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by Matt

Three stars for working about 60% of my stretch marks away. This is by far one of the top removers for the price.

Stretch marks on men
by Eugene

I bought this cream when my mother told me that it worked great for her stretch marks when she was pregnant. I have stretch marks on my stomach from gaining weight, so I started using this product to see if it would remove them. Although it did not remove all of the marks on my stomach it removed some. As a male I would recommend this product to other males that have the same problem I had.

Works better than others
by Anastasia

I used this lotion only on my tummy when I was pregnant. So I didn't get any stretch marks on my tummy but instead I got them on my hips! I started to use some other brand to treat them but it didn't work. I went out and bought "9 months" again to apply it on my hips. My marks are slowly fading! And skin looks so much better!

who said you can't stop stretch marks?!
by Stacy

When my sister first announced she was pregnant I went looking everywhere to find the perfect gift. Now I couldn't buy her clothes because she is a skinny little thing and buying her maternity outfits would only hurt her little heart to know her mid-section was about to widen greatly. I asked around and my best friend who just gave birth in March told me about this lotion. She told me it worked great and that she barely got any marks at all and the few that she did experience were very light. I immediately purchased this lotion and my sister praised me for doing something so small to keep her body from changing completely. My niece is 2 and my sister still thanks me!

Great Product!!
by A Channell

I started using this product when I was about 5 months pregnant. My morning sickness lasted all day so the light scent was very welcome. I had a few stretch marks already (from previous weight gain) and I noticed that they started to fade.

I did get some new stretch marks (too many milkshakes!) but they were never more than faint, silvery lines.

Since then, I have given the lotion to all my expecting friends!

Runners, you gotta get this!
by V Rose

I've been a runner/track person my whole life. I have horrible stretch marks on the insides of my thighs from high school spending all that time stretching out, along with stretch marks on my abdomen from pregnancies.

I recently tried 9 Months Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion to see what all the hype was about. My stretch marks have indeed become less noticeable and it increases my willingness to wear a swimsuit again that doesn't include a "hide the thighs" skirt. I would highly recommend this not only to women who are pregnant or already have stretch marks, but also to younger women who are highly active in sports. It not only moisturizes with a light scent, but helps with prevention of stretch marks.

Worth Trying
by Trudi Konzem

I love this product, it works very well. I just wished I had discovered it at the beginning of my pregnancy instead of when I was six months pregnant.
I did have some small stretch marks at the six month stage. From then on I used this lotion daily and I like to think it helped. My stretch marks mostly remained the same as they did prior to using this lotion.
Which is great. I was worried they would get a lot worse and they didn't.
Overall I'm very happy and will use during my next pregnancy.

No more stretch marks!!
by Theepa

I got this 9 Months Stretch marks prevention Lotion as my baby shower gift. I never believed that any cream could ever remove stretch marks. But this cream worked like wonders. The only thing which I had to do was to apply it regularly every day and the lotion did the rest.

Worked for My Friend!
by SierraK

I bought this for my friend last year when she was expecting for the first time and was very concerned about possible stretch marks. She's very petite and figured she'd be covered with stretch marks and not be able to wear her half shirts and baby T-shirts anymore.
She started using it in her second month when she still wasn't showing at all. She was very faithful to it every day, which is important because like any scars the key here is prevention! Once you already have them it's difficult to impossible get rid of them, but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.
Long story short, she has her beautiful baby now, and although she has a few little silvery stretch marks, there's none of those thick red lines that some women get. She's continuing to use the product to try to prevent any more from appearing, and hopefully to make the ones she has fade a bit. They're really not very noticeable at all and she will certainly be able to wear her favorite clothes again by the time summer comes. She credits the regular use of this product for those results.

Works Pretty Well :)
by Angela

While I was pregnant, I was so very concerned about stretch marks. I wanted to find anything I could to prevent them. So as a prevention, I purchased 9 Months lotion and religiously applied it everyday after my morning shower. It was nice and creamy and had a pleasant smell. My skin felt very soft afterwards. Although I still ended up getting some stretch marks in my last month I do believe this product work to prevent a lot more. If I had not used it, I'm positive I would have had many more. I give it a 2 thumbs up!

stretch marks be gone

Okay, first I would like to say this is the first time I am trying this product. My husband picked it up for me in my third month of pregnancy. As he knows I am a big fan of reviva's skin care creams. I immediately got to using this cream twice a day in the morning and at night. Fast forward, my son is eight months now and I have one very small stretch mark above my navel. I am a believer. Thanks!

Have to apply religiously
by dee

I used this product during the 9 months of my pregnancy and it did absolutely nothing. I was left with a lot of unsightly marks. I guess if I would have applied it more religiously it would have worked better.

by Blueberry

I used this product after I had a bunch of stretch marks from my pregnancy and it doesn't seem to be helping much. However, it might have helped had I applied it well before the appearance of the marks. I guess it just varies from person to person.

Good Solid Product
by Patty

I used this product during my latest pregnancy (just had a little boy two weeks and two days ago). I used this lotion regularly and saw very little stretching. With my daughter I had several stretch marks, but this time around, using this lotion, I only got a few right near my belly button.

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by Tammy Harrison

I wish that I had used something like this while I was carrying my children!