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works great
by jess a

i thought it worked great when the directions were followed

by Carolyn jordan

I haven't tried this product, but have heard some really good things about it. People with scars and stretch marks say it does indeed work. My Daughter is now pregnant again and we will be using this product.


This is the product to use. I'm 30 with 1 child and had a lot of stretch marks across my stomach. This product has faded my stretch marks. I do believe with continued use, my stretch marks will be GONE!

the results are amazing
by glady

In only a month I began seeing my stretchmarks fade even my older, lighter-colored ones. The smaller, pinkish-reddish ones are almost completely gone and the skin is more evenly toned than it ever was and it costs way less than many other stretchmark treatment creams..'this was definitely great for my self-esteem.

Slowly but surely
by Jerry

I started using this product about six months ago to treat deep and quite pronounced stretch marks on my buttocks area. At first I didn't notice any difference. But as time went by, I did notice consderable fading of some of the stretch marks. There are other stretch marks that have faded some but not as much. I will continue to use this product because I have seen positive results, however, it has taken a long time for some of the stretch marks to fade away. I stil recommed this product. The downside is the steep price.

Good stuff!
by Jessica Blan

I am currently using Trilastin SR, and so far I think it's an amazing product. I haven't been using it religiousy, but even then I've noticed a huge difference! I'll definately be ordering more. :)

by Dominic

The price is steep. So, I was overjoyed to be able to get Trilastin SR FREE for my birthday. But, even if I had paid for it myself, the price is absolutely worth the results. It's been about 25 days and there is a remarkable difference on the older whitish stretch marks. They have almost completely faded and the texture is different. The newer redish stretch marks are fading at a slower pace but, I'm happy. Also, a scar that I had in the same area of my stretch marks is beginning to lighten up. I'm really glad that I took the time to search for a working solution after so many let downs by other products and being told that stretch marks only go away in time. I highly reccomend this product.

this is really good
by sumathi

I used this after my first delivery, though I did not have many but 2 to 3 stretch marks on my stomach and I wanted them to be cleared as soon as possible so that I could wear cut blouse or short tops. I read about this product in a newspaper and decided to give it a try. And the results were amazing; as 80% of my stretch marks were gone and I was really glad to see that and I decided to use it till all the stretch marks are gone completely. This is really good.

Trilastin is the best stretch mark cream
by Tiff

When I had my daughter I started looking for ways to get rid of the stretch marks. The more and more ads I found were about cocoa butter, and I tried a few. I didn't like them. They didn't really work. I found Trilastin, this product didn't only work on stretch marks but it even helped lighten and fade them. I highly recommend this to everyone that is soon to be mothers and I will continue to tell all my family and friends about it because it has gave me the best experience ever! Nice cheap and affordable to!

Loved it!
by Nikki

When I got pregnant, I immediately started looking for ways to ease the whole rollercoaster of it. I started paying attention to ads about pregnancy. The most common ad I found was for stretch mark cream. Most were cocoa butter, and I tried a few, but I didn't like them. They didnt work in preventing stretch marks. After I already got my road map, I found Trilastin. This product not only worked on stretch marks, but it even helped fade and lighten them. I have recommended this product to many soon-to-be mothers and I will continue to do so!

by Jennifer

I had some stretch marks after my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy and I had tried just plain cocoa butter and it did not help. When my husband brought this home and I used it, I was skeptical, but it really faded my stretch marks so that they are almost gone. I love it. Now this summer I might wear a bathing suit.

by Sean

My wife took this product to help her remove her stretch marks and the product worked well enough for me to see that she was satisfied, but it is slightly pricey.

Stretch Marks Are Lighter
by Jody H

I tried this cream and I absolutely loved it. I had ugly looking stretch marks and all I wanted was for them to go away. I found this cream with a money back guarantee and to my amazement they started getting lighter and lighter after 25 days. I still have stretch marks but they're not that easy to see anymore.

Helped some
by suz

I tried Trilastin because of the money back guarantee. I had 60 days to see if it helped or I got my money back. I used it twice a day for about 30 days or so and did notice a difference. My stretch marks were fresh and bright purple at the time. They had faded to a lighter pink after the 30 days. It did not take them away, but I felt that the product did help reduce the appearance of them.

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really need
by newfiegirl

i havent tryed this product yet but i hve heard good things about it. i tohave tryed everything for my stretch marks and nothing worked. i am hopeing to try this product.

Really need
by Tisha

I'm really in need of a cream that will remove stretch marks from the buttocks area and everything I have tried nothing works.