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massage cream
by elizabeth

I have used this product now for 3 months. I apply it 3 times a day religiously and i have seen no improvement. My stretch marks are fairly deep but even the light ones are still there and no better than before. I would recommend finding a different cream and not going the cheap route because its not working.

by Carolyn Jordan

My daughter used this during her first prenancy and it helped tremendisly. With continueous use it will fade away the most deepest of marks. I recommend you try it.

Not Satsified
by Anonymous

I tried this product throughout my pregnancy in hope that I would not get stretch marks, boy was I wrong. Not only did I end up with a lot of stretch marks, it also left my stomach feeling sticky.

Cream for Strtch Marks
by erika

I used this product and It did not prevent stretch marks for me. I went through many many bottles and it was good to moisture and calm the itchiness.

by Heather

I used this product throughout my 3 pregnanciess, and I don't have a single stretch mark. Would highly recommend for everyone.

Not Impressed
by Lorraine

I tried this product and found that it did not work for my stretch marks. It did, however, moisturize my skin. It good for dry skin but does not take away the stretch marks.

Not good enough
by Ashley

It is cheap, and as such, a good moisturizer, but that is about it. If you are prone to stretch marks, think bigger, this is just a great moisturizer.

Did Not Work for Me
by Staci

I tried this when I was pregnant with my daughter. I used it twice a day from the moment I found out I was pregnant. It did not work.....I did not even bother using it for the second pregnancy with my son.

Waste of Time & Money!
by Leigh Taylor

Nobody want's to get stretch marks! This product claims to prevent them. I and others I know tried this product and nobody was prevented from getting stretch marks! It's a waste of your time and your money!

Strethcing to the max ENDS!!
by Brooke

While pregnant with my daughter, Grace, I was getting terrible stretch marks. I used this product for only a few short weeks and it was like I was given a brand new belly. Thank goodness Massage Cream

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream
by Francisca Ramos

I did apply the cream a few times everyday while I was pregnant. I think from my personal experience that the Palmer's Cream for Stretch Marks doesn't work. I have a few stretch marks that's a bit noticeable after my pregnancy. Don't waste your money on this product because it doesn't help.

by Kayla

I used this product for my stretch marks after having my son and I was very pleased with how it worked.

Don't know
by Jeanette florio

Kept my skin soft supple and smooth but can't say if it worked or not. Streach marks are hareditary aparentlyand I think because I didn't get any its because my mom didn't either

waste of money
by Yvonne

After my daughter was born, I was on the lookout for something to help me reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. This did NOTHING. It didn't smell that great either!

by Krista

This product did little to nothing at all for my stretch marks, although it did smell good and made my skin really soft.

by Kim

This product did not work for me at all. I wasted money before and after and I still have stretch marks.


I have used this product before and every time it made me itch. Plus, I still have the stretch marks to prove it.

by christina irene jerro

Speaking as a mother of three children who has not one single stretch mark. This product has worked miracles for me I used during and after all three pregnancies and was left with beautiful soft skin.

Massage cream for stretch marks
by Donna Albright

This product helped me with my stretch marks I received from giving birth. My stomach and breast looked like a road map. lol I can laugh now, but then it was not so, funny, especially in public. My stretch marks may still be here, but much lighter then before. I feel better about this.Give it a try, you will like it.

author of frugal southern mom
by Tammy Hiatt

I used this product when I was pregnant and I really works! It smells good and its not really greasy. It goes on smooth and makes your skin feel soft. I would 100% recommend this product to any pregant woman!

Great for use while pregnant!!!
by Becca

I started using this product in my 3rd trimester and it really prevented stretch marks (didn't do anything for the already existing ones, though). I started getting the stretch marks on my hips and stomach and then I started using this and didn't get anymore of them!!! I wish I would have used this before they started to appear and maybe I wouldn't have any! If you are early in your pregnancy, I highly recommend getting this product before the stretch marks start to appear!!!

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream

Wonderful smell and non greasy cream. Soaks in quickly and does help prevent stretch marks from forming. Did not do as well for removing existing stretch marks but did help with the skin tone and firmness surrounding the existing stretch marks.

massage cream for stretch marks
by Amy

I used this cream RELIGIOUSLY when i was pregnant. I am a big girl in general, so i started using it twice a day, at six weeks pregnant, all the was until six weeks post, and it did wonders. it was easy to apply, wasn't sticky like alot of other creams, and it smelled awesome. It left my skin feeling soft, supple, and glowing. I appreciated the entire line of products, and i would use them again for my next child.

