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by Sheila Melton

I would buy this again. It was a wonderful feeling to wear and use on a daily regiment! I hope you also enjoy this as my mother and I do!!!

Tri Me
by Matt H

By far one of the best. I've never experienced a 100 percent satifaction with stretch mark removal, but at about 85 percent combined with exercise this product work amazingly to bring them down to barely visible.

I love it!!
by Mary

I was so impressed with this product. It is worth the money. I have stretch marks on my hips. I have had them since I was a teenager and I could never really get them to fade until I used this product. I use it daily and I began to see the difference I was impressed. I know I will use this product for my stomach when I get pregnant.

Worked for me
by emily

I was an overweight child, so by the time I was in middle school I had stretch marks on my stomach and arms. It was extremely unattractive especially for someone who was fifteen. My mom ended up getting me this product and I loved it. The stretch marks aren't completely gone but they are less visible. I hated wearing tank tops or any shirt that would show off my arms now it isn't such a big deal.

Like a baby's bottom
by Mike

Seeing how my stretch marks have worsened over the months, I decided to try ElasteFirm after seeing it on an advertisement. I experimented with it for 2 weeks, and I must say, the results are satisfying. Although I still have tiny marks above my sternum, most of it was expunged. However, the price of the product is variable, so if you're looking for something with similar results - try doing some online research before sending the money away.

Stretch Marks Fade
by Jess

I am usually skeptical with these products. A friend of mine convinced me to try this during my second pregancy. My stretch marks from my first pregnancy were starting to darken again. This product made them fade better than any product I used before. After the birth, it was still helpful and I would definitely recommend it.

Abolutely Wonderful Product
by Courtney

I started using this product when I was 2 months pregnant. I never got one stretch mark. My mother and all of my cousins got multiple stretch marks during their pregnancies, so I know it runs in the family, but I used this product every day and twice a day starting at month 7 and it worked great. I recommend it to anyone who is afraid of getting stretch marks. I can't recommend this product highly enough, it worked for me.

Stetching the Truth
by Dave

My wife received this product as a gift from a family member when she announced her pregnancy. She religiously used this product out of fear of developing stretch marks. However, she was very disappointed as stretch marks still developed. Unfortunately the cream did not go along way as it was a small bottle for over $50 and she could not afford to continue to use the product. She had to resort to Palmers, a cheaper product. Palmers worked just as well, if not better, for her and she got more for her money.

Great Product Finally!!
by dee

This product is wonderful. First you receive a generous amount for the price and it is readily available on the internet. Secondly, it really firmed up my skin after I had my baby only 4 months ago. It actually seemed to rejuvenate my skin while reducing stretch marks. This product come highly recommended by me!

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