a very excellent product. I have used this for a few years. I struggle with gaining and losing weight, and thus for me that means quite a few stretch marks. This is an expensive product but it does work. It makes them very smooth and takes the redness away. It's not only good for stretch marks, but dark circles, and some acne scars, so anywhere you have redness of the skin it will help.

Nothing more than a moisturizer
by Bryan M

It isn't anything special. I have a few stretch marks from lifting and growing too fast. It doesn't really do anything more than hydrate the skin. Basically it is a good lotion, but it doesn't diminish the appearance of stretch marks, or at least not for me.

Great for stretch marks
by rachel anderson

After the birth of my daughter, I was dreading the stretch marks. Luckily they weren't too bad, but they were still ugly to look at. I read in parenting magazines to try vitamin k. So, while browsing in the store, I came across this serum and it really helped make them a lot less noticeable.

New Mom=Lack of Sleep=Dark Circles
by jeanette

For those of you who have children, you know that frequently means being short on sleep. This unfortunately seemed to result in horrible dark under eye patches for me. I searched around online for a good cure for this problem and read about the benefits of Vitamin K1. I was a bit leery of the expense, about $60, however this product worked great!!! I see a noticeable improvement. I hardly ever need to wear under eye concealer anymore! Now if only the kids would stay asleep all night...

Vitamin K
by JJ

I read in a magazine that Vitamin K cream was good at making stretch marks disappear. I saw an off brand of this (not as good quality), at the store and almost bought it. I found this on the Internet in my desperate search to find something that would actually work. It sounded convincing enough that I spit out $60. I have been using it and my skin is softer and it has lightened my stretch marks. They are not completely gone, but there is a notable difference.

Expensive But Worth the Price
by SierraK

Yes, this product is expensive but it's worth every penny if you get dark under eye circles from allergies or insomnia. It's the only one I tried that actually made a difference for the dark circles I get every year during the spring/summer allergy season and from occasional sleeplessness.
This one has a creamy moisturizing texture so it's not irritating or drying like some other products that have a clear gel-like consistency. It also has the highest percentage of the active ingredient, Vitamin K. I really think Nutritional Tree should list this product under the category 'Dark Circles' in addition to this category, since it is so effective.
There are cheaper alternatives, but I tried those and they did nothing, and some made the problem worse by irritating and drying. I suspect those other products just didn't have enough Vitamin K to be effective, and noticed after trying this one that the others did not even list percentages but simply said "contains Vitamin K". This one is expensive, but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Stretch mark Savior?
by T. Danger

I've tried several products to reduce appearance of my stretch marks and under eye circles, and here's one that does them both! I like this Vitamin K1-rich (8%) serum. It is expensive, but worth it, in my opinion. My sister has rosacea and it has helped her skin as well. We've been sharing a bottle, and both of us are pleased with our respective results. Because we both use it the initial cost seems less, and we can compare notes/observations. For a new user I would suggest taking before and after photos to see marked results. Good luck!

Goodbye Scars
by ambreen

I've had great success with this cream for scars. I am a very accident prone person and so get scarred very easily. But I feel my scars are easily repairable with this Vitamen K serum. It is the best product on the market because it is the only serum that has that much Vitamin K in it without a prescription. It does run a bit expensive - but is well worth it because you can say goodbye to your annoying scars!

Good for stretch marks
by beckngar

This product worked very well in reducing the appearance of stretch marks from my pregnancies. It did also help reduce the appearance of dark circles, and a c-section scar in a short time. The price is a bit steep, but is well worth it if you want to get rid of a few skin flaws.

Well worth the money
by BusyMommy

This product is fantastic. I have the worst problem with dark circles under my eyes and saw excellent results after three applications. Additionally, after having four kids, stretch marks where definitely a problem for me. Now, while they are not totally gone, they have been incredibly diminished. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Great for dark circles
by S

This solution/serum is a valuable treatment for dark circles, puffiness, redness, and sore eyes. If you are in front of a computer all day, use it at the end of the day for immediate relief. I noticed my dark circles disappearing after about two weeks; I've always had dark circles, and usually wear more makeup to cover them. After using this serum, I've had to use much less!

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