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not so good
by sumathi

After my first delivery I used this product to clear my stretch marks but it did not work so much efficiently and even the cost is very high for me. And after this I used the trilastin, which really worked well. So I did not like the Nourish stretch mark therapy. I can not recommend any one to buy it and I cant give it a good ranking.

Didn't work for me
by Amie

I have stretch marks left over from my first pregnancy. I was hooked on this product by the promise of getting rid of existing stretch marks (most products prevent, not undo, damage). I used it and noticed little to NO difference. It is a great moisturizer - my skin was soft, but I still had my stretch marks. This is way too pricey if all it is going to do is moisturize the skin.

Doesn't Work
by An

My aunt just had a baby a few months ago and wanted to avoid the stretch marks. I saw an ad for this product and suggested it to her. She bought a bottle and tried it for a couple of months. It didn't help the stretch marks at all but acted kind of like a lotion. Definitely not worth the price and caused me to feel sorry about even suggesting it to my aunt.

by liy

If you are pregnant, USE THIS everywhere! I used it all over my stomach every day when pregnant with my twins, and did not get a single stretch mark! I did not know to use it on my thighs and breasts, and I got stretch marks there! I swear by this stuff!!

Not worth it
by Stella

This is a good moisturizer but if youre trying to get rid of stretch marks this product is not for you.

I used the bottle till it was gone and did not notice a difference. I think that it does not live up to the expectations that were advertised.

I would not recommend this to anyone

Unhappy - Doesn't Work
by M. DeGilio

I saw an add for this stuff. I decided to try it out. I followed instructions and guess what! Doesn't work. This is a huge waste of money. Save your time and money! Judging from the other reviews here, I think you should get the point.

Not worth the price
by Pattie

I used this product when I was pregnant with my first child. I used it MORE than they recommended as I was determined to do all I could not to get stretch marks. I only gained 13 lbs, but the stretch marks still came. Although it did moisturize, it didn't help enough in the key areas where I was trying to prevent stretch marks. This time around, I'm using cocoa and shea butter lotion.

Nice feeling, but not great results
by Roxanne Ranelli

Although this product goes on very smooth and has an enjoyable smell, it just did not help to fade the stretch marks I accumulated from child birth. This is a high priced item which did not bring high priced results. Although I wasn't looking for a quick fix, this product did not even provide slight fading of my stretch marks after two months of usage.

Stretch marks are from heredity
by S. Grevious

As soon as my friend found out she was pregnant, she wanted to avoid the dreaded stretch marks. She saw an ad and decided to give Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy a try. She used it faithfully 3 times a day throughout her entire pregnancy and it didn't work. The marks crept in about 7 months and kept coming. She does not recommend this product to anyone. So, don't waste your money, its all about heredity.

Still Have My Stretch Marks
by Christi

This product does not reduce your stretch marks but it will reduce your cash flow. I have many stretch marks from 2 pregnancies where I put on more than 80 pounds each. Needless to say my thighs and stomach look like road map from all the stretch marks. I never really had much faith in any products that claim to reduce stretch marks and this one just reinforced that belief. I saw absolutely no improvement in the reduction of my stretch marks. My skin was softer after using the product but I could get those results using a lotion that wasn't as expensive as this product. I would never recommend this product to anyone since the only thing that I saw vanish was my cash.

Nourished but didnt clear marks
by Robyn

I was very lucky and didn't get stretch marks with my first three pregnancies. However, I was not that lucky with my fourth, probably because she was my only girl! I was skeptical that a product could make the stretch marks go away, but hey, I was still hopeful. The fragrance is nice and my skin did feel nice after I applied the cream. The problem is that after using the product for an entire month, the stretch marks were all still there!!!

Don't Waste Your Money
by Shannon

Don’t waste your time or money. I have horrible stretch marks on my sides from my kids, so I decided to try this product. I used two whole bottles, and it was worthless. I saw absolutely no difference on my skin. It worked more like a lotion then a product that is supposed to help with stretch marks, and the moisture didn’t even last for very long. It is severely over priced, and you are definitely not getting anything for your money. My recommendation- don’t bother.

Save your money
by shawna

This is an overly priced cream that may make your skin feel smooth like any lotion will but will not help stretch marks at all. Currently there is no product on the market that can take away stretch marks once they appear. The only hope is to prevent them in the first place by applying cocoa butter to the areas prone to the marks. Even plastic surgery cannot get rid of those pesky stretch marks. I have a lot of them from my 4 pregnancies but from every medical journal I have read on this subject as well as talking to my dermatologist there is no cure.

I like to Nourish My Skin!
by Lana

I am a firm believer that genetics are the primary reason to blame for my stretch marks as they stubbornly appear generation after generation in my family tree. I have silvery hued stretch marks on both of my thighs and they first started appearing during puberty. I decided to try Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy by Skin Energizer because I liked the ingredients in the product. Aloe vera, Shea butter and emu oil were all world renowned ingredients for healthy skin. I also noticed that the manufacturers list collagen as one of the ingredients on the label, so I was a little perplexed about that knowing that the collagen molecule is too large to get past our skin barriers, but I was still eager to test it. I applied the product twice daily for about two months and carefully monitored any changes on my thighs. Nourish Stretch Mark Therapy did not diminish the appearance of my stretch marks nor were they replaced by "healthier" skin. I used the product on the entire surface of my legs and the only reason I give this product three stars is because it made my skin feel amazingly soft and supple. My legs felt moisturized and more toned, so it served as a great daily nourishment for my skin. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a product that actually lessens the appearance of my stretch marks, but as technology advances, you can bet that my search will continue!

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