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Male stretch marks
by Eugene

I had problems with stretch marks since I gained a lot of weight. I decided to purchase this product and try it out but it did not help me with my stretch marks. Although the product was gentle to the skin, I did not see any signs that this product was working on my lower abdomen. I would not recommend this product to males with the same problem I had.

by Kyle

It's the best for stretch marks. I bought all Palmer's products for stretch marks, since I'm 8 month pregnant now and have few stretch marks on my tummy, but I recommend this. Plus, it smells yummy--better than the massage cream and the lotion, and it's so smooth. Use it with the stretch marks oil as well, it's so soft on the skin. Trust me, you will like it.

Works OK
by Lori Baranski

Well, I don't think anything can actually cure stretch marks- except plastic surgery. But, this definitely lightens the redness. I used it for two months- and the little stretch marks that I have became less noticeable. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quick and not too abrupt fix.

Too Expensive
by Az

I used this product after the birth of our first child. I used it primarily on my thighs and was regular in applying it. I found the stretch marks to be less noticeable but they were definitely still there. After the birth of our second child, I switched to a less expensive product and applied it more often (both morning and before bed). I found that applying it more often served to dull the stretch marks to the point where they almost disappeared. I would not recommend this product just because the cost is a prohibitive factor in applying it as often or in as large a quantity to really notice the difference.

perfect for me
by Stanimir Yordanov

This product worked perfectly for me. I had belly stretch marks, and after using the product for about 4-5 months, they are hardly visible. I am very satisfied with the results. I suggest everyone with that kind of problem try the product.

Needs Patience
by Amy

I have very large stretch marks on my thighs and decided to try a product that was a little more expensive instead of the cheap stuff expecting better results. The cream seemed to be working fine with no side effects, but I eventually stopped using the product due to laziness. I noticed the stretch marks became more visible after stopping the use. Good product, but only if you keep up the use.

Made Stretch Marks Less noticeable
by Michael L.

My wife gained 50 lbs. after the birth of our first child, so stretch marks were unavoidable. She used this product every night for about 45 days starting about 30 days after the birth. I would say the stretch marks appear to be less noticeable, but they are still there.

wife loves it
by Ricardo Gutierrez

My wife has always been insecure about her stretch marks and I tell her not to worry since I also have some. Health issues have caused her to have rapid fluctuations in her weight, causing her to gain and lose large amounts of weight. This has scarred her body and she no longer wore bathing suits until a few month's application of Revitol. The scars have significantly lightened up. We are planning to have a child in the near future, so this will sure be a mainstay during the pregnancy.

No cream can fade in two weeks
by S. Grevious

I tried this product before I got pregnant. I only had like two deep stretch marks on my side. Although, I am fully aware that stretch marks-especially old ones-rarely fade and go away, I tried Revitol anyway. I guess because it was inexpensive and they made some lofty promises. I saw no visible reduction in my stretch marks after two weeks of consistent use. I saw no visible reduction after a month. I used the remaining cream on my neck and décolleté area and its actually very good for that purpose, not as a stretch mark fader or remover.

Great For Weight Losers
by TP

After losing about 40 pounds I noticed stretch marks all over my back. I applied this cream and it cleared things up in about three weeks. Works great all over your body and isn’t too expensive compared to other creams.

Works Good!!
by Tami

When I had my 2nd child, I had stretch marks everywhere. I bought some products and none of them worked. When I bought Revitol, I noticed the difference in 2 weeks. This product really works but it's expensive. I think it's worth buying.

So far so good!
by momof2

I have been using this for 3 weeks now and have noticed a slight difference in my stretch marks. After having two babies, I have stretch marks on my stomach. I have tried other products, but none have helped. This seems to be working, so I am going to continue using it.

by Cara

I've never had a baby but I have stretch marks from growing more than a foot during a summer. It was embarrassing for someone my age to have them so my mom tried to get me to try stretch marks products. To me, this was one of the only products that didn't specifically target to pregnant women (hey it made me feel a little better) and it wasn't too expensive. After going through two tubs of the product, I saw drastic lightning of the skin around my stretch marks. Very big difference!

Prevention is the Key
by Donna Murray

I was very concerned with stretch marks as I entered my first pregnancy. Both grandmothers, 2 sisters, and my mother all had hideous stretch marks well into their pregnancies. I decided to combat the problem before it WAS a problem. I included Revitol into my daily regimen morning and night. I was soon in my 8th month with no stretch marks! Could this be possible? I thought they were inevitable with my family history. Needless to say, this was the best option I had and I acted upon it. I'm so glad I did.

This stuff works
by Nams

I just got tall so fast I got a LOAD of stretch marks on my legs and hips :(. I started to use Revitol and slowly but surely they are disappearing. I think everyone with stretch marks should definitely give it a go, because it's working for me so it might for you too.

Miracle Worker
by Shannon

After 3 kids, I have tried everything on my stretch marks. My theory on it is that if it is easy to find, it doesn’t work as well. I hunt and experiment all the time. This product is wonderful. It isn’t a cure, but it definitetly helps with fading and maintaining. A little goes a long way, and the moisture in the product is comparable with any good lotion. I use it on my stomach and upper legs, and within 2 weeks could definitely see a difference. I wish it was around during my pregnancies, because it probably would have prevented the horrible marks. I pay a lot for the jar, but with this one, it is worth it. You are getting a better quality than any other stretch mark cream that I have tried. Definitely buy it.

Worked Well Enough To Confidently Recommend
by Erik

My Sister recently had her first child. She is tremendous person, but is extremely critical of her physical appearance (as many women tend to be). Needless to say, when she first found out she was pregnant, she began considering the "terrible impact" it would have on her body. My wife, having suffered from stretch marks during her pregnancies, took the initiative to find a product to help. Unfortunately, this product was not around when she was pregnant. She bought Revitol for my sister and it actually helped! Of course, some stretching did occur, but Revitol dramatically curbed the significance of their appearance. This product should help a lot of women out there.

Very Good but costly
by Nikolas M

I would consider this product the pre-mederma. I hate to compare products but Mederma is know for minimizing or reducing stretch marks and scars, well this product keeps you from getting to this point. My wife used this product very late in her 2nd pregnancy after running out of a cheaper product and ended up with NO stretch marks at all. WE ARE VERY PLEASED.

Hear it's Pretty Good
by Jessica

I bought this for my friend because she noticed she was showing signs of stretch marks after she gained a couple (maybe like 20 or so) pounds. She cried and whined, so I researched some products and decided on Revitol. She didn't seem to want to use it, but I think it was because she was shy and maybe ashamed. But after a few weeks, she called me up and demanded I meet her at her house. When I came over, (it was the summer season), she was in her bathing suit and short shorts. She kept gleaming and prancing around. When she finally calmed down, she explained that she had used the rest of the Revitol and bought more and ended up looking flawless. Well, that's the story. I think the proof is in the bikini, well, something like that.

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