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Massage lotion or Corrective Creme
by B

yes its all in the title its more for massage than as a medicated creme to help reduce stretch marks. its feels good and smells nice so i will give it a decent rating. but for the use of stretch marks it doesn't do much to anything. ive tried this product over a month now, ive given it plenty of time to have some affect. ill go back to vitamin e extract

by April

I am a little over 4 months pregnant and believe me I am big for only being 4 months. So far I do not see any indication of strech marks. Will keep you posted

I don't know if it works or not.
by Catherine

I used this product for about two months and I have seen some fading in my stretch marks, but my marks are fairly new and probably would have faded anyways.

Massage lotion for stetch marks
by erika

I used this product and It did not prevent stretch marks for me. I went through many many bottles and it only was good to moisture and calm the itchiness.

Stretch Marks Help!!
by Leigh Taylor

I just didn't see any help at all by using this product. As a moisturizer, it is great! I used it as an after sun moisturizer and just loved it! BUT, to prevent or repair stretch marks? NO WAY!

Mother of 1
by Angie

This did not keep me from developing strethmarks after being pregnant, i used it untill i ran out of the stuff, didnt work so i didnt waste my money on the next.

by Krista

A friend recommended the product to me- the price was great, but the product did little to nothing at all to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

By Beatrice
by It Does What Claims To Do!

I used this product during the entire duration of my second pregancy. It smelled pretty good and left my skin moisturized. I did not get any new stretch marks! Yeah!!

It's Great Stuff
by Leah

I used this product with my last child, at the age of 39 when the elasticity of the skin is not so great anymore and it worked really well for me. I did't see any added strecthmarks from the first 2 kids. I give it an "A+".

Good moisturizer
by Cristy Carnes

I thought this product was great as a moisturizer, however, its effect on stretch marks is questionable as I saw no difference over the course of my using it.

Doesn't work
by Lyn

I didn't see any benefit from this product other than a moisturizer. I used during first pregnancy. I still had stretch marks. They just have to go away with time.

by jwright

I love this product I used it the whole time I was pregnant and now that Im not pregnant I still use it everyday. It really helped me not to get stretch marks and I love that!

by Bridgette O

This stuff does not work at all. The best thing to do is let stretch marks go away (or fade out) in their own time.

by Bridgette O

This stuff does not work. The best thing to do is let them go away with time.

by Pam

I had always heard stories about stretch-marks so I decided to try this product but it did not work for me at all.

by April Arceneaux

I have undergone three wonderful pregnancies. As a mother under 30, staying away from stretch marks was definitely a goal of mine, if possible. For my first pregnancy, I faithfully applied the Palmer's stretch mark lotion. Since I was able to avoid stretch marks from that pregnancy, I consistently used the lotion for my other two pregnancies also. After three pregnancies, I am still free of stretch marks. I do attribute some of that reasoning to this lotion and would definitely use it again if I were to become pregnant for a fourth time.

CAUTION! Do Not Use This Product
by Kay

This product doesn't work for stretch marks. But, If you want a moisturizing lotion this is the product for you! :(

by Matt Harris

Does not work, one star for being an oily moisturizer. Working out will remove stretch marks for free

Didn't work
by Iryna

Didn't help me. Two stars for moisturizing.

Try something else
by Salina

I used this product and it did not help. It was a great lotion and I even used it after my pregnancy and somethimes even buy it now when it is on sale or I have a coupon because as a lotion it is great but as a preventer and reducer of stretch marks it not.

Don't Buy!
by Renee

You are better off going to your doctor to see if they have something better out there! This stuff does NOT work at all.

by kim2728

I should have used a better product but I didn't have the money to spend. I do have have stretch marks as a result. No recommendation.