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream To The Rescue!
by StarChild517

I used palmers massage cream for stretch marks during my third trimester and I have to tell you I am more than pleased with the results. I would buy this product again and glad that I did buy it after a friend recomended it to me after she gained 50lbs with her first baby! I massaged the thick nongreasy cream 4 times a day over my belly and I developed a few stretch marks, but it could of been worse if I hadn't used the massage cream. When I continued applying the cream for two months after my pregnancy all of my stretch marks were gone!

Not a reliable product
by Melissa R.I.

Stretch marks do not run in my family so when I got pregnant i decided to use this product instead of a more expensive one. My mother used pure vitamin E during her pregnancies and both of my sisters used mustela and not one stretch mark. Like i said i decided not to go crazy with the creams and i settled for this one. After using this everyday 3x min I HAVE HUGE NASTY STRETCH MARKS!! I should have used something else. I'm still pregnant at only 7 months and I've only gained about 11 pounds. TWO THUMBS WAY DOWN!!!!!!

Moisturizes, doesn't prevent
by Angela

I had seen advertisements for this cream in several pregnancy magazines and was excited to try it during my pregnancies. Apparantly, I am very lucky, and did not get any stretch marks throughout my pregnancies. This cream was very soothing while the belly grew and got itchy from the growing baby. My best friend tried the same cream, using it even more than I did and has terrible, painful looking stretch marks. The cream didn't help or prevent them for her at all. I think this is a fabulous moisturizer for your pregnant tummy, but don't expect miracles. Some women are just prone to stretch marks and others are not.

Softer skin
by Trisha

I used this product with my first pregnancy. I don't truly believe there is any magic cure for stretch marks. It's a part of pregnancy. I must say however my skin was softer, and healthier looking. It was smooth, non itchy, and like others have said I smelled great. There's just something about being as comfortable during pregnancy as possible and this product took me one step closer to being a comfortable, albeit wobbly person for 9 months of my life.

Road map, still there!
by Patricia

I bought this product thinking how wonderful it would be to prevent hideous stretch marks! I was impressed with the moisturizing properties and the non-greasy feel it had, but did not find that it prevented my "road map". I would recommend this for growing bellys to prevent itchy skin, but not for stretch mark prevention.

Helped me
by christi b

I used this cream while I was pregnant with twins. It helped to relieve all of the itching due to my skin stretching, but I also believe that it helped to reduce/prevent stretch marks. My tummy got huge during my pregnancy, but all things considered, I only have a few stretch marks. I would recommend it!

Stretch Marks NOT Reduced
by Jo

I used this massage cream while pregnant with both of my children. While it did not remove nor prevent stretch marks, it did help my dry skin. While belly grew and grew over 9 months, my skin would stretch, become dry and itch. I used the cream three times a day and it reduced the itchy feeling.

It did not do anything for my already exisiting stretch marks and I did get a few more with my second pregnancy. But I did not have a dry belly, I was not itchy. And I smelled good.

Still there...
by Melissa

The softness of my skin improved by using this product however, I did not see a reduction in the color or size of my stretch marks. I'm upset because losing weight is tough, and the scars of that battle seem impossible to remove from my skin.

It's Okay..
by Karen O.

I bought this brand because I had stretch marks from a previous pregnancy, and tried this. Although my skin was very smooth, it didn't minimize the stretch marks after weeks of use. I would recommend using it for very dry skin instead of stretch marks.

Moisturizes more than Prevents!!
by Beth

This was one of the first products that I bought when I found out I was pregnant. It is a thick cream versus the lotion that they carry in the pump bottle. It provided great moisture to my skin, especially when your belly starts to itch when it stretches during pregnancy. It did not prevent the stretch marks though!!!

Did not prevent future stretch marks
by TC

I used this product according to the instructions. I did see a reduction in my existing stretch mark after months of rubbing/massaging. The cream didn't stop me from getting more stretch marks. I do notice that if I spend more time massaging in the product, it helps with the fading. I guess it must help with the blood circulation or something.

