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didnt work
by Jyssica

used this product for 3 months with No improvement on strechmarks and ideas on something anybetter

by Diana G

I dont think this cream works with strech marks but it does work with scars...

by carolyn

tried this... didnt really work on its own, but i combined it with palmers and it made a little bit of a difference, looking for something better... any ideas?

by florie fryer

My friend recommend this to me and I use it for one of my boys who have an old scar about 7 weeks old.
It does help.

working so far!!!
by stephanie

I have a raised scar from cancer removal from about 5 years ago. Bought Mederma 5 days ago. I've been applying it 3-4 times a day, more heavily at night and I already see results. Scar has faded and seems to be softer and not as raised. Although too early to say how well it will completely flatten, I'm pleased with the results so far. Does not smell bad and I don't believe $30 is too much money to spend on appearance. I will update in a month to give better results =)

It doesn't work for stretch marks
by Catherine

After a month I quit using Mederma because there were no signs of it working on my stretch marks.
I know everyone has different things to say about this product, but for me it didn't work after a month.
I might should have used it for longer but I just couldn't pay that much for a product I wasn't sure was doing anything.
I am using aloe vera gel and cocoa butter after my showers and that has really helped.

by enid

I used this product for a scar on my face due to a scratch. Now the scar is less than a big bump on my face

by Carolyn Jordan

I have personally seen the abefore and after effects this cream has. It does clear up scars almost to invisable. I personally recommend this product to others who want to try but wasn"t sure.

Mederma Rocks
by Juleezway

This product works amazingly well. Of course, no product is able to completely remove scars especially accompanied by heavy scar tissue, but this product really fades the discoloration around the scars to help them become much less noticable. The skin becomes more supple and the scar fades dramatically. The product is pricey, but if you can find a coupon which are sometimes available in newspaper circulars as well as online, it would be worth it to invest the extra bit of money it costs to booster your self confidence knowing that your scars and or stretch marks are much less noticeable and you feel better about the warmer weather approaching, knowing that you can feel confident even when your scars are showing.

by nikki

Last year I had skin cancer removed from my left shoulder. The scar that was left behind was pretty large and noticeable. I saw a commercial for Mederma and decided to give it a try. After a few months, I noticed that the scar was beginning to fade. It's been about a year since I started to use the cream, and the scar is almost all gone. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a scar.

by tere balboa

I love this product. The only problem is that it's too expensive.

by Francheska Perez

I used it on a abdominal surgery *c-section type* and after 3 months is GONE!!! Highly recomended!

by tiffany chavez

It lightened but did not take away the stretch marks, but it did fade the scars better

by Leigh Taylor

While on vacation in Hawaii I fell into a hole by the beach! My whole body was in a bottomless pit! Because it was wet and muddy and full of sharp coral, I received some pretty bad cuts on my legs. I called home and asked my daughter what the name of that stuff she used on a scar on her arm from a car wreck. She said, Mederma! After the cuts healed, I used Mederma daily for a couple of months. The scars healed completely!

by JAY


Not as good as hyped
by Tina G

I used this for six months on my back scar after fusion surgery. Nothing. I was incredibly disappointed since my surgeon and family doctor both recommended. I ended up using the Res-q ointment from Burt's Bees, which did help some, but by that time the scar was pretty much there to stay. The price of this is outrageous, and for what they expect a person to pay the product should work better.

great cream
by scj

I use this cream for scars that I had for 3 yrs. and this product does work. I can see a big difference in how my scars have faded.

by Tina
by mederma

Worked well on minor scratches, but did not help keloid scars.

by heather morris

This is the best product ever. It really works. I used it and within weeks had noticably remarkable results.

maderma skin cream
by nancy perry

Great stuff I used it for old stretch marks and they are visibly reduced hi 5 on this.