Use Mustela Instead!!!!!
by shielah jones

I wanted to let everyone know that this Palmer's works well as a moisturizer AFTER the baby was born, and when I've been in the sun all day. But use Mustela instead -- I promise: IT WORKS!! Everyone told me stretch marks were hereditary, and I was terrified because my mom's stomach was horribly ruined from her two pregnancies -- I mean, deep, dark purple streaks on every inch of her skin. I saw an ad for Mustela in a pregnancy magazine, and at 5 mo. when I started to show, I used it twice a day, every day. I have NO stretch marks, even though pre-pregnancy I was a lean, flat belly, and ended up having a 10 lb. baby! In fact, my belly was so huge that the day before he was born the pores on my belly were actually bleeding from being stretched so much! But I have NO stretch marks!! USE MUSTELA!!!
(Here's a tip: when your skin is growing, and sometimes it'll itch so bad you want to scrape it with a hairbrush? Put the tube of Mustela in the freezer for a few minutes, just to get it nice and cold, then rub on your belly... Oh, the relief....!)

by RP

This product did not work for me. I used this product during my first pregnancy for the entire 9 months and it didn't do anything good for me. I did not use anything during my second pregnancy and did not get not one more stretch mark on my belly. I recommend that you do not waste your money on this product because it does not work.

works wonders
by Julie

I used this during my pregnancy and I noticed a HUGE difference with my stretch marks. I would apply the lotion at least twice a day to keep my skin moist and I did not get very many stretch marks and the ones that I did get are fading

by es

Well when my best friend was pregnant she purchased this product conveniently at the local pharmacy (CVS) at a very affordable price I might add. She was already 4 months pregnant and had just really begun to show. She had heard from her mother in law that this lotion did miraculous things for stretch marks. (like not let them come out or make them lighter). Well after giving birth and her belly going back to its "almost" original size, she is pretty much stretch mark free...Now I don't know if its due to the lotion or good genes. However, since I have yet to have a baby I hope the lotion.

I wouldn't buy it
by H. Rogers

With my first son I didn't use any of this stuff and hardly got any stretch marks. The ones I did have were skin color. With my second son I used this lotion and even cocoa butter soap, and my stretch marks were worse this time around than last, so it didn't help any.

Great Product
by Maudrey

I used this product for all 3 of my pregnancies. I used it faithfully everyday when I was pregnant and each time it worked great in preventing stretch marks. My last pregnancy was with twins, and I thought for sure I was going to have stretch marks, but I continued to apply my Coco Butter Lotion and just like before, no stretch marks. I was amazed. I recommend this product.

Works wonderfully
by Kathy

I found this product when I was pregnant with my first child, by a friend's recommendation. It worked so well, I used it with my second and my third! I had c-sections with my 2 youngest, and it even helped my c-section scar fade tremendously. A great gift for every pregnant friend.

This is Great
by smitha

When I got pregnant, I was concerned about stretch marks. I just picked it up from the store with not much hopes...but this product really surprised me. It surely didn't prevent stretch marks but it did reduce them. Now my belly marks are not as bad as I thought it would be.

by shen

I'm not pregnant, I just got tall fast so I got a LOAD of stretch marks on my legs and hips :(. I started to use it and slowly but surely they are disappearing. I think everyone with stretch marks should definitely give it a go, because it's working for me so it might for you too.

by Cortney

I used this product through both of my pregnancies and I am very proud to say that I have absolutely no stretch marks on my body. I know that they say you can not prevent stretch marks, but I have the body to prove it! This product is great! It also smells wonderful.

Worth a try!
by Janet

I used the lotion all thru my pregnancy right from the first trimester. I knew from what I read that nothing really can prevent stretch marks compeletely. Genetics play a major role in whether or not you will get stretch marks. However, moisturizing helps to improve the skin's elasticity and hopefully, for some, it may actually work. In my case, I ended up not having any major stretch marks. I did notice some loose skin on my stomoch right below the belly button....not really noticeable though. I am not sure if my lack of stretch marks was due to the lotion or genetics. I have a feeling it's both. So if you ask me if the lotion is worth getting...oh ya for's not expensive at all. If nothing else, it really helps with the itchiness, towards the end of pregnancy when the skin on your stomoch is all stretched up.