Smells Great!
by Lana

This is an amazing lotion. It thick and creamy, but doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or sticky. After using this lotion, the moisture lasts until the next day, and it smells delicious like cocoa. My husband loves that smell on me! Everyone in my family has now tried it, and loves it. I have recommended this lotion to everyone I know. I think everyone should give it a try, you'll end up getting super-soft skin!

If only....
by Cara

If only I had used this product! I have never tried this product because (to be honest), I didn't have faith in it. I didn't believe something as simple as applying a cream or lotion would prevent stretch marks. Well, if you were to look at my stomach after three pregnancies, you would think that you were looking at a big blood-shot eyeball! My sister just had her first child and used this product religiously. She loved it. She said that she didn't mind using it because it felt very soft and smooth on her skin. She now does not have a single stretch mark! IF ONLY....!!!

Nice one!
by Blueberry

Though I bought this originally to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy, it did not do much in that area. I however, loved that it kept my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

Great Stuff!
by anika

This smells good enough to eat!! I used it throughout pregnancy and I don't have any stretch marks. I'm not sure if that is due to good genes or the cream, but it leaves the skin feeling very soft and moisturized. I would use it again.

Decent Product
by Nikolas M

My wife first used this after out 2nd child but after 3 months of no results she decided to give it up. Price wise is less expensive, we feel as though quality wise it may be the same deal.

Smooth Skin
by Sheila

I love this product for smooth skin. The smell could use some change. My daughters used it during their teenage years and they still got stretch marks, but it is a great moisturizer.

Very Satisfied
by stacy myers

I used this product throughout my pregnancy, as I was terrified that my growing belly would end up looking like a road map! It kept my belly very well moisturized, and in the end I ended up free of any large stretch marks, except for a few very tiny ones around my belly button.

The Verdict is Out!
by Lana

Massage Cream for Stretch Marks presented here failed to deliver its claim to prevent and reduce stretch marks through its three key ingredients. I used this product for few months hoping to achieve some type of positive effect on my skin, but nothing happened! My stretch marks did not appear smoother or softer and they were most definitely still as obvious as ever. I was very disappointed with this product and I would not recommend it to any consumer believing it will deliver its promises. I give the product two stars only because it was able to have a significant moisturizing effect on my skin, leaving it feeling nourished. As far as preventing and reducing stretch marks, FORGET ABOUT IT!

It makes a great lotion for dry hands!
by KimP

I used this during my first pregnancy and it really didn't work for stretch marks but, my hands felt really soft afterward. I have two babies and I am constantly washing my hands. I like to use it at night on my hands to help them stay soft.

Great Product!
by kitaquita12

I love Palmer's products! I used this when I was pregnant with my daughter and it worked nicely. I would rub some cream on my growing belly twice a week.

Stretch Marks Reduced
by Ernest

Being the brawling gym rat I am, I began forming stretch marks as my muscles grew. The stretch mark cream helped reduce the formation of new stretch marks but it hasn't really helped with my already existing stretch marks.

Silky Smooth...
by L Thomas

I used this cream while pregnant with my first child and it worked great! It kept my skin feeling soft and smooth without feeling greasy. I was fortunate enough to not get any stretch marks ... until 3 days before delivery! I continued to use this cream after delivery and my stretch marks were gone within weeks.

Although it didn't completely prevent stretch marks from coming, it did get rid of the few I got shortly after they appeared. I am still very satisfied with this product. I didn't think anything could prevent me from getting stretch marks while gaining 75 lbs... yes, 75 lbs during pregnancy... but this cream worked wonders!

An ounce of prevention..not so much
by D&Q'sMommy

With my first child I was lucky to get only one medium stretch mark across my belly so, I figured I'd try to prevent another one with my second pregnancy. I saw this product & thought it was the answer to my prayers...boy was I wrong. I slathered my belly twice a day from the 4th month on & still ended up with another medium sized stretch mark. Save your money & invest in Vitamin E caplets instead.

Helps those marks fade away.
by Jit Patel

This massage cream for stretch marks is effective in preventing more stretch marks from forming while also slowly but surely fading them into the color of my skin. A great product to try!