Does not work
by Nichole

I used this product for my acne scars and it did not work at all. Also made my skin beak out.

by Samantha

Mederma for scars works well. After using this product as recommended I could see my scar basically disappearing! I can barely notice the scar now. Great product!

doesn't work
by Nichole Alderfer

I used this to clear up acne scars. Used it for two months and although it didn't clear up my scars it caused my face to break out. Skin lightening creams work better.

by Deedra

I love this product. I was skepitcal about it when I first bought it but it proved me wrong. I have used it for a lot of cuts. I had cut my hand with a knife and I didnt want the scar to show up and I used mederma and within weeks you could not tell there was ever a scar there.

by Leigh Taylor

A few years ago I fell into a huge hole full of water up to my chest. It was slippery mud with sharp rocks. Needless to say I got some nasty cuts on my legs, leaving bad scars. My Daughter said to get Mederma. She used it on a bad scar on her arm from an auto accident. Both of us are scar free today thanks to Mederma! It really works!!

by Lyn

It didn't work as well as I had hoped for my daughter. Her scar is fairly new - just a few months - and I have been using Mederma for 3 weeks. I haven't seen a reduction in the scar yet.

this product is gret
by lyndi thompson

I have used this product on many of my scars I had gotten from falling and playing softball it works fast and really well!

Exec. Asst.
by Tonja Hard

This is the most wonderful product !!!

I keep it handy for my grandaughter, and I work outside alot when I'm @ home, always getting cut on something or other...takes awile, but does just what it says it does...I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone.

really works
by Monica

I had laproscopic gastric bypass surgery September 2005. I had 6 incision marks spread out on my stomache. I started using Mederma as soon as they started to heal. I compare my scars now to friends that have had the surgery and have not used Mederma and mine are very visable. I used it daily and it worked

I was skeptical...
by Carol

This stuff really works. Try it. You will not be sorry

Mederma skin care for scars.
by Donna Albright

I love this product. I had neck surgery about 3 years ago. About 1 year ago i used this product, it lightened my scar tremendously. I was not liking the way i looked before, with a scar on the fron part of my neck. It looked terrible, and embarrassing. With the help of mederma, i feel better and more confident to go out in public without a turtleneck sweater on, or a scarf wrapped around me. Thank you Mederma.

Can't believe it
by mroyer1459

I can't believe that how much of a difference this made on my stretch marks. My stretch marks were some of the worst I have seen and after using this they are much more comparible to my friends and families. And the part I really can't believe is that my stretch marks were already over 8 years old.

by Bobbie Townsend

I didn't believe that this product until I got a ugly cut above my eye and the scar begin to appear to turn dark and my sister bought me some Mederma and when I had been using it for about a 8 days I was truly amazined beacause the scar was truly going away and I didn't have to wear alot of makeup to cover it.

after surgery scars
by tressy

I used mederma after a surgery about a year ago. I used the mederma every morning and night, it made a big difference in the look and feel of my scar. I truely think that had i not used this product my scar would of been more noticeable. this cream goes on smooth and soaks up fast into the skin.

by Pam Cook

Used this on a scar that I had for a long time and it works! Give it a try you will be impressed.

mederma for scars
by heather johnosn

This works excellent for both scars and stretch marks.

by Robin Baker

This product works really well on scars. My son used it on a scar on his face and it is almost unnoticable now. I would love to try it on my stretch marks but it is a little expensive to try spreading it all over.

Mederma does NOT work
by Tim

Mederma does not work. I tried it myself and scientific reports proof it.

visit for scar reduction methods that are effective.

Worth every penny!
by lovinthegame

I had some old scarring from a car accident. I applied product as recommended. I noticed some serious skin peeling at application site after a few days. I kept up with the applications and started seeing results in a week. After 2 weeks the scars became less noticable. I stopped application after 2 weeks to let my peeling skin heal. In 2 months I started using Mederma again for 2 weeks. Now I have to actually look for those scars. It is a bit pricey but when used as directed, it makes a big difference.

It does everything it says i'll do
by xwhymex

I don't understand why people are complaining.

It's doing everything that it said it will do. Just because you've been using it for a month doesn't mean it won't work. It said on the bottle nothing can get of a scar COMPLETELY, but the best that can happen is fade it.

Also, it said for older scars it could take up to 6 months. Wait six months, and if it still doesn't fade noticeably, then you can come and trash this product, but for now, continue using it. It WILL work!

Worked pretty good!
by Rita

I was in a car wreck and got a nasty cut on my chin, that was fish hooked shaped. After the scar healed I started using this for several weeks. The scar is not noticeable now:o)
I would probably try again if I get another scar!

Not sure it works
by Jim Cook

I now just don't believe any product will remove scars. It did make a small difference.