Waste of money
by Jill

This is a great lotion, if that's what you're looking for, but you could spend lot less money on a regular lotion. I used this product while pregnant with my third baby and I did not see any difference in the results from my first 2 babies, when I did not use the product.

It worked for me
by Bethany

I have 3 kids. I never used anything for stretch marks with my first 2. When I was pregnant with my thrid, I used this lotion. I thought it was wonderful. It worked. It lessoned my all ready there marks and got rid of my new ones. And it smells great.

Works and Smells Great!
by Kasandra

I have used this product even though I wasn't pregnant to reduce old stretch marks. It doesn't totally reduce old stretch marks but it makes them less noticeable. This product also smells great and makes skin very soft. I now use it often on my hands at night to make them soft in the morning. I recommend this product to a lot of the teenage girls I work with who are going through puberty and have stretch marks.

Got kids?? Get this.
by Dawn

During my pregnancy I had my husband rub my tummy down with this every night to fight off possible stretch marks, and I'm pretty sure it worked!! I love you honey!! I would recommend this to help PREVENT stretch marks before they appear.

Good Moisturizer but Didn't Work
by Stacy

I used Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and while it was a very nice lotion and kept my skin well moisturized, it didn’t get rid of my stretch marks. I applied this multiple times a day and it still did not work.

Great product at a great price
by Mary

OK, so maybe not the best story to tell, but it is necessary in order for me to let you all know why this product is so great. When I was in my teens and early twenties I had a pretty severe eating disorder. I lost weight rapidly and then once I overcame it I gained weight even more rapidly. I was riddled with stretch marks and was only 25. I had them all over my stomach, thigh and breasts. I bought this product and used it diligently and they virtually disappeared. It has a light texture and is easy to incorporate into your morning and evening beauty routine. I used it twice a day and after a couple of weeks really noticed a difference. After a couple of months I was no longer embarrassed to show my midriff!

Great for that growing belly
by Lisa

There is no cure for stretch marks, but keeping your belly mositurized helps reduce them. This kept my skin soft and helped me prevent myself from recieving that road map look on my belly.

by Rachel

This lotion works great! I am currently 8 months pregnant and have used it the whole time. I use it twice a day, morning and evening. I do not have one stretch mark anywhere I have applied the lotion. I have also seen a slight reduction in the appearance of some previous stretch marks. This lotion is great, use it, use it, use it!

by ambreen

This lotion is great for anybody who is pregnant. In my experience, it really does help prevent stretch marks! The only thing is that you must use this cream for the entire nine months and on a daily basis. Only then will this cream really have a good affect.
What's even more, you'll get to enjoy the nice smell of this cream. Plus, it will make your skin feel really soft and healthy all the time you use it! I use it for my skin all the time - it's an awesome moisturizer!

Didn't work for me
by Staci H.

I heard such great things about this product, but I was disappointed that it didn't reduce my stretch marks at all. Perhaps I didn't put enough on. That being said, this makes an excellent general lotion and moisturizes like no other lotion I have ever used and made my skin feel very smooth, so I continue to use it everyday.

It Works!
by Ali

When I found out I was pregnant, I started reading about how to NOT get stretchmarks and saw this product listed. I used it (LOVED the scent too) and used it everyday without fail. I had NO stretchmarks!

Smooth, but didn't work!
by TMCole

I thought I would try this product since my sister swore by it. I was excited to know that there was a good chance that I wouldn't get stretch marks during my pregnancy. Well, it didn't work for me. Though it relieved my dry and itchy skin, it did nothing for the marks. I had another friend use olive oil on her belly through 5 girls and 1 boy. She did not have one stretch mark to note. I think there is something to be said for that.

Massage lotion
by Debb

I used this while I was pregnant on my stretch marks but it didn't help stop them. It was a very good lotion and hydrated my skin better than other products I have used in the past. I would say it was a very good lotion but not great on stretch marks.
I used this product afterwards on very dry hands and it worked extremely well.