Still here
by Dee

I used this with my first the beginning all the way through to the end and then a few months afterwards. Still had stretch marks. Did not use during second pregency and had new stretch marks, but nothing different than the first one. To me, this product had no effect on my body what so ever.

No marks here!
by Jessica D

Palmers Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

It is a great non greasy cream and it does reduce stretch marks by using it every day, twice a day, I recommend. It's better to start using the minute you find out your pregnant. Ya know, be prepared! I love how it gets rid of dryness. It helps the skin stay soft, and I felt safe using it during my pregnancy!

Not magic, but great for skin
by Jody

I used this product faithfully beginning 3 months prior to conception, continuing until a few weeks after my baby was born. Unfortunately, I was the receipient of several stretch marks, but in all honesty, they weren't nearly as bad as I had feared (far lighter and fewer than my mother, so perhaps this helped?). My skin also felt great thoughout my pregnancy, which likely helped to combat the stretching.

by Z

Not only did the massage cream help in reducing my stretch marks, but it also left my skin feeling softer than it ever has. I used it on other parts of my body, just because I liked the way it made my skin feel.

Good for pregnancy
by Emily

I used this throughout my pregnancy, applying it to damp skin after a shower. It prevented itchy skin and stretch marks. It is a good, thick moisturizer for dry skin as well.

Great Hydration, not for preventing stretch marks
by Christine

This definitely keeps an area well hydrated, but it doesn't prevent stretch marks. I would recommend this as a moisturizer. However, I did still get stretch marks while using this product.

Good product
by Henley

I use this product for my stretch marks and it works fine. It prevents me from getting more stretch marks and is way better than the massage one. It doesn't eliminate my stretch marks, but it does help to prevent more stretchmarks.

Feels good...but
by allismom

With my first pregnancy I used this faithfully. It helped until the 9th month, when I/the baby had a growth spurt. My skin was not able to keep up. It did, however, relieve that itchy feeling many moms get in the third trimester. It also feels good as a massage lotion so dads can get involved making the mom more comfortable.

Stretch Mark Cream
by Stephanie

I only gave this Stretch mark cream a 3.5 because it certainly doesn't prevent stretch marks as it claims. It does relieve dryness and help your skin remain soft. I used this all throughout my pregnancy, and though I do have stretch marks, I still plan on using it with my next pregnancy. It does a great job on relieving the dry itchiness that accompanies stretch marks and my skin is very soft and smooth after I use it.

Stretch marks
by Arvinder

Pregnancy is a blessing, but the strech marks that come with it reduces the joy. I delivered a baby few months ago and was horrified to see the strech marks. I started using the this cream and the joy of motherhood has returned. There are no stretch marks now. I am thankful to the Palmer's for returning my joy and returning my streth-mark free skin, too.

A good skin moisturizer
by Angel C.

I'm giving this 3 stars because although I did use this to eliminate my stretch marks, it didn't do that. It moisturizes my skin and makes it feel very soft and touchable. It didn't do anything for my stretch marks and I used this lotion faithfully for about 2 months straight. It does moisturize dry skin beautifully though and leaves it looking quenched and healthy.

Good Moisturizer but not for Stretch marks...
by vmvdmd

I base my review on my recent experience. I have used this creme extensively for the last 6 months. It has done a good job of eliminating chafing and the itchiness of getting bigger and especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. It however, failed at eliminating stretch marks, which are primarily, genetic in origin. I would recommend the product for moisturizing and relief of itchiness, but not for elimination or reduction of stretch marks.

Moisturizes...that's it
by B Turner

This cream moisturized my skin really well, but did nothing at all to prevent me from getting stretch marks. I got them all over my belly after applying this cream morning and night throughout my pregnancy. I didn't have any dryness though!

the bigger the better?
by Jessica

This stuff was pretty nice. It gave my hubby some one on one time with me and the baby while he was inside of me. It also helped to reduce the amount of stretch marks I had during the pregnancy. I had a big baby (11 pounds at birth) and I'm sure the stretch marks could have been so much worse if I didn't use this product.

Don't waste your money
by jaime rice

Don't waste your money or get your hopes up high for this product. I started using this as soon as I became pregnant. I used it even after my stretch marks started appearing. It did not work for me. However, it is very thick and feels wonderful being rubbed into your skin. It is one of the best products for itchy skin.