Didn't Work With Me
by thequickbrownfox

I used Mederma on a very fresh scar, a cat scratch from my kitty. I used it for over a month 3-4 times a day. no result. all it did was lighten the skin around the scar. Now my skin is peeling where i put the mederma. I'm so frustrated. now I have to conceal the scar with makeup.

by abby

Mederma is the one and only product that has actually worked for me. OMG i love the genius that created this product and practically saved my life. As we all know acne can be painful and embarassing.....i decided to get "rid" of mine by picking away at it. Unfortunately this was not the solution. I was left with very ugly and noticeable scars ALL over my face (especially my chin and forehead). I turned to Mederma in order to help my scars, but didn't really have faith that it would actually work because it seemed nothing would. On my chin, Mederma Completely got rid of my horrible acne scars. On my forehead, the scars were not completely gone, but so fadded that i didn't even need make-up to cover them up anymore. I have been using Mederma now for 7 1/2 months and will continue to use it! Thank-you Mederma creator, you have deeply saved me years of horrible acne scars....God bless.

mederma-skin care for scars
by gina shelby

Hi I've seen all of the reviews from everyone and i can really relate on trying to get stretch marks to disappear.I tried this product called "Almond Oil" by HomeHealth a product you can buy at any vitamin store.Now i know the anticipation of wanting the marks to leave but trust me it really works.Just like most products you have to be faithful in using it everyday but and watch those marks dissaper !My strecth marks are gone now so i recommend this product to anyone

A good product
by Jason Brackett

First of all, for those who are thinking that this is a miracle cream, it isn't. If the scar is old, the cream will take up to months of use to see an effect. This worked great on a scar on my face that is around 9 years old. The only complaints that I have about the product is that it takes a long time to actually work, and the smell isn't too appealing. All in all, it is a great product.

clear and under control...
by es

After a really bad car accident my brother had severe scarring on his forehead. The plastic surgeon did the best he could to relieve the scarring but there was just too many stitches. The plastic surgeon recommended Mederma, he said it was lighten the scars. My mother feeling a little negatively toward this hoped for its resolution anyhow. She purchased it at CVS at a not so economic price and applied it generously to the forehead about twice a day. This process took time, months to notice any difference...but it was well worth it. The scarring didn't look so prominent anymore. Mederma although pricey is well worth the extra dollars.

by ElizabethB

After my son burnt his hand, I was afraid that he would have a bad scar, or even a small scar. After asking the doctor and some friends, each one said try Mederma!

It was expensive, but I was willing to try it, since it was for my son, it worked, his scar is noticeable but not near as bad as I was afraid it would be.

Now you see them now you don't
by Christina Jadwisiak

After having 3 kids in 4 years I had a lot, and I mean A LOT of stretch marks. I used everything to try and make them go away. Mederma was recommended by my doctor, so I tried it. Within a week I could see a difference. Within a month there was a huge difference. They didn't go away completely, but they did become a lot less noticeable, and I felt better about myself. This is an awesome product!

by shen

This stuff did not work. I used it since the day I became pregnant, mornings and nights. I still got a tremendous amount of stretch marks. I continued to use product, in hopes that maybe they would fade, but it did no such thing. I was very disappointed.

by Amanda S.

I had a major surgery a few years ago and was left with some serious scarring. I used this product along with regular lotion and now a few years later you can hardly tell I had anything done. I am not sure if it was entirely the mederma, but I definetly have to say I am very pleased with the results I received after using this product.

Works, But Must Follow Directions
by SierraK

Not sure why this product is in category 'Stretch Marks' instead of one of the skin care categories. Not sure if it would work for stretch marks but it certainly does work for what it claims, which is skin scars.
I tried this for an old scar on my knee from a sports injury. You have the follow the directions and rub the product on for some time each time you apply it. You must also be faithful to the product and use it regularly. If you do both these things you will be rewarded with a smoother and much less visible scar.
I can't say it made my scar go away, I don't think anything but trip to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can completely eliminate old scars. I know it's there and I can see it, but it's now far less visible to others.

Remember, we women are frequently our own worst critics and we see everything wrong with us that others may not notice. I know it's still there but no one notices my scar anymore. I know this because since using this product nobody asks me anymore what caused the scar on my knee.

