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skin lightening
by darkspots

does work as would just about any product with a 2%percent hydroquinone. No one should ever use anything containing more than a 4% percent mixture without a doctors advice.

Worked for me
by Shweta

I used this lightening cream for reducing my post-pregnancy stertch marks. The resilts were not instant but after applying it for 2 months I could see the difference.

pretty good product
by Jessica

I have used this for red marks left after acne (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) and it worked OK for that. It worked much better for hyper-pigmentation left after a burn on my hand. Like most skin creams, it doesn't work immediately (more like 3-4 weeks for me). I think it would work better if it had a higher percentage of active ingredients, but I'm a really slow healer so it may work better for others. It does contain hydroquinone which I believe has been linked to cancer, so I may look for a different lightening cream when I run out of this.

No good
by BA

This product did not help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I was not expecting instant results, nor was I applying too little to be effective. I applied the product twice a day every day for more than 6 months, but saw absolutely no change in my stretch marks. I had heard that it was a product worthy of trying because so many people recommended it to me. I, however, saw no difference at all. I even took before and after pictures but you would think that they are both the same picture. Maybe it works for others, but this product did not work for me.

no ore marks
by Arvinder

This product is amazing. Because of my ugly strech marks I was not able to wear swimsuits. I had stopped going to beaches. Then somebody told me to try this product and I gave it a try. After 3 weeks of usage ,the strech marks are fading. I can barely see them. In such a short time I got the results. Its a good product, now I can enjoy swimming as much as others do.

Fades age spots
by Cydney

A friend recommended this product to me a few months ago. I showed her the spots on my arms that my doctor said where from sun damage. The spots have faded and my skim is soft and smooth. It takes at least six weeks before you start to notice a change but stick with it.

Helped with after birth stretch marks
by rachel anderson

After the birth of my daughter, I had a few stretch marks. They were pretty dark. I tried a few OTC creams and nothing really took care of it. I saw this product on sale and thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did. Now my stretch marks are barely there. It did take some time to see the difference, but it was definitely better than other products I had tried.

Helps lighten acne scars
by Amanda

During my pregnancy I developed acne on my back and shoulders which left dark scars on my skin. Since body scars can't be easily covered with makeup I sought out a product that would help lighten them. After a couple months of using this product my scars are barely noticeable and I can wear tank tops again!

by nancy

It's the best for stretch marks. I bought all palmers products for stretch marks, since I'm 8 month pregnant now, and got few stretch marks on my tummy, but I recommend this. Plus, it smells yummy--better than the massage cream and the lotion, and it's so smooth. Use it with the stretch marks oil as well, it's so soft on the skin. Trust me, you will like it.

Does wonders for the face!
by Cassandra

Mom has shopped with Purtian's Pride for years and this product has always been on her list. While she never used it for stretch marks, she's used it daily on her skin and she has a beautiful, even complexion.

I tried the product once for a week, but saw no results... I don't think it would be fair to expect instant changes, so if you are willing to invest a little time, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Works good on age spots
by Pattie

I never tried it for my stretch marks, but my mother has been using it for age spots on her hands and face and swears by it. Most products she used dried out her skin too much, but this one moisturizes also. You could see the difference in the fading of the spots in weeks. After seeing it listed for stretch marks, I am definitely going to buy my own!

Okay product
by Cecilia

After giving birth, I felt like I needed a little help to clear away the stretch marks. This product works wonderfully. I use it on my skin every night before I go to bed. I've been using it for well over a month and I'm already seeing great results. My stretch marks seem less noticeable and more faded. I will continue to use this to seek further and better results. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to lighten any unwanted marks. It is affordable, and the scent of this product is bearable.

Scars are gone
by Alma

My daughter has had acne for years and this had caused slight scarring since she has olive skin. Since using this product the scars have visibly lightened and her overall skin appearance has brightened. The cream goes on smooth and not greasy. She has also applied it to her thighs for the stretch marks and they have lightened up considerably. I would recommend it.

Acne Scars are Gone
by Phil Young

This product cures all my acne scars, and makes my skin look fresh, It also makes my face less greasy to prevent new pimples.

Works Great On My Skin!
by Louis

I have a lot of acne red marks and stretch marks so I decided to try this out. Most of the creams I have tried in the past didn't work out that well, but this one did. I could see that my scars and stretch marks became gradually lighter as I applied the cream day after day. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lighten their scars and stretch marks.

This Works
by ambreen

This creme is great for light acne scars or for uneven skin tones. Its main ingredient is hydroquinone, which works to lighten the dark spots on the skin and create an even and bright texture. I usually applied it once a day and gradualy I noticed that my acne scars had become lighter. If you are presistent with the use of this creme, it will help make you skin better and more flawless!

Works So Good On Age Spots
by Kathy

I had two age spots or sun spots on the left side of my face. After using this lightening cream for ten days or so, I began to see a marked lightening of these spots. I couldn't believe how well it worked at such a modest price.

Skin Lightening
by carolyn

This product does work on sunspots, but it doesn't work on stretch marks. I used 2 times daily for about a month and nothing happened.

Great for Acne Red Marks!
by Lana

Perfectly Pure Skin Lightening Cream was like a godsend for my stubborn acne red marks. I spent $10.00 on this product thinking that if I am lucky it may accelerate the healing rate to a small degree. I was actually blown away by its ability to fade my acne marks. My red marks were about two to three months old and after a week of use, I already noticed a slight change. My optimal results were reached about a month after using this product. I finally felt great about my skin again! My red marks were not as noticeable and my makeup was once again able to create a flawless look on my less than perfect skin! I am very thankful to Puritan's Pride for creating this lightening cream. I took away one star from its rating because the fading effect does seem to take a while in order to reach the optimal level for results. At such a budgeted price, I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing stubborn acne red marks.

not for stretch marks
by allismom

While this product may work on sun spots, it does not work on stretch marks. It did lighten my sunspots better than Avon. I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle it was. I tried it on my pregancy stretch marks and it did not help a bit.

Be will work!
by Orla

While this product won't result in any major changes, it is effective in fading sun spots and freckles. It'll take about 2-3 months of twice-daily use though, so user have to be patient. It worked very well on fading the "liver spots" on the top of my hands.

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