Like A Zebra!
by JJ

Clinically, they say you can't prevent stretch marks and boy are they right! I tried a number of things, but I'm still marked for life! I came across this product one day in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I thought "I'm going to get this so I don't get stretch marks". Well I used it in the morning when I woke up, after I bathed and before I went to sleep. Yeah, it smells good and it's not too oily, but I paid $6 for Cocoa Butter that I could have bought at The Dollar Store cheaper and I still have stretch marks!

Used when I was pregnant
by Kelli

I used this when I was pregnant to try to prevent the stretch marks from ever happening in the first place. Although it made me smell great, it also made my hands itch! Plus that, it didn't work for me at all. I got TONS of stretch marks EVERYWHERE, and I used this stuff everyday.

Doesn't Prevent But Helps Fade
by Milf

While pregnant I used this daily and it left my skin feeling really soft. It's a nice lotion but it didn't prevent me from getting stretch marks while pregnant like I had hoped. I used this after pregnancy to treat my stretch marks and it did seem to help my stretch marks fade.

I loved this
by may

Let me tell you that I was really heavy while growing up, and I got a lot of stretch marks. I used this lotion for a year and all my stretch marks went away. I really recommend this, and now my sister-in-law is pregnant. She went out and got this lotion and is using it by my request. Use it is great, for real!

Wasn't impressed
by ljmc

I used this everyday while pregnant with my last child. I think I purchased well over 10 bottles of it in high hopes I would not get any more stretch marks. Well it surely didn't work very well, I have a ton of them. I really did enjoy the smell though, and it made my skin very soft. Just didn't prevent stretch marks at all in my opinion.

It helps a little
by Jeff

My wife has some stretch marks that she is embarrased by and she has tried many things to get rid of them. Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks has seemed to help a little. Although the stretch marks are still there after a few weeks of use, you can tell that they are starting to fade slightly. So far, they are looking better.

Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks
by Sam

This lotion didn't work for me during the process of having a child and the aftermath of having a child. I used it almost everyday till the birth of my kid and it didn't work. I would go with something more expensive, or something a dermatologist recommends. It's a decent lotion for every day use, since cocoa butter is good for your skin.

Stretch Marks
by Stacy

Although this product has a nice smell to it and left my skin nice and smooth this did not work. Please do not waste your money on this as I was very unpleased with it. I only got a few marks but this lotion did not help prevent them

by Melissa

When I found out I was pregnant, my biggest fear was stretch marks. I bought this. My sister and all my friends used it. It also left my belly nice and smooth. It helped a great deal. I had only a few stretch marks after my son was born.

Feels Great.. Doesn't Prevent Stretch Marks
by L. T.

This lotion is great for everyday use, but it definitely doesn't prevent stretch marks... at least not for me. I didn't get many stretch marks but a few did appear while using this and this lotion didn't help get rid of them. I continued to use it and even used it while not pregnant just to moisturize my body and it feels great. It makes my skin feel soft and silky smooth, so it is good for something.

Did not see much of a difference
by Annie

After using this product I did notice a change in the the color of my stretch marks. My stretch marks did fade to some degree but they did not disappear so be aware that this is meant to fade your stretch marks not cure them. In order to see any results at all I had to use the product for at least 3 weeks before I began to see any results.

Massage lotion for stretch marks
by Pamela Hairston

I didn't get too many stretch marks during my pregnancy but the few I got, I wanted to get rid of. I tried this, along w/ some other products (not at the same time) and it really didn't work. It did make my skin feel much smoother.

Great for massages
by Jo

I originally bought this because I was looking for yet another product to help me get rid of existing stretch marks as well as prevent newer ones. Of course, like most of the creams out there this did nothing. However, my husband used it to give me massages and it worked great. It left my skin feeling soft and not greasy and it smelled pretty good too.