Works on New Scars
by Kasandra

I used this on a newer scar that was quite noticeable and it worked very well. I used it for over a month to make sure I did all I could to help remove the scar. I also tried using it on an older scar but it didn't do much good. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who has newer scars, especially if the scar is in a noticeable place. This cream is OK to put on your face (not too close to your eyes) and doesn't smell bad.

Does not work!
by Mike Huang

I have scars from childhood falls and acne, so I purchased this product. I used this cream for about a month and there's BARELY any noticeable change. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Give it a try
by Janet Tan

It worked on my new scar from acne and didn't seem to work on my old dark spot/scar from an accident during my childhood. If I ever get a new scar again ( touch wood!!) I will definitely apply mederma on it. It may not completely erase the scar, but will significantly fade and flatten it, depending on what type of scar you have.

Didn't Work
by Stacy

I tried Mederma-Skin Care for Scars and was disappointed in the results. I used it religiously on several scars and I never saw any results. I was very disappointed.

by Jill S.

I have three kids that are very rambunctious and I keep this in my medicine chest at all times for those cuts and scrapes that are in the more noticeable places. My daughter had a terrible scar on her face after a fall from her bike 2 years ago. I saw the commercials for Mederma and thought I would give it a try. She was getting older and the kids were making fun of her "scar face". She was so happy when we began to notice her scar slowly fading. After continued use it can hardly be seen now.This really works!

Really Good
by Jen W.

My son tends to hurt himself pretty often and this has been our best friend. He doesn't understand why it matters if he has a scar or not (he thinks they are cool). But as a mom, I know that one day, he won't feel that way, and this product really does fade them... if not to go away, almost completely. Great!!

by Carrie

I have stretch marks on my breast. I used Mederma for 2 months and have not seen the difference I had hoped for. However, it has lessened the marks.

I did not see results
by Jessika Abramson

After a rapid weight gain, I was left with TONS of stretch marks and consequently I was freaking out. I bought a few different remedies, one of which was the Mederma-Skin Care for Scars. After using the entire package as directed, I did not see any results. Very disappointing, and I'm still left with red stretch marks.

Good for Light Scars
by ambreen

I used Mederma cream for about six days, three times a day for a bad scar I had from an accident. Although I had heard rave reviews about this product and was even given a recommendation by a doctor I know, this cream did not do anything for that particular scar.
But for some smaller scars that I had gotten from acne, this creme helped considerably.
So, I think this cream is good for light scars or scars that are fairly new, but not for bad scars or older scars.

Scar Solution
by Emily K.

I had a skin cancer removed from my leg. I applied this product to the scar and you can't even tell where the skin cancer spot was. I have also used it on acne scars and had good results.

Old or New!?!?
by JJ

This product did work for my husband and didn't for my brother. I purchased a smaller tube (it was a little cheaper), because my brother, who is now 15, has a scar on his face from a dog bite he got when he was six. He followed the directions on the cream, but it didn't help him. My husband has also bought some. He plays soccer and comes home with all kinds of scrapes on his arms and knees. He used Mederma and you can't even tell he got hurt!

Didn't work for my stretch marks
by Kelli

I tried this after a doctor recommended it, before I purchased another product designed to do the same thing. It didn't seem to reduce my stretch marks much at all, but it may have if I had used it more often (I only used it about twice a day.) I think it's too expensive of a treatment for stretch marks, especially if they are widespread.

by Jennifer Bell

I used this on a few stretch marks (I DO have 3 kids) and a scar on my wrist from a burn. I can barely see the scar on my wrist at all, and I think it's just because I know it is there, and the stretch marks have faded considerably! This is a great product. I highly recommend it!

by sherry

I know what your thinking, "Too expensive!", and it is a bit pricey, but when you have an ugly scar on the FRONT OF YOUR FACE, you might consider the price very little when it works as well as this product did, at least for me. I had a scar from a childhood accident about 2 inches long on my forehead and a slightly shorter one on the side of my face. Makeup did little to cover them since they were raised and very visible. When I used this product, it did not completely erase the scars but it did fade them and flatten them to the touch, so when I did use makeup to cover the the scars, they were actually difficult to see. YIPPEEEE! I am not so self conscious about my scars anymore.