Working well
by Aubre Rice

I am 5 months pregnant and have been using this product since the beginning in the hopes of avoiding stretch marks. I use it at least once a day. Although I am still getting stretch marks, they are very light (almost translucent) and barely noticeable. I expecially like this cream because it is thicker than regular lotion and helps soothe my very itchy growing skin.

massage cream
by lala5

I have not really experienced that this cream does anything for stretch marks. I have used it for long periods of time and have not really seen any results, other than my body's own natural way of getting rid of them.

works great
by prashant

My wife used this when she was pregnant. I was amazed with the result, there were very few stretch marks. My wife was thrilled. She used it everyday without fail and had no complaints about the smell or it being greasy.

by holly wilson

I used this product from the moment I found out I was pregnant and throughout my entire pregnancy. I had no stretch marks whatsoever after giving birth. It was easy to apply and did not leave your skin feeling greasy. This product is great and I rave about it to everyone.

Great and Affordable Product!
by Lisa Dryden

I used this product while I was pregnant with my second child. I used it fairly consistently, every other night, and I did not have any stretch marks on my stomach at all, even into my 9th month. The light, tropical scent was very nice and it absorbed quickly into my skin. I will definitely use this product with my next pregnancy and will anticipate having no stretch marks again.

This product is very good and shows results.
by Laura Frost

I personally never wanted to get rid of my stretch marks because I believe they came with my children so I have not tried to get rid of them. However, my mom tried this product to lighten hers and it did more than lighten them. It was great. It seems to make them disappear over night. I know it doesn't work that fast but it was amazing.

A Great Moisturizer
by Dee

If you are looking for a great moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, look no further. As for preventing stretch marks, well I can’t say that it worked for me. I used it every day from the first week of pregnancy up until the night before delivery and I still had stretch marks. Perhaps without using the cream they may have been worse, I cannot say. I did notice that my hands were a lot less dry during pregnancy when I was using the cream. I still keep a tube of it around the house during the winter months just to moisturize my hands and keep them from cracking. This product is not just for pregnancy use.

Great for stretch marks and much more!
by S

This cream is a powerful combination of moisturizer and vitamins, and I noticed results after just a few applications. Some stretch marks take longer to disappear than others, but this is a great all-around moisturizer for people with very dry skin who don't want a greasy feel. The cream is great for recently pregnant women, as well as smoothing out problem areas.

Didn't work
by Reeam

I would recommend this for moisturizing, as it does make your skin silky soft even if it's not frequently used. It did not get rid of any previous stretch marks.

Nice, average product
by Kris Morgan

While it didn't get rid of former stretch marks, it did seem to ensure skin flexibility during my pregnancy. I never got huge stretch marks and I used the product each and every day. It had a neutral odor and I would have rather it smelled more feminine since I had to use it daily. I would use it again, but just for skin hydration and prevention. It did not take any stretch marks away that I had previously.

Didn't work for me
by Robin M

I used this throughout my pregnancy, and still got many stretch marks. It did seem to relieve the itching though.

Not bad at all
by EM

I used it for nine months, only got three tiny marks, less than 1/8 inch long--you'd have to know where to look to find them.

by Jessica

I used this through all 9 months of my pregnancy, and then for about 1 month after. I gained about 35-40 pounds during the pregnancy and don't have a single stretch mark to show for it!

Great product
by TM

My wife used this product during her first pregnancy and got no stretch marks. On her second she only used Vit. E and Coco Butter and ended up with some.
If you are a lifter and are bulking up, definitely get some of this. Apply it to your upper thighs, under arms, etc. to avoid the stretch marks that come with adding weight too quickly.

So Far So Good
by Melissa

I have been using this for 7 months and no stretch marks so far!

4 Customer Opinions

smell and texture
by Diania

This smells wonderful! The texture is nice too, not too thick and not too thin. Great for a wonderful massage. I don't know that it helped my stretch marks though. I still got them.

massage cream for strech marks
by laura bieschke

I tried this when I was pregant and it works.

by rita

This cream did not ease my stretch marks but a friend use it & didn't get them. Maybe she wouldn't have anyway.

No Magic Cure
by Christine

I like the idea of curing stretch marks with a cream, but I have yet to find one including this product. It's very moisturizing, but didn't erase my stretch marks.