Watery Lotion
by Beth

During my pregnancy I tried everything to reduce and prevent stretch marks. This was one of the first products I bought along with Palmers "Cream" version. I found this product to be a little to watery. My skin would "suck" in the lotion and then still feel dry. I had to apply this lotion several times to see any results of smoother, softer skin. As far as the stretch mark reduction and prevention, it DID NOT WORK!!!

Works Wonders
by CP

I would suggest using the product to anybody! I started using the lotion when I was about 4 months pregnant to at least lower the results of stretchmarks. After I had my son, I didn't have 1 stretch mark where I used the lotion. I think it smells pretty good also, so it's a win -win. When my skin gets really dry feeling (usually in the winter time) I still use the lotion to calm the itching.

Can't stop using this!
by Lana

I LOVE this stuff! It's so much better to prevent a thing you don't want, than to try to treat it once it becomes an issue. It's only logical that hydrated skin, and skin with enough collagen and elastin, would be more resistant to negative change than skin lacking those things. The biggest difference between young skin and old skin is collagen and elastin levels. High levels keep skin smooth, firm, and resilient. I don't know how well it helps diminish existing stretch marks, though I'm sure it's better for them than dryness. It feels really good! I like the beach-like smell.

Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks
by Patricia Madden

If you love the smell of Shea Butter this lotion is for you. The lotion is thick and smells great. I am using this product now and I love it. I don't feel oily and I do see a change in my stretch marks. The change is sudden , I would tell people to try it if you have stretch marks or even if you don't, it leaves your skin soft and silky. Give it a chance, you will like it. I know I did.

Works so far
by K.M.

I am only in my second trimester of pregnancy, but have been using this lotion from the start and hope that I will not end up with stretch marks as I progress! I definitely feel like it makes my skin softer and is helping. It's not very greasy, but husband does say it makes me a little sticky after I put it on. I plan to continue to use it throughout my pregnancy.

Great as a lotion
by Blueberry

I like this product only because it kept my skin very well moisturized. I used it religiously twice a day everyday during my pregnancy but it did not do much for the stretch marks. It might have reduced it but did not totally prevent or cure it. It was great as a Shea butter lotion!

Nice Lotion
by Nikolas M

WE found this product to work very nice. My wife used this late in her 3rd pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. It worked very well as she gained a good amount of weight and by using this daily was able to keep more stretch marks from appearing. I highly recommend this product.

best stretch mark cream
by somemom

I can't say that this lotion completely prevents stretch marks, but it does help. I believe that although this lotion didn't prevent the stretch marks, it did reduce the spread of them. It's nice and creamy but not greasy, and the pump makes it easier to access and use.

Worked Great!
by stacy myers

I used this product, along with the cream, throughout my pregnancy, and I was very satisfied with it. I actually ended up using it on my whole body, not just my belly, because it left my skin feeling very soft and smooth. It is not greasy or oily, and smells terrific. The pump is convenient as well, much less messy than a tube. I did end up free of stretch marks, not sure if was the lotion but I'm sure it helped!

Love this lotion!!
by MsVegasNeesey

Couldn't give it a 5 rating because I also don't believe it actually prevents stretch marks, but I do believe it probably helps minimize them. No matter what, it makes your belly feel soft and smooth and it got my hubby to massage my belly!!Yeah!!

by a.m

I was using this while I was pregnant with the triplets. My belly got so huge and the skin was stretched out so much that my belly was itching. I used this and felt better.
After having 5 babies, I don't think mt belly looks that bad. Of course, I can' t say it's all because of this lotion, but I highly recommend it!!