Great product!
by Angela

My husband had a terrible looking scar on his face from a car accident. Even though it wasn't painful, it was very dark and looked raw and sore. Since he had had the scar for several years, we really didn't expect miracles with this product, but decided to give it a try. I'm so glad we did! Mederma made his scar fade drastically, to a point that it is barely even noticeable any more. We were very pleased with the product and would very highly recommend it.

Definently helps!
by Matt

Yes, Maderma is not cheap to most people. Maderma does, however, work its magic if you use it how you should. I used Maderma for a few scars from various incidents and it did in fact help. It actually helps pretty fast. After a few weeks of use, you will notice fading on even some of the deepest scars. It works awesome if you stay with it, and don't just use it every now and then. If you want to help some of those scars go away, it does its job very well.

Faded my scar
by Annie

Note that it only fades the appearance of scars and does not make them disappear completely. After using the product I did see my scar seem to fade a little bit more everyday but the effects of this cream will disappear if you stop using it. It is more of a temporary solution to covering up your scar.


I'm usually highly skeptical of these products, but I am so happy I got this! It worked for old chickenpox marks, for pimple marks, and for a scar that I had. The blemish slowly disappears as you rub this on. You MUST use it as directed and it WILL WORK! The tube isn't very big, so be careful where you rub it on. Use only very small amounts and rub it on gently; directly on the mark. This is expensive, but it is effective.

Thank you Mederma!
by Lana

I had neck surgery in 05/04. Whenever I have a scar on me it will always become keloid. Soon after my scar closed I started using Mederma (recommended by a co-worker). My scar did not become keloid when I continued to use Mederma. It is still a little dark, but it is smooth, and I can apply makeup to blend it on the scar to match with my normal skin tone. This works wonders, and I would recommend it for anyone to use.

by Lori Baranski

I used this after burning myself with a curling iron. It was only on my finger, and not a large spot, but I was told if I applied this product, it would reduce scarring. Being a firm user of Neosporin, I hesitated, but used it. It didn't hurt at all, and there's no scar. I would recommend this product for similar cases.

Reduces scars but too expensive
by shilpi tandon

I was told to use Mederma on my stretch marks when I was pregnant with my first child. It does work but one has to use it for about 7-8 months for the scars to really reduce. Though my scars are still there but they were reduced to quite an extent. I really applied it religiously every day but it is so expensive and the tube finishes in just a few days of use.

by Blueberry

I tried this after trying Palmers unsuccessfully. This seemed to work a little and my stretch marks actually started to fade a little after I started using this product. My friend had recommended me this product and she swears by it. It is a great product for stretch marks but is very expensive and takes time to show results

Take a while but pretty good
by Nikolas M

Having had 3 kids, my wife has tried NUMEROUS stretch mark removal/reducing methods. By far this is one of the very best. She used it for 8 months after our first child and it dramatically reduced her stretch marks. I can highly recommend this product and the only reason it didn't score higher is because of the price.

Mederma = Overpriced Nonsense
by Beth

Mederma is a great concept, IF IT WORKED MORE EFFECTIVELY and the cost was not so expensive. I just had a baby 6 months ago and like most pregnant moms, experienced stretch marks. Mederma was was recommended to me to help reduce the look of unwanted stretch marks. First, a tube costs around $30.00 (1.76 Oz.). The directions indicate you need to apply 3-4 times a day. THIS TUBE DOES NOT GO FAR. My tube lasted about 3 weeks. Mederma does reduce the darkness of stretch marks, but does NOT make them DISAPPEAR!!! I found just using Vitamin E, which is much less expensive, does the same trick!!!

Must use if your pregnant
by sandra

I used this cream when I was pregnant with my first child. The cream soothed my stretch marks and made them less viable, which is great for your self confidence. Highly recommended for expecting mothers.

This stuff is wonderful!
by KimP

I got a sample of this when I was pregnant with my first son. I have a scar on my ankle from a surgery 10 years ago. I started using Mederma nightly. I went ahead and bought some at the store and kept using it. The scar looks so much better now. My scar is 5 inches long and it has always been really red. Merderma cleared up the redness and it is barley visible now. I use it at least twice a week now on my scar.

Mederma: Just Say No!
by Lana

I remember first learning about Mederma and thanking heavens as I was thinking it was an answer to my prayers. I have stretch marks on my thighs that I absolutely despised and was ready to do whatever it took in order to achieve some type of improvement. I bought Mederma and started using it vigorously four to five times a day until the tube was gone. I was sad to discover that Mederma failed to deliver every single claim the manufacturers seemed to so easily promise on its package. I did not experience any difference on either the color or texture of my stretch marks and I was as dedicated to the use of the product as a consumer could possibly be. The consistency of the gel seemed to take forever to absorb and it always left an unpleasant residue. Those factors would have been manageable if Mederma even slightly improved the appearance or feel of my stretch marks. My stretch marks were neither softer nor smoother and I knew that my money was wasted on yet another skin care product! I would highly advise all consumers interested in this product to think twice if they are planning on using it against existing white colored stretch marks!

by fmodi

Very expensive at around 25 bucks a bottle. Leaves a filmy residue on your face. A lot of people complain about the smell, but frankly, I, nor any of my friends have noticed it. They do make fun of me when they see the dried film on my face.

Worth the price
by Karina

I would give it 5 stars but it is pricey. That said, it does make a difference in the size and appearance of scars. I've used it on stretch marks, c-section scars, knee surgery scars, and it always makes them smaller and lighter. It is not an immediate effect, you need to use it for several weeks to see a difference, but it does work.

Nice, but takes time
by Sara

When I first started using Mederma, I was disappointed. However, I desperately wanted to get rid of my stretch marks so I kept using it. After about a month of using it 3 times a day, I was pleased with the results I was seeing. It just takes time and effort to help dull the marks. Be patient!

This was amazing!
by cjthedog64

My friend used this when her son fell off of a mini-bike and scraped the skin on his face really badly. The doctor had told her that he would end up with scars no matter how well she treated it. She used this faithfully and now you can't even see a mark or skin discoloration from where he was injured.

Not so sure
by NTReviewer

I have been trying to find any product that can help me reduce stretch marks. After hearing claims that Mederma could reduce the appearance of stretch marks, I decided to give the product a try. I put it on religiously for about 3 months, but saw no noticeable change. I am unsure if I had given it more time if there would be an effect. I do know that I saw no difference at all during the time period that I tried. Maybe it works for some people, but it didn't work for me.

Scars be gone...
by Mindy

My cousin recommended this product after my pregnancy. I was surprised by the price, but thought I would try it to see if it worked. I noticed my stretch marks did lighten. Seemed expensive for the time you would need to use it.

Care for Scars and stretch marks
by Rashmi R

After my pregnancy one of my friends recommended me to use Mederma. I am quite satisfied with the results, as it has reduced my stretch marks for around 50% but I had to use it for a long time. It took me at least 6 months to lighten my marks. It is too expensive to keep using it for a long time but it will surely give you results.

Pretty good
by wendy c

Mederma is a pretty good gel when it comes to fading scars- especially those that are raised. You have to use it everyday on scars that are red or raised. However, scars that have lost all pigmentation are still evident. It also smells a bit like onions when it is applied- not overpowering but not outwardly pleasant either.

Works good over time.
by Angel C.

This product does work good to get rid of scars but it does take some time. I started using it on a stomach scar that I have and within 2 weeks it was about 25% lighter in appearance. This stuff works but it is expensive and the tube of it is also very small. To get full results, you need to use this for over a long period of time.

by Michael Jiang

Although expensive, Mederma is perfect for getting rid of scars that you never thought would go away. No matter fresh, old, large or small, Mederma will fade the scar until its no more.

Mederma, it works!
by vmvdmd

I have used this product many times with many a scar. The product is easily applied, and over time, does reduce the redness and the noticeability of the scar. It also seems to smooth the unnatural raised redness of the area. I think that it is pricey for the small amount and the dosage that is needed to be effective, but overall, a very reputable and wonderful product!

by Michael

Mederma, although expensive, is an excellent way to fade those lasting scars. No matter how tough, old, or deep the scar is, Mederma will slowly fade it away.