Massaging Away!
by Lana

Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks was yet another lotion I was willing to try in order to minimize the appearance and feel of my ugly stretch marks. This lotion smelled wonderful and left my skin feeling supple and moisturized. However, its claim to reduce the existing stretch marks was not evident from my experience. I used the product on daily basis for about six months and no diminishing effect was noted. Nonetheless, I did not get any new stretch marks while using this product. Of course, it is difficult to determine if this product actually prevented new stretch marks from forming through the lubrication it offers or if I was naturally not experiencing any new marks. Still, I give the product 2.5 stars because its verdict on new marks is still in the open and it did make my skin wonderfully soft! I would recommend thinking twice about purchasing this lotion if you have hopes that it will successfully meet all of its claims.

Great Product!
by kitaquita12

This is a great product to use when your pregnant. It moisturizes your skin and makes it feel baby soft. It's great at preventing stretch marks but it doesn't stop them.

Makes a great lotion!
by cjthedog64

I started using this while pregnant and still use it regularly. It didn't seem to do anything to help prevent stretch marks, but it sure made the itching and dry skin easier to deal with. It was easy to use, not messy, and smells great.

Tummy Love!
by Jessica D

Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks is a lot better than the cream because of the convenience with the pump. My husband used to give me tummy massages when I was pregnant with it, and it put me right to sleep. A note though, if you already have stretch marks, it will only lighten them. If you start using it before you get them ,like as soon as you find out you're pregnant, you will not get stretch marks. Well, I didn't anyway.

Great lotion !!!
by Stephanie

I love this lotion! I used this lotion and the cream ( that's another review ) while I was pregnant . The pump bottle is very convenient , you can leave it in the car or diaper bag without worrying about it getting on anything.
Though I cannot say it prevents stretch marks , I can tell you it leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturized and it smells great . Definitely worth the few dollars it costs.

Massage Lotion
by L. M.

While I can't say that this actually prevented stretch marks, I can say that this is one of the best products I used when I was pregnant. I had horrible morning sickness and was unable to tolerate the smell of many skin care items, but this one smelled delicious! The lotion itself is not greasy and actually left my skin feeling smooth. My husband does not like the feel of massage oil or most lotions, but he was more than willing to use this.

Great cream for stretch marks
by Candi

I am currently using this product at 7 months pregnant and I love it! It has my skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent is great and leaves me feeling relaxed. T and I have not seen a hint of a stretch mark. There is no residue left after you rub it in, just a soft feeling. I have been using this brand for awhile and they have great products!

Much nicer then the cream
by Jessica

I liked the cream, but I love the pump a lot more. It's easier to use and it has great results. I used it during my pregnancy and am very happy with the results. It was so good for my skin. I would use this again.

excellent for stretch marks
by renuka

I used the lotion when I was pregnant, and oh, I could not believe that the stretch marks were totally gone. It is really a wonderful product. I used it regularly. It is a great product to use during pregnancy.

by Henley

I have stretch marks due to gaining weight and this product helped a little. To me, it doesn't minimize stretch marks, but it does prevent me from getting more.

by Holly Wilson

This product works great. Used it on my two pregnancies, and am proud to say I've never had one stretch mark. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and leaves it feeling soft and silky. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks
by Khalilah Murarsheed

I use the massage lotion for stretch marks to help minimize the appearance of my stretch marks. I use the massage lotion for stretch marks on a daily basis on my stomach. The massage lotion for stretch marks really does work.

Super product with great results
by Lisa Dryden

This product was a relative bargain compared to some of other stretch mark creams being touted on the market right now. This product can be bought in any local drugstore and it works spectacularly! Use it as you would use any type of general body lotion and it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. If you use it on a consistent basis, it leaves your skin and thus your stretch marks moisturized and lessened in appearance. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

4 Customer Opinions

lovely smell
by Diania

This smells great! I didn't see a noticable difference in my stretch marks though. I still got them while pregnant.

by britt

it only prevented the stretch marks, but did nothing for old ones.

Really Helpful
by chantel

I am 19 years old and I have stretch marks from always gaining and losing weight. I used this product a couple times and it help to clear them. I love this stuff and I know you will to.

by sarah

I just did not experience the kind of results that I was expecting. Marks were still there.