Work well if you have time
by B Turner

Mederma worked great at reducing the redness and appearance of my stretch marks, but applying it three times a day is pretty time consuming. I have stretch marks on my belly and legs, and it is a large area to cover three times a day with a small tube of Mederma.

by lala5

Mederma is one of the few products that has worked when it comes to hiding my scars. I have really noticed a great difference on scars that are even over 10 years old. I really recommend this product.

works great
by suz

I used Mederma for a scar from a surgery that was 10 years ago. I found this product to work well overall. It did not take the scar away but did lighten it up quite a bit and seems to be a softer scar now instead of tight. You are supposed to apply it several times a day so that can be sort of hard to do, but if you follow the directions then you should see some results.

Pretty good
by L. S.

This is a pretty good product. It does fade scars to the point that they are barely visible, but it takes a long time. It took about two months for me to see a real difference in my scars.

Great Product!
by Laura Frost

These make unwanted scars disappear amazingly fast. Its like they just get up and move clear off your body. I have many scars. I call them my life scars so I want them their. Like the marks in a tree to show what kind of life I have lived. However, I have had family members and friends use this product and I have seen the amazing results.

Stretch mark miracle
by Brenda

I've been itching for a chance to review this product. I have to say that I was skeptical about it and I hated how expensive it was, but I found out why it costs so much, because it works.
A friend of mine had a baby two years ago, and her stomach was totally covered in stretch marks, it was truly more extreme than any woman's I've ever seen. She applied Mederma to her stomach every day after her shower and every night before she went to bed. I hadn't seen her in almost a year, but I saw her a few weeks ago, and her stomach looks ten million times different than it did. This stuff honestly worked. It really blew me away. She still has stretch marks, but the vast majority of them really are gone and the skin is smooth. She says the key is faithful application every single day. I honestly couldn't believe how well it worked on her. I'm using it on my own stretch marks now after seeing that.

Great for small scars and scratches
by S

I found Mederma works wonders for small scars and scratches, especially cat scratches, leftovers from blisters, and general cuts and scrapes. The cream is easy to apply, and doesn't leave any residue. It takes about 4-5 applications per day to see some real results, but it is well worth it. If you mix it with a daily moisturizer, this can help the healing process.

Road Map Still There
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I am very disappointed in Mederma, but it didn't start there. I had a perfect, smooth, flat, hard tummy when I first got pregnant, (ex model), so determined to keep it as much that way as possible I faithfully, LIBERALLY slathered it with cocoa butter and other such things DAILY all through my pregnancy. But one BIG baby later, I had some stretch marks anyway. With each pregnancy after that, each baby also very big, especially the 3rd one, she stretched my tummy so much it almost tore the skin in a few places.

Ok, so this left my only hope to be Mederma. It is awfully expensive and said to be recommended by doctors, so I had hope. I know they are older and bad, but any improvement would bring some comfort to my self esteem. Maybe it does help on MILD or NEWER LIGHT scars, it DIDNT do ANYTHING to even one of my smaller ones. I cried. If any board certified plastic surgeons out there want a good review on plastic surgery, I am accepting charitable offers! hint hint (wink) LOL!
Mederma was expensive FOR ME and for NOTHING!

12 Customer Opinions

try it
by kiki

i think it works

by Anonymous


by Helen Trainham

I think this is a great product to try on scars in places that you are self continuous about. Look forward to trying it.

by Christy L

I used it for a couple months and didn't see any results. I then was frustrated and stopped using.

by Tammy Harrison

I have numerous scars and stretch marks from having babies and surgeries. This looks like exactly what I need!

by lilly

it works

by Ashley

I've heard great things from people with minimal scarring and stretch marks, but it is not for people with deeper scars or lines.

Retired Teacher
by Minnie Chatham

It's a little expensive for those on a tight budget. I'd like to know if, it would work on dark skin areas? I've plucked my eye brows and spinched my skin a lot over the years. So, I now have two dark skin areas between my eye brows. Will it Work on my problem?

Install Tech
by Eurkita Ford

I would like to see how this products works on older scars like at least 4 years old. I would think that the scar has to be fresh and not old.

it works okay.
by sasha

It works okay, probably not the best on the market.

didnt work so well for me
by amber

I have used this on my scars but it didn't really work... maybe others will have better results.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

After my daughter had surgery she was left with 2 huge scars one on her neck and the other on her lower back. After applying this cream everyday her scars are light colored not purple or pink but light enough she feels comfortable wearing a bathing suit.